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Monthly Mass Release for March 2018

I really thought that i could deal with all the haters and other crap………

But it turns out that i couldn’t….

SO, i decided to stop translating as of today!

I’ll release all the chapters i have already translated today

But, since i have a few patorns i can’t leave them all hanging

So, a few dozen chapters will be exclusively released on my Patreon

[Links to access for my Patrons – Hypnotized Harem Chapters 6-9- (No longer exists)

I have the only ero knowledge Chapter 7-10-(No longer exists)

Books to dominate married women Chapter 4-5 – (No longer exists)

Beautiful Females in the Underground Prison V2C2-V2C7-(No longer exists)

A world where all wome are managed by men Chapters 8-16-(No longer exists)

Also If anyone wants to pick them up and continue translating, they can do so

Thank You, And Good Bye

Monthly Mass Release for March 2018

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