Vagrant Gangbang Part:6

Even after the man removed his dick and moved away Runa was still blowing tide after tide

Her vagina was trembling even though no one was fucking it

The fourth person was a genuine sadist

He was a doctor who lost his license because he raped a girl on the table after giving her anesthesia

He was angry from losing everything and wanted to torture a prostitute

But he found Runa being gangbanged and decided to release his anger on her

“Whoa………. Runa is feeling comfortable aren’t you”

The man spoke in a cheerful ton, but Runa couldn’t answer with a dick inside her mouth

But her face showed frustration

“Well, I guess I must do this…..”

The man muttered in a low voice and raised his arm, he brought it down fast and slapped it right on her still trembling pussy



Even though she could not speak Runa howled with pain and pleasure

As her pussy was still in euphoria from having climaxed the man’s actions increased the pain

He didn’t stop and continued slapping her again and again

With all the pain she’s feeling she won’t even be able to urinate properly

The man slapped her a total of 20 times

The man felt like he was born for bullying girls

And this girl Runa was a treasure he found with luck

On the other hand Runa could no longer breathe, she started spitting out semen through her mouth and nose

She lost her conscious

But she was woken up everytime due to the pain from her pussy slapping

After the man finished his slapping Runa collapsed on the ground and the man cummed inside her unconscious mouth

“Ah, tuna fell unconscious. Should we take a break?”

“This slut only has 500 yen! Puh!”

“Whatever, find some drinks to buy with her cheap money”

“Yes, if you want to pee use her body so that it won’t go dry! HAhahahahah!”

As the men were thinking of having a drinks break, no one cared about Runa who was still trembling on the floor from pain and pleasure



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