Full-time OL who uses her spare time to read web novels and has an unhealthy love for cute things.

My favorite genres are Adventure, Romance, Ones with Female Leads, Ones with Smart MCs, some novels a little dark are nice once in a while too.

I loved the “The girl who…” series.

Mushoku Tensei was the first web novel I read, a long time ago, when it was barely starting. And since then, I fell in love with the novel world.

Eventually I found out about Novel Updates, but before that I had to look for novels the old way.

Recently, with the boom of Chinese translations and novels, I feel like the Japanese novel world is filled with cliché’d novel translations, or low quality ones, which gives the impression that Japanese novels are on the decline. So in an effort to counter that I decided to step out of my usual role as reader and share with you people some novels to help keeping the Japanese novels relevant.

Thank you for cheering on me, for visiting my site, and for letting me be part of your daily (I hope I can keep a daily schedule) dose of novels.