Vagrant Gangbang Part:5

Thursday, August 10, 2017, 18: 00

Four hours had passed and Runa was continuously fucked without a seconds rest

Every single man around her fucked Runa at least once

More accurately speaking a few more men joined as they were walking by the gangbang and joined them in fucking her

Her body was gang raped at least a dozen times


After the first man released inside her and moved away


The next guy came and started pressing Runa down to fuck her next

He pushed her down and put her in the missionary position and started pistoning

But Runa couldn’t even speak up against him, as another man started moving the dick he placed inside her mouth

Runa’s body was bent in the symbol of a reverse ‘’ both her pussy and mouth were being fucked at the same time

The man grabbed onto her neck without letting her move away, he then pistoning his dick inside her mouth

He moved his dick into her throat and moved it was commonly called as deep throat fucking

I can’t breathe!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously the size of a 13 year old girl could not hold onto the dicks of old men

But, still the man forcibly thrust his dick into Runa’s mouth, it almost went into her food pipe

On top of that he did not stay still but violently pistoned her throat

The dick which had not been washed in many years was inside her mouth

As the filth was removed from his dick it fell into her mouth

As for the smell, every time the man moved his waist, Runa’s nose was filled with unbearable smell

So even breathing became difficult

“Ahhhh, your mouth is good bitch! Now take it all inside!”


Unable to speak or move to reject him, Runa could only listen to what he said

The man reached his limit and directly poured all his semen straight into her stomach

To not let her remove her head he held it tightly, only after he released all inside her did he move his dick away

“Huaaaaaaaa! Haaaaaa”

Finally as Runa was happy to be able to breathe again, another man pushed is dick inside her mouth

As she was coughing to try and remove the semen which went inside her, some semen came out from her nose

I can’t breathe! I will die by drowning in semen!!!

“Runa you bitch! This is really awesome she is being fucked in both holes and she’s releasing semen from her nose! I’ll put this on our online forum!”

“Ohh, suck it harder bitch! Suck it harder!!!”

As the man was pistoning Runa’s mouth the man below also began moving faster

As a recent virgin she felt more pain whenever the man below moved

“Ugo uguuuuuuu!”

The male below her released all his semen inside her and moved away

Runa who was held back could not even try to scoop out the semen inside her pussy

The next guy who stepped up was a blond haired young man

“Runa it’s my turn! Hahahahah!”

The man took over her vagina and began moving

His hands moved towards her cherry nipples and tightly pinched on them

He tightly crushed and twisted them with both of his hands

The influence of the old woman even went to her nipples

As the boy began pinching her nipples he moved even faster

The obscene sounds of water could be heard as Runa was getting horny and released more love juices

“Ah yes, I’ll release inside you bitch!”

Why am I feeling good!?

While she was feeling good, she remembered the old woman’s words

She said that her body had been remodeled and it would make her feel pleasure even in pain

It seems that the old woman did not lie

Runa felt her whole body trembling and finally she released her tide and climaxed

“Fufufufu, Runa’s meat hole is tightening! I will cum inside you now!”

Finally the blond man also ejaculates


As Runa felt her first ever climax she began twitching her body while the man cummed inside her

Her eyes turned white and the pleasure invaded her mind



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