Volume 2 Chapter 3

Vagrant Gangbang Part:4

“I don’t care if you cry. Now lie down and get ready to be fucked by me”

As Runa was made to lie on the floor, the first man approached and pressed down her body and thrust his finger into her pussy without any reserve

The secret part of Runa which was never invaded was forcibly entered by a finger


There’s no pain???

“Hahahahah, now beg for me to fuck you!”

While saying that he removed his clothes


“If you don’t beg me to fuck you, I will punish you again!”

As the man in front of her threatened her Runa could no longer care about anything

“…..Meat toilet Runa, begs you to fuck her virgin pusyy….”

As soon as Runa spoke the man in front of her stabbed his dick into her pussy without any hesitation

Runa felt like her organs were being torn

Runa felt like she would pass out due to the pain

“Aaaaaaaa…. It hurts!!!!!!!! It’s really painful!!!!!!!!”

“Come on man the bitch is still a virgin take it easy”

“What a shame… I wanted to fuck her virgin pussy”

While Runa was crying due to pain and despair

The men around her were laughing and cheering

“Move bitch move!”

While raping her, the man tells Runa to move her ass to help him feel more pleasurable

The man then pulled his dick outside of her

“Clean your dirty pussy!”

While saying that he gives her a cloth that’s torn and smells like garbage

When Runa thinks about rubbing this cloth on her pussy she almost began crying again


While wiping the blood Runa could no longer hold back the tears she was choking on

She would never forget her experience if losing her virginity to a vagrant gangbang

“Why are you crying! I will fuck you again bitch!”

“Ahhhh…. No don’t, soryy….”

But the man didn’t listen and once again put his dick inside her and began raping her again

What is this feeling?

As the man starts moving his waist, Runa left her pussy tingling

Even though the sex was one sided, she couldn’t help but feel pleasure

Why am I feeling like this!!!

This was all due to the old woman

As she trained her body into pleasure for 10 minutes

Although she never had any experience as a 13 year old, due to the old woman her whole body was turned into an obscene item

As her body had been remodeled Runa’s sensitivity had reached an adult woman’s

After the mans pistoning finished his 10th round

Her vagina began turning wet, her whole face flushed red while sweat spewed out of her body

Her face slowly began showing signs of pleasure

When the other men noticed this

“This fucking pig is feeling good even when we’re raping her! Hahahaha!”

“I’m going to fuck you till you die bitch!”

Runa was trembling with pleasure as the man raped her

Even though she was feeling uncomfortable due to the rape, her body couldn’t stop feeling pleasure

Even though she felt pain from all the beatings she took

And she tried to remind her that this is a rape

Her meat hole began tightening

A pleasure like never before entered her brain

I’m being violated

“How is it slut? You feel good?”

While grasping her waist with both his hands, the man like a rogue began moving even faster

He used his fingers to tightly pinch on her clitoris

He began pinching and pulling on her clitoris


While Runa was feeling really good and moaning

The man began reaching his final stage

“It’s too tight…. I’m about to cum!!!”


When Runa recover slightly she understood that he was about to cumshot her

So she desperately screamed and tried to move away

As the man saw through her tricks

He even more tightly grasped her waist so that she would now run

He held her down so that he could pour all of his semen into her pussy

“But but bububu……. But you said you wouldn’t cum inside me!!!”

“Don’t tell me you actually believed that?”

Then the man began to violently laugh

And finally he blew his tide inside her pussy he didn’t even move his body until all of his semen was inside her

Runa who was a sexual virgin couldn’t hold back the pleasure she felt from the hot semen inside her pussy

Her muscles started tightening and she moaned in pleasure

She was filled with pleasure, pain and frustration

For what reason did I lick everyone’s foot and get my ass whipped?

It was all for nothing!!!

“I need to take it out…. I can’t get pregnant! I can’t have a baby!”

She tries scraping out the semen insider her pussy

Although she tried to pull it out she couldn’t be a 100% sure

She cried hoping that she wouldn’t become pregnant

“Next it’s my turn!”


As the first man moved away the second man took his place

Ans the gangbang continued


Volume 2 Chapter 3

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