Chapter 3

Chapter 2

A 30 year old Married Woman


“Fuu, fuu, fuu…”

After ejaculating inside the mature pussy of Asami, a 30 year old married woman, I calmed down a little

“Asami, since your husband is on long business trips many times, have you ever had an affair before me?”

While still connected to each other, I’m looking at her face waiting for a reply

Not even hesitating, she nodded while looking at me

“Yes, Akira is the second person I ever had an affair with. The first one was at a high school reunion, where I drank and had sex with a former classmate”

Since Asami is a mature woman in her 30s, it’s not too shocking to hear that she cheated on her husband who’s almost always on business trips

“You only had sex that one time with him?”

Since my dick is still inside her warm pussy, I can feel it slowly growing harder once again

“Yes, because both of us are married. We decided to only have one night together”


My dick is erect again!

“Gnut, Stuff, Jupu”

I moved my waist once again, after my dick got harder

“Until your husband comes back, don’t have a physical relationship with anyone other than me”

Asmai nodded while looking at me

“Yes, I understand. Please use my body as you wish”

” Stuff, Juput, Gnut ”

I nodded smiling, both due to her obedience and the feeling of her pussy

“Don’t worry, I’m going to use your body to my fulfillment. Oh, and also keep our relationship a secret”

” Stuff, Juput, Gnut ”

“Yes, Akira”

It feels so good, her pussy is overflowing with love juices

“And to make sure I have no problems to cum inside your pussy, makesure to use an oral contraceptive from now on”

” Juriruu, grind, stew, ”

Due to all of my semen and love juices, her pussy feels so wet and good

“I understand. I will start using them from tomorrow itself”

The effect of obedience is really great

“Gurutsu, stuffy, juriuuu”

“Also, I will be using you till I’m satisfied the whole night”

When I say that, even Asami smiles a little

“Okay, Akira ♪ “


Rather than complete and pure obedience, it seems like even the affection they hold towards me increases

“From now on, whenever I cum inside you, you should also reach climax”

Let’s test if the effects also work on physical pleasure

“Zuriuu, Jupuu, Gutuu”

I began moving my waist even faster as the sense of ejaculation increased

“I’m going to sum again Asami!”


As I cummed inside her, Asami’s whole body started convulsing and twitching



Asumi bent her chest up, and eyes rolled a little as her climax reached the peak

While she is still enjoying the feeling of her climax, I began whispering in her ears

“If you keep having sex with me, you can enjoy the same amount of pleasure anytime Asami”

While facing me, Asami smiles sincerely

“Please give me pleasure in the future too Akira!”

Both of us smiled and then overlapped our lips


Chapter 2

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