High Spec Village – Chapter 2

High Spec Village – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Encounter with people from the other world.

 It’s been about an hour since I started walking through this unknown forest.
I keep following the same direction with the help of the compass I always carry around, and I’m sure of the time, since I measured it with my wrist watch.
This is obviously a different world, but the actions one takes in a forest are the same as on Earth. I keep on moving forwards, while being wary of my surroundings.

“For now, I should be thankful that there are no magnetic disturbances.”

Disturbances in the magnetic field would be really troublesome.
In Earth, there are many places showing those kinds of disturbances. There are these so-called hidden places or mystery spots, and it is said that the reason why you cannot leave once you stepped in is because of a disorder in the magnetic field.

“So far, this has been simply an ordinary forest… although a bit dark…”

That’s the impression I got so far from walking while being a little cautious against any potential danger.
The atmosphere that these trees and the dense moss growing give is a little bit different from the ecosystems from Japan. Yet, there is a sense of security by not seeing particular fantasy-like plants or weird-looking mushrooms.
It’s an atmosphere similar to that of the forests of northern Europe, which I visited when I was young.

Regarding the plants, so far there is no problem. I was able to cope up with the trees and the undulating topography.
Actually, it’s been a rather smooth walking since I came to this forest. For some reason, my whole body was feeling lighter.

“The only problem would be living creatures…”

I was worried about the existence of wild beasts that would live inside this forest.
I do not know what kind of ecosystems this other world has.
But it’s natural to think that 『There are always herbivorous creatures in rich forests, and therefore, also carnivorous creatures who feed on them』. There is always life in abundant forests like this one.

“Carnivorous animals, huh?… Well, I wonder how much of that is true here…”

One could assume the type of carnivorous animal from the state of the forest. So, I could make an empirical assumption.
I have experienced the wilderness of many countries back on Earth, since I use all my vacation days and my salary for my hobbies.

My deceased (?) parents were daring, self-proclaimed explorers. They are the cause I have outdoor hobbies, since from a very young age, I accompanied them in their excursions.

After my parents went missing a few years ago, I left college and got a job at an ordinary company. And the times with consecutive holidays, are the times when this lonely young man goes outdoor to practice mountain climbing at various places.

“Wolfs and bears, boars too probably. If I take into consideration the forest, those would be the ones, I guess… well then.”

I might be able to respond if it’s one of those animals, since I’ve actually confronted them before. Trying to defeat them would be the last resort, it’s always better to avoid the danger.
For that reason, it is always good to find places where you can climb the trees to escape while walking. Surprisingly, there are not many carnivorous animals that can climb trees.

“My tools are… …all good, everything’s here.”

After checking the contents of my large backpack, I put them back inside.
In order to be safe with an outdoor hobby like mine, I’m also armed with stuff for self-defense. A machete-like survival knife to slash the tall grass in the mountains, and tear spray as anti-bear measure, among several other things.

I cannot say it out loud, but I also have a “self-defense weapon”. It’s a tool I made to protect myself as a hobby, but it is a “weapon” I wouldn’t want to use if possible.
But considering my situation, I guess I can’t have the luxury of saying that. This is not Japan after all.

“Nn…  this sound is…? “

It was at that moment.
From the direction I’m heading towards to, I heard this “voice”. Not the cry of a beast, but the voice of an intelligent creature.

“Rather, isn’t it a “scream”?  Like someone calling for help…”

In the next instant, I started sprinting towards that direction. It is somewhat of a rule to stay away from screams if you’re in an unfamiliar land.
Because hearing a scream can be linked to a “dangerous” existence nearby.

“It’s dangerous… but, people are nearby…”

As I approached closer, the contents of the voice could be clearly heard. It is certainly a person the one who raised that voice.
This is most likely a different world. But it is obvious that it’s seeking help with words a Japanese person can understand.

In order to obtain information about this world, I choose to contact that intelligent being, even if I have to take some risks.

(A girl, huh…?)

I confirm the current situation by hiding in some bushes and being careful as to not make any noise. There, I saw a girl, the same person who was seeking for help a while ago.
At a glance, her outward appearance is like that of a foreigner. She was a beautiful girl with blond hair and blue eyes.

But the words I hear are obviously in Japanese. 『Help me! 』No matter how you see it, that is fluent Japanese.

(And what is that… animal attacking the girl? Is that not a…! ?)

The foreign-looking girl was cornered by several beasts.

(A rabbit… right?)

There were several rabbits attacking the girl.
However, they were more agile than the rabbits on Earth, and they had large, sharp fangs growing from their mouth, like those of a sabretooth. They used their rear feet to quickly jump at the girl, and had already inflicted several wounds on the girl’s body.

(Seems like a group of carnivorous rabbit-shaped beasts…)

Like I suspected, this seems like a different world.
The dreadful sight of rabbits trying to predate on people, caused me to unexpectedly feel a bit overwhelmed.




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    1. in my opinion, although he perceives as japanese, and it is probably obvious that they dont speak japanese, he tries to make sense out of everything in a logical manner.
      Remember hes not an otaku (maybe outdoors otaku) so he would never be like those MCs otakus who go “yay, otherworld cheat skill” or something.

      1. Yeah, this is my little problem with isekais, the explanation of language barrier, reincarnation and transmigration can explain it but when being summoned or transported it isn’t explained well with a few exceptions.

        Anyway what attracted to me here is because of the modern knowledge tag.

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