Volume 2 Chapter 2


Vagrant Gangbang Part 2

【Thursday, August 10, 2017, 14: 00】


“I….. its my first time….. I’m still a virgin….please let me go!”


“So what? That makes me even more excited you bitch!”


My first time…..is a gangbang!!!


It seems useless to scream, but no matter what it is tough for a virgin to get used to this situation


“Well….how about use the other hole?”


Runa asked while feeling both embarrassed and hopeful

She hoped to not lose her virginity to vagrants who don’t even know her




The old man gives an unenthused answer

Runa understood and gave up against persuading

But she had one thing she didn’t want to give up on


“Well…….please use a condom!”


“I don’t have one”


“Yeah! We’ll cumshot inside you!”


Even though they won’t agree, Runa doesn’t want to give up


I can’t become a mother in junior high!


“Then…..please…..please…..use a condom….. I’ll do anything you want!”


Clothes torn apart, shoe marks all over her body

Runa feels pain, but she feels humiliation more than anything

Tears start emerging from her eyes


Please anything but vagina cumshot!!!


It was too embarrassing to be in only underwear before 20 men on the side of a road


“Okay, we’ll think about it”




Runa was hopeful

She didn’t want to get pregnant


“Yes, remove your clothes first!”




With no other choice she chooses to remove her bra and panties

The sense of being exposed to outside air is too real

Having nothing to hide her body she places her hands by her sides




“Both butt and tits are small, but I can manage with this”


“I want to cum all over her body”


The men around her began insulting her and start taking pictures

They do whatever they feel like

Runa’s face and ears were completely red from all the shame


Her pure white skinned body like marshmallow, somewhat small breasts, two small pink nipples protruding themselves, flat stomach, and small but curved butt

Her pussy completely hairless, and slightly dripping with excitement from what the old woman did


“Hey, look at her….she’s a hairless bitch!”


“Hahahahah, it’s already wet!”


“It’s different……..Ah…….don’t touch it!”


The blame was completely on the old woman

The men bring their faces close to her pussy and sniff it passionately

Looking at the pink vagina and the puffing labia


This is tooooo embarrassing!!!

When is this going to end!!!


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