Chapter 3

Chapter 2
Chapter 4 Part1

Train Masturbation

Mika was trembling inside the train

Even though it wasn’t as crowded as the morning rush, it was still filled with workers who were on their way home

This old man, is definitely a pervert

Mika stood close to the door, when she found a middle aged man who was looking at all the girls

Fufufufuf, It feels like I’m looking for a molester

Looking at him Mika lightly smiled and nodded

Shocked for a second the middle aged man started grinning like a fool

Ooh, he seems to be planning something

Well, it’s time for the next station anyway

The next station was definitely the biggest one in the neighborhood, so a lot of them would definitely come in

Standing near the door, Mika quickly removed her cardigan before the doors opened

As soon as the doors opened men started walking in and our

With a lot of people pushing on her Mika turned face to face with the middle aged man

As the train started moving again, Mika who was being pushed started rubbing on the middle aged man

“Oh sorry”

“No, no…”

Although she apologized, the middle aged man was just looking at her breasts and answering nonchalantly


As Mika looked down, she found out the reason why her wasn’t bothering her too much

The blouse was two buttons short than she planned

It seemed like when she removed the cardigan the top two buttons also opened up showing her breasts clearly from the top

This was even more because she wasn’t wearing a bra either

He’s looking at my breasts!!! What should I do…..

Despite the fact that she was nervous, she tried to switch on the rotors

Her face slowly turned red with shame

Struggling lightly, she freed her hand and used the controller


As soon as she turned on the dial, the rotors began moving

Naturally a dull sound emerged as the rotors started, and along with the pleasure Mika unintentionally moaned

What should I do? My knees are trembling

As the pleasure kept building up, Mika’s knees began trembling even more

I’ll fall down……..

Having no choice she placed her hands onto the middle aged man in front of her

Mika desperately held onto him, because she might fall down if she lets go of him

And if that happened everyone would see her private parts which had rotors in them

Along with her actions, the blouse was further opened showing both her nipples slightly too

I’m being watched……..

Looking up, she saw that middle aged man looking towards her with a burning gaze


Once again she slightly moaned as the rotors were still running

The pleasure she was getting was not too string neither was it weak

It was just perfect

It feels so good……… My head is turning blank!

Along with time, Mika began felling her puss becoming more wet and hot

If this keeps up, then that uncle will find out…

Slowly Mika started reaching climax

I’m going to cum soon! Everyone will be looking as I cum!

Along with the train which suddenly turned, Mika pressed herself onto the uncle and then pressed her nipples onto him for more pleasure


Along with her nipples being stimulated, Mika groaned and began climaxing

But, even after cumming the pleasure didn’t stop as the rotors were still working

Unless someone turns off the rotors, she won’t be able to stop the pleasure

It feels even better now!

As the rotors were vibrating inside her just climaxed pussy, she felt even more pleasure than before

Enduring the pleasure she tightly closed her eyes and held onto the uncle so that she wouldn’t fall down

When she once again looked up, she saw the man looking at her erect nipples and face

Previously when she rubbed her nipples on him, the blouse was completely moved aside as her nipples came into view


Mika remembered the video she recently saw

Along with rotors in her pussy, the woman was shaking her waist against a man

She now understood why she did that

Looking at the man who was staring at her

She clenched her teeth and slowly pulled the skirt to show him what was under it

Look at my pussy!

As he lifted it up, Mika once again climaxed from pleasure due to both the rotors and shame she got from publicly showing her nude body to others


Once again climaxing she fell onto the man who grabbed her and kept her from falling down

As she was tightly hugging the man, Mika felt more pleasure than before because she began rubbing her body more violently on his body


As she was asking for more, the train made an announcement about the next station coming

“Oh, Sorry…..”

While feeling a little down, Mika tried to get her sanity back as she turned the rotors off and moved away from him


Even though the man didn’t speak, it was clearly visible that he was disappointed

The moment the train arrived Mika got off of it on a hurry


Chapter 2
Chapter 4 Part1

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