Second Rape by Policemen Part:2

While the men were kicking her to release their anger on her

“Hey! What is going on there!”

A police car came and two young officers came out of it

Were they 30 seconds later, Runa would have probably died from the violence

She could no longer speak or move her body

“Wow…..this is terrible…….!”

The policemen ran over and looked at the 13 year old who was totally naked and covered in bruises, sperm, and piss

There was also “Junior high school meat toilet” written across her belly

“Are you ok? “

“Call for an ambulance………”

The policeman gently held onto Runa


Runa was about to respond but couldn’t

“You guys raped Runa!”

“Well its fine as ling as you didn’t kill her:”

Runa was shocked hearing the sudden change in the police men

“Runa got gangbanged by vagrants midnight here? HAhahahahahah!”

Another police spoke in a disgusted tone

“Being fucked here! You’re no different than an animal!”

Runa wanted to contradict, but she was too tired and fatigued

“Now you need to leave before we arrest you”

“Fine fine”

While muttering the vagrants went back to their tents

“Calling us in the middle of the night to help you! what are you thinking you fucking meat toilet!”

“As a punishment, lets fuck her!”

“Call everyone who wants to fuck this bitch!”

As she couldn’t move, the two policemen carried her away

Friday, August 11, 2017 5: 00

After the two men took her away, they started double penetrating her

After some time it turned into four men fucking her

Later 6 more joined them and fucked her non stop

Tuna was fucked for 15 hours in a row

She was cummed 88 times inside her mouth and 102 times inside her pussy

The number of times men cummed on her was more than 1000 times

You can’t even count the number of times she was  whipped, beaten, or slapped

This is just the 1st day

According to the old woman this will happen till she dies!



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