High Spec Village

High Spec Village

Ore no Ongaeshi: High Spec Murazukuri

Alternative:    オレの恩返し ~ハイスペック村づくり~

                        My repayment: Let’s make this village a high spec one.


I was mountain climbing in Japan, and when I noticed, the view that spread before me was a strange one. A villainous Lord and a rural village at the brink of destruction filled with children. But those children have no way to oppose, so I guess I will save this village as thanks for them accepting me.



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Autumn of Reforms

Episode 1: When I noticed, I was here.

Episode 2: Encounter with the people from the other world.

Episode 3: Gathering meat and going towards a village.

Episode 4: Urd, a village in distress.

Episode 5: A dazzling smile

Episode 6: Getting ready to eat breakfast

Episode 7: First step towards the village reformation

Episode 8: Secret weapon of the hunt

Episode 9: A familiar enemy in the forest

Episode 10: The blacksmith’s home

Episode 11: Mass production-class

Episode 12: Animal husbandry

Episode 13: The food of hope

Episode 14: Liscia and Yamato

Episode 15: A welcomed protagonist

Episode 16 【Idle talk】:

Episode 17 【Idle talk】:

Introduction of the people so far

Chapter 2: Spring of Mayhem

Episode 18:

Episode 19:

Episode 20:

Episode 21:

Episode 22:

Episode 23:

Episode 24:

Episode 25:

Episode 26:

Episode 27:

Episode 28:

Episode 29:

Episode 30:

Episode 31:

Episode 32:

Episode 33 【Idle talk】:

Episode 34 【Idle talk】:

Characters and terms so far

Comentary on weapons’ performance so far


Episode 35:




Covers of Volume 2 and 3