Chapter 8

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Final Chapter
After the sexual punishment, Altonia got pregnant
After a year she gave birth to twins of one male and another male
The male was named Allen
Ignoring what others thought about them, she wholeheartedly loved her children
After sometime the king died of his illness, and Altonia took over the kingdom as the queen
Allen grew up heroic, and conquered all the kingdoms, while his sister was a world renewed

As he grew stronger he called the court to punish the executioners who sentenced his mom
But his mom just like before was magnanimous to forgive them

Like that even though she was humiliated Altonia felt happy for her two children

Chapter 7

Ethnic Harmony


As the man left the naked princess who was still tied to the pillars
Her upper limbs were red in color, with her pussy in chaos while dripping various fluids

“Now after the merit holders, its time for the brave soldiers to enjoy themselves!”

When she heard that Princess almost fainted, but she didn’t voice out any complaint as she
knew it was worthless

One after another soldier came and committed the princess
Some people did it I her pussy, while some did it in her ass
They stimulated her by blowing tide after tide inside her body

Some soldiers licked all over her body and enjoyed her reactions
As the soldiers who were praised with fierceness they one after another did it without holding
back n their desires

Some soldiers even slapped the princess’ ass and breast
Some of them even kicked her on her pussy!
The princess body was covered in marks of humiliation and the obscene liquids of the soldiers
Her pussy was messy and was continuously dripping
Her thighs had also been dyed white with all the semen dripping from her meat hole

To the citizens who didn’t see something like this they were completely shocked

Altenia’s eyes were completely bright, even after being overrun by so many people, insulted,
humiliated, and impregnated she didn’t lose herself

She only showed a smile to everything that happened

After 30 people did it in that one day, the time for punishment passed
From then on only 5 people fucked her per day
This would continue until it was confirmed that she was pregnant

She was imprisoned in the castle when the days end
And was brought back and chained in the morning
She was not even allowed to clean her body

Even her anus, vagina and breasts started to get damaged

Her naked body was left the whole day on the stand even after don't with the 5 people per day
Men could do anything to her body other than having sex


Many people when passing came by and slapped her ass or tried milking her breasts
She was shown mockery, ridicule and disdain of the crowd

Played with men until they satisfied their carnal desires
Her body etched with lust, insult and humiliation
Time passed slowly

Chapter 6

Chapter 4/7 this week



“Next, the cavalry chief who fought bravely against the prime minister”

The clerk read the next executor

“Hahaha, I was waiting”

The man went up to the princess who was still crucified

He was a middle aged man

There was also a big scar on his cheek; this may be a proof of the current war he was in

“Hello princess”

The man started showing his antics

As the princess’s naked body was restrained on the iron columns

There was only the tiara left to show that she was a princess

“Hey, princess serve me with your mouth”

The princess showed discomfort to his request

“Serving with my mouth? What is that?”

Princess had been a virgin till today, so she didn’t know what those meant

The man tightly grasped the princesses hair and started moving her head towards his lower abdomen

“Hey you, remove my clothes”

He spoke to the executioner near him

“NO………this punishment is to impregnate the princess!”

“The previous guy did it in her ass!”

“He prayed to his god so that she would give birth from her ass!”

“Then I will also pray to the god to let her give birth from her mouth! Hahahhaha!”

But the executers don’t take one step forward


After a long awkward pass he once again spoke

“Fine I will just fuck her from the front, I don’t believe in the god of ass anyway”

While saying that he let go of the princess’ head and removed his clothing

“Hey, what do you want…”

The princess was still dumb from everything that was happening

“I’ll let you fell more pleasure than anyone before me, hahaahahah”

The man didn’t insert his dick into her

But he moved his hands towards her pussy


Before she could respond the man pinched her flower bud near her pussy

He didn’t stop with that he would pinch it sometimes, try to pull on it, and twist it

His other hand wasn’t calm either, it rubbed her breasts which were red and sweating


Unintentionally the princess let out a cute voice of moan

Everyone, including the man were taken back by how cute she was

“Hahahahaha, you slut you like it don’t you! You want the hands of a dirty immigrant like me to molest you! Hahahahah!”

While saying that he pressed his mouth against her other nipple and started sucking on it


While the princess was shouting to stay clear headed he increased the intensity of his movements

In less than 30 seconds the princess was about to reach her climax

As someone who never had proper sex, the princess was taken back by how pleasurable his caress was

“Ahhhhh…….dont, I’m feeling funnyyyyy!”

“Hahahaha, cum from my hands bitch!!!”

While he was shouting he then bit on her nipple so hard that teeth marks could be seen


When that happened the princess could no longer control herself

Her eyes turned back and she raised her head and let out a moan towards the sky

But the man didn’t continue his actions, but immediately plunged his dick into her meat hole


The princess who was feeling the most pleasurable recovered slightly due to the pain that was still present in her vagina

But the man didn’t care about her and started violently pistoning

The princess’ body which was on the blink of climax was extremely sensitive

She started moaning again not caring about where she was anymore


While the princess was feeling good the man pulled her face and violently inserted his tongue into her mouth and started kissing her

His hand pinching and pulling on her nipple, and the other hand rubbing her clitoris


With that the princess climaxed a second time

Even the man could no longer hold himself back and cummed inside her

As he came she was already in her second climax and now added with the hot feeling in her stomach she howled with happiness like an animal

While she was still enjoying herself, the man left feeling happy with himself


Chapter 5



“The second is a man who rebelled against the prime minister. Even with all the danger he was in, he still freed all the immigrants”

Then a middle aged man steps on to the stage

And slowly advances toward the princess

The princess was still sitting on the floor, her legs stained in blood and cum

Roughly panting to control her breath

The people in crowd were crying, while some were full of smiles

As he steps near the princess, she tries to say something

But without giving her the chance, he pulls her up and puts his finger in her ass


As she screams from the pain like she never experienced

The man moves his finger in and out

As she tries to escape he rubs a liquid in her ass by moving his fingers in and out

“Why are you doing this, leave that place alone!”

As the princess’s most embarrassing place she doesn’t want others to use it

But not caring about that the man heartily laughs

After the princess realized the man’s intention of fucking her ass she paled with fear

“NO!!! anything but that! Please!”

She hoarsely screams trying to beg him

Ignoring her, he increases the number of fingers one by one

Everytime a finger was added she screamed with pain

After he spread it with 3 fingers

He pulled his fingers out

Just when the princess was about to thank him

He removed his pants and rubbed his dicks tip on her asshole


As she was still in shock, something enters her which was bigger then before

She feared that she would break her ass if this continues

“No, please, you will break that place!!!”

While she trying to reason with him, he starts moving in and out of her


Unable to bear the pain anymore, she starts howling

She opens her mouth and pained breaths are released

She understood what was happening

They were raping her, it was not love but juts lust

The man was pleasing himself using her body as a tool to release his lust

While she was disgusted with his actions he touches her pussy and finds it wet

“Oh the front is getting wet, this is a good thing. You must be feeling good”

Noticing the man’s words she looks down to see her vagina flooding with juices

And the man using his fingers inside it

“Ho, ho. Feeling good with your ass! Princesses have great qualities!”

While insulting her he increases his pace


With the increased pace, her pain increases too

The princess unable to bear her determination starts crying

“You are just a slut.  Not a princess”

While humiliating her he fucks her roughly

He even starts hitting her ass so hard that it turned red in colour

And the princess kept howling in pain

“Leave my butttt aloneeeee, please!! Aashhhhhh!”

As she was screaming in pain, the man was enjoying the tight feeling her ass gave him

“It’s too bad that we can’t make a baby in your ass”

While saying things to humiliate her he ignores her protests

He gently whispers in her ear

“I will make you lose all face and make sure they mock you. A princess lusting after men to fuck her ass! I will make the crowd hear your voice of begging”

While hearing him, she imagined her miserable appearance and how her future would be and she slowly started feeling nauseas

“Even pigs will despise you, you wont even be allowed to live with animals! HAHAHAHA”

While smiling wickedly he increases his pace and his dick moves further inside than before

Finally satisfied he blows his load inside of her and leaves the stage just like the first man


Chapter 4


The man began sucking on her nipples. He caught her nipples with his teeth and bit onto it

After a long time he let go of her nipple

Once freed the nipple started shaking and the breast trembled

“Well, how is it?”

Once again licking her breasts he looked at her face

Her face was dyed red with all the shame

“I don’t feel anything!”



“Then why are you getting wet?”

He said that and creepily laughed

Even though the princess said she didn’t feel anything, her heart was wildly beating and she was feeling a rush of pleasure

Then the man started licking her pussy

Sometimes her clitoris

Unable to bear it anymore she let out a moan


Unable to bear the shame the princess tightly closed her eyes

Not wanting to look at anything

The crowd started getting noisy while watching the man force himself on their beloved princess

Some where happy, while others were shy

And there were also the type who started crouching and masturbating

The man bent down and spread her knew and her vaginal lips

“Look at this I will fuck your princess in this hole!”

“See this princess, the crowd are watching your naked pussy!!!”

He once again laughed with satisfaction by humiliating the princess

Then he bit on her clitoris like he was trying to pull it our

The princess wildly shouts him to stop

But he increases his force wanting to pull it out

“Stop, dooont, it will come ouutttt!”

“Now it is wet, are you feeling good slut?”

The man again humiliated her

He once again went behind her and slapped on her ass

He then lifted his foot and pressed on her pussy

Trying to put his toes inside her

“How is it slut? You’re getting more and more wet”

“No, I’m not”

The princess tried to deny it by saying that

But her pussy was throbbing with pleasure and released more and more honey from her meat hole

After that place got wet enough he removed his foot and went behind her

His dick roaring towards the sky

He violently thrust his dick completely into her hole all at once


When the spear broke through her virginity she howled with all the pain going through her body

He then removes it and calls the executioner not caring about her pain

“Loosen the chains on her legs its not easy to fuck her like this”

So the chains are loosened around her legs

He then lifts the princess with her ass on his hands

He lifts her high and made the letter M with her

“Oohhhh, haaaaaa!”

Then once again he violently plunges his dick into her pussy once again

As she was dropped from height and his dick size when he moved it went deeper than before

He started violently pushing and pulling it out

After a long time the princess started moaning with pleasure

Even she couldn’t keep herself controlled

After that the man started speaking

“Look at that princess your people and watching you as you get raped!”

Trying to even more humiliate her he insults her again and again

While he was enjoying this her virginity proof blood flowed down on tp the floor

Finally unable to control himself he cummed inside her


The princess even moaned with pleasure as she felt her womb being filled with hot cum

As she starts crying with both pain, and relief that it is over

The man doesn’t stop but puts her down

He bends her forward and pushes his dick again into her pussy which was colored in both red and white


Before the princess could even speak he once again began pistoning even more violently than before

This time hew was fucking her in the doggy style

“Hahahaha! You are nothing but a bitch for me to fuck!”

While enjoying himself he releases inside her again

While his cum was dripping down her thighs he lets her go and moves away


Chapter 3


“In the fight against the kingdom, one hero fought to keep many people alive, and saved a lot of immigrants. This is a grand achievement earned through his blood”

The bailiff loudly declared

“As the hero of nation oh immigrants you have been chosen to fuck Altonia first!”

As it was said, a young man started walking in large strides

He tore away his shirt and pants

And a large spear of his appeared

“I have the best dick!!!”

He loudly proclaimed as hid huge dick was facing the sky

His body has sunburned with swollen muscles

The princess who never saw a man’s body that close, a sense of terror was instilled into her body

“I will take away your virginity bitch! Beg me you slut!”

Saying that he slapped her ass repeatedly till she spoke

As she the princess couldn’t bear the pain anymore she spoke trying to appeal, so that he would not treat her badly

“I’m Altonia, please handle me softly warrior…”

As she spoke her voice got softer, and at the end you couldn’t hear her anymore

The young man could no longer suppress himself, and violently pulled on her soft, small breasts

“Ahhh, pain! It hurts!”

The princess tried to struggle which caused the clattering of her iron shackles

The man’s hand grabbed her hair and pulled her to face him.

He slowly approached her and licked her lips

“How is it princess?  From now on your body will be overrun by low level men from poor and dirty foreigners. How does it feel, speak bitch!”

There was hatred on her face

Did he have a grudge with her?

Or hatred towards the royal family

The princess didn’t know

“I don’t think of poor people as lowly, and I never felt that immigrants are dirty either. Do whatever you want and leave!”

After she spoke, tear drops fell down her cheeks

She was trying to act resolute, but that was her limit


He released her breasts and tightly embraced her body, then started wildly kissing her on her mouth


The princess was shocked, even though she was rigid, she couldn’t understand what was happening and overcame with fear

The whole audience watched as the man roughly kissed her


Finally, he released her lips, after a short time he spit on her face

“This is the taste of a dirty immigrant. I will make sure you remember it forever, I can even spit on your face if I want slut!”

The man’s words didn’t reach the princess as she was shocked by what just happened

“I used to please myself thinking of you when I was living in the slums”

The man showed a mile like a careless boy from the beginning till the end

The princess who was embarrassed did not speak, as even she didn’t know what to say

“You are just a slut! Talking about indiscrimination, all you know is it to talk. I will teach you indiscrimination by fucking you and making you bear a child, you understand bitch!”

“I lost my son to the kingdom, for that I will make you bear my son!”

He didn’t care to let the princess speak and violently thrusted his fingers into her pussy


Shocked by the sudden event the princess raised her voice

He carelessly rubbed his fingers all around her pussy and violently tried to insert more fingers

While nastily laughing he started moving his fingers in and out of her meat hole

“You’re still not wet! Don’t worry everyone will watch as you wet yourself!”

The princess didn’t raise her head as she felt shame

The man stimulated her intensely

So her pussy started getting moist, this was understood by the man

His other hand slowly started pressing her boobs

He violently pulled on them, smacked them and even pinched on them

“This is so soft, I can use them whenever I want! Hahahaha! Oh, you’re getting wet too”

“Please stop this, I’m not wet!!!”

Even when she says that the humiliation spreads and makes her more wet

“Please stop it!!!”



Chapter 2

The Princess’s Crucifixion

The voice in the crowd suddenly increased as if trying to scare the women

One person was walking in their direction

A warrior who is wrapped in black proudly moves

He was a migrant general of the rebel army

A chain was grasped in his hand which was connected to the young lady behind him

A sudden silence enveloped the crowd as they were stunned after seeing the girl

It was not because of her overwhelming beauty, but because she was princess Altonia!

She had a tiara on her head, with luxurious jewelry on her body

Her clothes were not expensive but elegant

There were two maids that were following right behind her

The audience tries to get close when the soldiers threaten then with their weapons

“Don’t get any closer! This is a special court!”

As she entered the square her eyes fell upon the dead ministers near the gallows and rows of knights and were stripped and being fucked in the middle of the street

The princess tries to run towards them but can’t due to the chain

“Be quiet princess!”

The general attached the chain onto a nearby statue

“It is best to prepare yourself princess, your punishment will be more severe”

While they were waiting the dead bodies are removed off and disposed

And in that place stood two iron pillars with a few feet gap between them

“Get the princess here!”

Following the instructions of the court officer, the general took her and stood infront of the steel pillars

“Princess Altonia, being a member of the royal family you conspired against the immigrants. And lead to the death of many of our brothers. For this your sin is inevitable”

Everyone understood that these claims were just to frame the princess

As the crowd gets angry and starts cursing, the executioner looks through the official papers

Then waited for the crowd to calm down

“The special tribunals for ethnic will be established in a new kingdom through the discrimination policy between the kingdom and immigrants. The sin of the princess is to be the symbol of “national harmony” for the new kingdom. This will be compensated through the use of her body”

The executioner raises his voice and speaks

“Princess Altonia you have been ordered to make a blood-born child to succeed the throne of the new kingdom. This child will be born between you and unspecified immigrants!”

As he finished speaking the two maids head forth ands started to undress the princess

As she stood there she couldn’t understand what was happening

As the princess she had the obligation to stand for the royal family and protect the people

If she chose to kill herself the soldiers would definitely kill everyone they would find

And finally accepting her fate she deepens her resolution to sacrifice her body for the public’s safety

The maids come forth and remove her clothes till only the inner garments are visible

The moment the underwear is pulled off, only the tiara and jewelry were proof of her noble stature

Her white skin with freshness, her small well formed breast that is still developing

The princess hides her chest and pulls her knees together to keep her secret place from being exposed

When the two maids leave after their work the executioner blankly stares at the princess in front of him

While taking the princess by her hair, he pulls her near the stone pillars

And attaches each hand to each side of the pole

While her face is facing the crowd

They could now clearly see her breasts


The princess who feels shame tries to further shrivel and protect her crotch from being seen

The executioner than ties her legs to each pillar, so that even her knees could not close

The executioner finishing his work leaves the spot

“Don’t look, please don’t look”

As everyone watches the prince begs them to look away

But no one did, the surrounding atmosphere slowly changed

The princess being naked influenced the whole place

As the princess was trembling with disgrace, her body was spread in an X by the pillars

As they were watching the princess numerous immigrant soldiers started lining up

As the princess with only her tiara was naked in front of them

She could hear there conversations about gangbanging her

She watched as many swallowed their saliva, some licked their lips

Slowly the soldiers started making their way up the stage

Their destination – the crucified princess!!!

Chapter 1

Public Execution

“This man, is hanged due to the crime that he as a member of the royal family has committed, and executed number of immigrants”

The voice of the executioner reverberates through the square

A sneaky man in a luxurious dress is dragged out by two soldiers

A huge crowd is watching the whole process without batting an eye

Various races are present in the crowd, even the races from the nearby kingdoms all came here to view the execution on this day

At the end of the stage stood two men with ropes hanging around their neck

They were waiting to be executed

As the person is dragged out the executioner puts a rope around his neck too

With this a total of three people are waiting to be executed

While the executioners tightens the rope, the three are still alive with only a rougher breathing

One of the three was the National Affairs minister

While waiting to be executed he notices something

“Hey, is that your daughter?”

The minister points towards a direction

A large number of onlookers and soldiers were there

They were slowly opening a path towards the stage


It was a row of women who were naked

There hands were restrained in front of them, and all their restraints were connected to and pulled on by a rope

Their clothes stripped off, the breasts and crotch exposed to the eyes of everyone

Only leather belts and sword sheath were left on their bodies

It was an indication that they were all knights

Among the group was the prime minister’s daughter too

The prime minister wanted his daughter to be a patriot but this is what she ended up as

Many of the audience were anxiously waiting to see what was about to happen

The row of four women were brought to the front of the gallows

“Oh, you!?”


The man on the execution stand notices his daughter, he was the prime minister to sought to protect peace

Then the court officers tell their claims

“These girls have committed crimes of murder against our brave soldiers, while working as the scouts of the prime minister. They will have to compensate for their sin!”

“You, bast….”

When the prime minister tries to speak the executioner tightens the rope around his neck

Because of being unable to voice out his complaint for his daughter the prime minister’s face boils with anger

The executioner takes this chance to tease the prime minister by saying

“What a slutty bitch! When I fuck her, she will give good milk”

“Being hanged while looking at these girls nakedness isn’t bad is it?”

The declaration continues

“The crimes of these women will have to paid. Only with this will the ethnic cleansing be true. The compensation for that will be dealt now”

Next a few men who are handcuffed are brought. They are the members of rebels who oppressed the kingdom

While they stand before the girls, the crowd riles up thinking of what’s about to happen

While the women stood there exposing their naked bodies while being stared at by all men around them

They could no longer hide their fear


When a daughter who left innocence but has not yet matured calls towards the gallows, two men come and hold her one at front while the other at back

As her hands were bound with restrictions and her father with a rope around his neck could do nothing but stare

In front of her father the soldiers expose her naked ass and her secret place

The humiliation was unbearable

Then a soldier lowers his pants, and pushes his dick into her pussy and cause blood to leak out

While the girl was trembling to stand as it hurt so much she couldn’t help but fall to her knees

Not caring of what the girls thinking the soldier once again grasps her waist and screws his dick into her

“Huh, Ahhh! It hurys!”

The girl tightly clenched her teeth

As a virgin who had yet to bloom

She was deflowered without even getting wet, and so her thigh was covered in blood

“Wow, you truly are a virgin knight, your pussy is tighter than the prostitutes, its sooo good!”

The girl starts tearing up at the soldier’s obscene words

As this was happening the executioners raise the gallows

The lords who were tied up were lifted off the ground into the air one after another

Another woman is suffering she was ruthlessly hit on her ass by various soldiers

Another woman was screaming as two soldiers simultaneously tramples her anus and meat hole at the same time

And the last woman was crying as three soldiers fucked her in all her 3 holes in front of the audience

In the eyes of those where raising with the gallows this scene was a humiliation

“You bitch, suck my cock in front of your dad”

While saying that a soldier pushes his dick into a woman’s mouth

As they women were watching the people die the soldiers one after the other cum in their mouths, ass, pussy and all over their body without stopping


There were many immigrants flowing into the kingdom

The citizenship was the basic right of people, but it did not recognize immigrants, and foreigners

Among the immigrants suffering from discrimination and poverty, a group of activists called “Harmony of Ethnicity” was particularly famous

As opposed to peace and harmony they focus on riots, and collisions which occur between the king and the immigrants

The young princess, was widely famous along the citizen, as she was allegedly someone who supported peace and indiscrimination

A militant group called the “Ethnic Cleansing” with the incident of pirates killed of many prestigious nobles in the kingdom

As the king got angry he sent soldiers to destroy the immigrant towns

The kingdom was in chaos, but the prime minister choose to stay out of it and tried to come to a settlement.

Even Altonia helped calm down the extremists

But the generals from the immigrants could not control themselves and choose to overthrow the royal family

After a defense army was defeated by the rebels the generals went and captures Princess Altonia, Prime Minister, and the other members

After the kingdom was calmed down the ethnic cleansing started the court to take trial of all the defendants

As prime minister, knights, and others were given death penalty

The kind princess was also dragged into court

And she was given a special ruling that was never heard of before in the history books