Vagrant Gangbang Part:7

Fifth person


Even after being left alone for 10 minutes, Runa still couldn’t stand up

She was hugging her stomach which was filled to the brim with semen

It would take at least 3 days for her body to become normal after all the torture she went through

“Oy meat toilet! Enjoyed your break? Because, I’m going to continue raping you!”

While saying that the man walks forward and steps on her pussy

But Runa couldn’t move, as she was still desperately closing her eyes from the pain

Even though her face was filled with pain, all it did was excite the men even more

“How long are you going to sleep Runa? You should serve us all properly!”

While the men enjoyed taunting and insulting her, Runa was holding her stomach trying

She was still hoping for this to be a dream

“Well, lets restart the rape! Let the 5th person fuck her!”

“I always wanted to fuck a girl like an animal from the behind!”

While saying that the 5th guy stepped forward and pushed Runa to face the road and lifted her ass a bit higher

He stroked her ass and slapped it twice to fulfill his sadistic nature


The rape continued once again, her body still filled with pain and fatigue

As Runa’s body was remodeled it overflows with juices from her pussy while being raped by and scorned by the men around her

The 5th man started violently fucking her while pulling on her hair from behind her

While fucking her in a doggy position, he choked her trying to fulfill his dreams

At one point Runa fainted while still being fucked in her pussy

She was later woken up as she was kicked on her stomach and a large amount of semen came pouring out of her pussy

“It’s impolite to fall asleep while being fucked bitch! The next time you fall asleep I’ll fuck you till the morning, not letting you go!”

Runa was terrified just imagining what would happen

The 6th man was someone who liked to deepthroat fuck women

Making Runa kneel he grasped her head and began fucking her mouth like a onahole

He didn’t care if she was suffocating, and poured his semen down her throat

From behind her a blonde man extended his hands and kept playing with her clitoris

The 7th man had a really big dick

It was almost as thick as Runa’s arm

“Please don’t! Anyone but him! I’ll die! I’ll really die!”

Of course he didn’t bother listening to her

Even though he knew that a 13-year-old girl couldn’t bear it, he didn’t mind it

“Wow your little slutty hole is just too tight! But I’ll just force it inside you!”


Seeing that his dick wasn’t entering her vagina, he forcibly pushed his waist and shoved it inside her

Runa felt like all of her internal organs were shaking due to this

His dick could be seen by the people outside as a bump formed near her womb

“Awesome……. This feels gooooodddddddd!”

The man graoned and shouted while feeling pleasant

His dick went almost inside her womb

The shape of Runa’s vagina turned into the shape of a male dick on the inside

“Nooooo…….Fu, fu,……”

Runa’s voice sounded like she was dying

“Well now I’m going to piston you to death bitch!”


While pushing his dick in and out, he managed to move it even further inside her

Even though it felt cramped up, the man enjoyed and moved even faster

The man was seriously thinking about breaking her insides


As Runa was crying from intense pain, the man cummed inside her

She once again almost lost her consciousness

Not being bothered with her situation the eight man stepped up and lifted one of legs up high

He started moving his waist while his dick was fucking her pussy in the air

As his ugly dick was rubbing her clit everytime he moved she kept moaning from oain and pleasure

While she was being fucked another man stepped up and inserted his foot into her mouth trying to choke her in his own way

As the man cummed inside her, he slapped her ass and dropped the legs which he had held in the air

The 9th man liked to fuck a woman while slapping her

This was something he could only do in his dreams

Until now….

This guy is good…

Runa finally felt like someone was properly having sex

She also moved her waist to try and enjoy along with him

“Are you feeling good?”

When the man asked her, Runa was just about to answer when he slapped her

“The most important thing during sex is to beat her through a surprise attack!”

I’m still so naïve! I almost believed in him!  I though that he really was a good person!!

“Please anything but my face, don’t hurt my face!”

“Hahahahaha, sorry slut! I love slapping your bitchy face while fucking you”

While saying that he once again slaps her

And he kept slapping her as long as he was ejaculating

He slapped her almost 30 times while cumming inside her



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