Vagrant Gangbang Part:8

And finally came the 10th person

“Huh……huh……finally! The last one!”

Finally, after being raped by nine man and insulted through various methods it was about to end

Runa’s whole body was trembling from pain

Still she was also convulsing from pleasure as her body had been remodeled by the old witch

The last man was the oldest man among the vagrants, also he was the most stinkiest man of them all

“He never takes a bath”


The men say shocking things about him

“Water will wash away my holy body! God forbids the washing away of greatness!”

This smell……!

Even among the homeless this man was isolated by everyone

His eyes had a weird shine

And that smell was almost similar to a chemical weapon

Laughing the man stepped forward getting ready to fuck her

His teeth were dyed black and yellow

It seemed like he never brushed his teeth

Runa didn’t want to go near him as his odor was really terrible

Even more was his dick which was covered in layers of weird substances

Runa felt like this was the most stinkyiest thing she ever smelt

Even her eyes were hurting from the smell

“Do you want to clean this up with your lovely mouth?”

“??? No! that’s absolutely impossible!”

“DO you want to be fucked by a few more people before we let you leave?”

Saying that he slapped her pussy which was already inflamed

The men around her laughed enjoying her reaction

Please don’t hurt me anymore. Let me go. Someone help me……….

Runa felt like crying while looking at the nasty thing before her eyes

But no man stepped up for her

“Now quickly start sucking my dick slut!”

Having no choice Runa kneels down infront of the man


The man seemed to be enjoying himself

Runa cannot even open her eyes due to the pungent smell coming from her

Not daring to sniff it, she tries to lick it

Bearing with the nausea she tried to keep licking it

Her tongue was covered in the yellow color that was around his dick

“Now chew it 30 times and then swallow”


It was a really cruel command

Runa felt like her mouth would definitely smell like that if she chewed it

If I chew it for 30 times she might aswell kiss herself

Unable to bear it she vomited, which even caused a lot off sperm to come out off of her mouth

“How dare you vomit it you bitch! You better lick it off the floor”

“Rina aren’t you thirsty? All of us peed inside this bottle, go ahead and drink it!”

The men around her began insulting her even more by enjoying her reactions

And like that the 10th man finished fucking her

However, the gangbang never ended



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