Enough with the hate mail!

I've had enough!

I’m not someone who doesn’t appreciate criticism, honestly, I welcome it

But, enough with the hate mail!

If you hate the fact that I have too many ads then don’t visit my website!

I’m not asking you to come and read my translations alright

And for those idiots who think that my translations are mtl, stop reading it then!!!

If you think that my translations are mtl, then stop reading them!!! Don’t fucking complain!!!


I've had enough!

4 thoughts on “Enough with the hate mail!

  1. People call this mtl? I’ve used mtl to peek ahead and this is far above it. Sure its not super quality. But I prefer regular release at readable quality over rare releases at high quality.

  2. I don’t think your translations are mtl. There are more errors and butchering in them than in google translate. Though this is a good place to learn about new novels and then go and read google translate

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