I’ve had enough!

Enough with the hate mail!
Monthly Mass Release for March 2018

I don’t give a damm about you fools anymore!

From now on I’ll just translate and release however I want and whenever I want!

Read if you want, and don’t if you don’t want!

I don’t care about you haters anymore.

If you think that mine is mtl, then don’t read.

I’ll just release however I want from now on, read or don’t read I don’t care!

It’s not like you guys are paying me anyway!

I’ll probably only release a few chapters starting next month, I’ll only focus and release more translations on my patreon instead of here!

From now on I won’t care about what you self centered narcissistic fools think about me!

Everything from this point on will be done however I want!


Enough with the hate mail!
Monthly Mass Release for March 2018

12 thoughts on “I’ve had enough!

  1. Dude….. Haters are just a thing. It is something you have to deal with when you put yourself out there like this. But after a while if you build up a fan base most haters either get bored or get drowned out ny fans. It never fully goes away but its encouraging.

  2. Yo dude I like your translations. I don’t know how much hate you’re getting, but I’ve read about everything in your are so far and I’ll keep reading as long you keep translating, keep it up bro. ?

  3. Just ignore the haters and release it like the schedual you created…I just hope we don’t get 1 translation per week ????

  4. I didn’t know if you can get hater mail from translating ero ero XD
    In my opinion the hater are just people that dont like how the series that they like are still few chapter short or just people that hate this kind of genre but still read it.
    Even rebirth use mtl and i also sometime read mtl and trust me if you didnt which part that you read you will feel like reading a question filling the blank.

    Also thank you for your effort releasing the chapter so far, i personally enjoy e few series that you release so far.

    FIGHT ON!!!

  5. People might not have noticed it but the hate is pretty deserved. He translates/butchers less than a half of a chapter and releases it as full chapter and doesn’t even announce in the beginning that it is barely few paragraphs from the beggining of a chapter. Not to mention he numbers them wrongly. It is common sense when you translate chapters in parts to at least say that it is part 1, part 2 etc.

    1. i agree. he deserves to be hated. he’s rude, vulgar and doesn’t even have a shred of respect for his readers. he doesn’t deserve the support of any decent person.

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