Volume 2 Chapter 2

Second Rape by Policemen

“Ha,huh……..huh……..finally…….10 people are over………….now I can finally go home…..”

After being fucked by 10 persons she was barely breathing, but still excited as she could now go home

Her body was filled with bruises from being slapped, whipped, and semen that convered her completely

And above that she was even pissed all over

But, the rape was finally over…….

However, as Runa looked up the number of people increased to more than 20!

“If you all who enjoyed her body move away, we will fuck her now”

It seems that a few students sahred the address, and more people came to fuck her  

It also became the top topic of the bulletin boards

Runa was now a celebrity all over japan!

“Maybe a few more groups will come over”

“Yup, maybe she’ll be raped till she dies”

“Now that would be soooooooooo awesomeeeeeeeee!”

The 20 men around her had inflated dicks in their pants

“Let’s continue the gangabng!!!!!!!”

This was just the beginning

Thursday, August 10, 2017 18: 00

4 hours had passed since her rape began

She was continuously fucked the whole time with different partners

She was completely dehydrated, but didn’t dare drink the bottle of pee that they gave her

But all the men took breaks by drinking and enjoying their time

I…………will……….be…………..fucke to……………death!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017 21: 00

7 hours has passed since the rape began

“What the hell is this semen?”

“IS this bitch enjoying being covered in semen!”

“This 13 year old pussy is soooo awesome!”

“I’m next in line to fuck this garbage!”

While 5 men were fucking her at once, one her pussy, one her ass, one her mouth, two each using her hand another man was whipping her breasts and other parts to his pleasure

“Ahhh yes!!!”

Another man blew a tide inside her pussy, and moved away after finishing it

Not giving her time, one more man came and pierced her pussy again

Until now she was fucked 40 times in her mouth, and 46 times in her pussy

And it was still not over……..

Saturday, August 11, 2017 2: 00

12 hours has passed since the rape began

“Cover her to death in sperm!”


“Fuu. Runa cumshotted to death! Hahahahahahah!”

After 12 hours, Runa was lying on the road covered in semen

If it was anyother girl, they would have been dead by now

But since she could not die due to the curse, she was somehow alive

As the time got more and more late, most of the men cleared out leaving behind only 6 homeless men

This was because they were like bottom less well of sexual desires

Runa kept staring at the telephone booth nearby

All she needed to do was dial 110 and the police would come save her

And everyone who raped her would be arrested

But remembering the curse from the old witch, she didn’t bother trying it

Also her body was unable to move due to all the pain she was feeling from the 12 hour never ending torture

Even if the police come here, I don’t want them to be arrested

This all happened due to the witch’s brainwashing

They don’t deserve being arrested for this

But still having a small hope, she murmured “I am sorry” and ran towards the public booth

It doesn’t hurt!

While trying to comfort her aching body she kept running

“Hey, that bitch ran away!”

“Don’t you dare try anything funny meat toilet! If you don’t stop I’ll seriously kill you!”

While the men chase her, still threatening her

They couldn’t catch her as Runa was faster than the others

She somehow managed to reach the public booth

She didn’t have money to dial 110, so she pressed the emergency button

“110, what’s the emergency?”

It was immediately answered

“I’m near the Kusatsu park! Men are raping me ! help! ………”

“Where do you think you can escape to slut!”

Even though she was caught, she was happy that she managed to share her address before they caught her

I can definitely endure till the police come

Runa fell down on the floor and covered all her vitals from any additional pain


Volume 2 Chapter 2

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