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Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Disappointing reunion and farewell


When I was trying to get information on Lisa and Airi, someone yelled at me suddenly, I then turned around.


He yelled out about me asking about Lisa and Airi.

Is he acquainted with those two?

I looked at the man with dubious eyes.

And almost at the same time, the door at the entrance to the guild opened, so I moved my line of sight for a moment.


The next moment, two familiar figures came into my sight.


I was surprised at the sudden reunion, but Airi and Lisa seemed not to notice me.

The two of them were talking to a man named Cross.


When I looked at the man called Cross again, next to him — some girls that resembled people I know.



「Cross-san, why did you yell out so loudly?」



Airi said worriedly to Cross.

Those 2 seem to have a fairly intimate relationship.


Cross who was questioned by Airi slacked his jaw while distorting his face.



「Ah no, this guy is pretending to know Lisa and Airi from some time ago and was enquiring about you. Both of you are really beautiful women so isn’t it ok to worry about you? That’s why I yelled at him」



I see a blush rushing onto the cheeks of the 2 people that were declared by Cross as beautiful.

However, Airi and Lisa immediately stiffened their face and spoke to me.



「Have you met us somewhere before? There is a nostalgic atmosphere around you… … I feel there is something about you that is familiar… … but I wonder, it feels kind of strange and mysterious ……」


「Lisa-san too? I got a similar impression. 」



I was surprised to be reunited with the two of them, but I recovered my composure when I looked at the 2 of them again.


Lisa’s blonde hair is beautiful as ever.

In addition to that, he has maintained her stunning figure from the past.

To match that, what’s worthy of special mention is her well-ordered elf face and expression, a beauty that would cause one to be enraptured.

Perhaps it is because I’ve gotten older but it seems that I recognise an attractive woman when I see one.


I move my line of sight a little and spotted Airi next.


The impression that I get from Airi is that her blue hair has gotten slightly darker.

Her hair has grown and now is tied up into a ponytail.

She seems to have grown a little taller, is she up to my shoulder now?

Though she was cute in the past, it seems that her cuteness has been polished.


I finished scrutinising the appearances of the 2 that I have not met for a long while, this time I focus on Cross and the woman next to him.


After looking at them for a few seconds, my intuition skill came into play.

My intuition skill was telling me that the 2 are good-for-nothing.


I rushed to appraise Cross.

What came up was Cross having an 【Acting】skill at level 7.

He give out a dangerous feeling.

I then appraised the woman next to him.



I returned my gaze to Airi and Lisa again but the 2 of them still have not noticed who I am.

I decided to tell them that I was Louis as I thought there we would not progress anywhere otherwise.



「It has been a long time both of you… …. I am the son of Dan and Sarah, Louis. I am now 16 years old. I have successfully completed the request from Chronos, so I can to meet you as I promised at that time. 」



The 2 of them that heard what I said stiffed with surprise.

Those faces then changed to ones that looked like they were about to cry.

Though there were about to cry, it seems that they were delighted to be reunited with me.



「Louis-Sama, I’m so glad you are safe. There is not one day that I have not thought about Louis-sama. You have grown up looking really cool and attractive. 」


「Louis, you…… grew a lot stronger…… to be able to finish the request…… you really gotten strong, didn’t you? You also became really cool and attractive, didn’t you? 」



The 2 of them seem really pleased with my growth.

I thanked the 2 of them.



「Aaa, thank you. Both of you have not changed much」



I wanted to talk more about the past with the 2 of them since we have finally met again but Airi originally came here to take the B rank exam.

So, she had to go to the examination room.

As I told Airi and Lisa 「We’ll speak later」, Cross simultaneously butted into the conversation.







— Going back a few minutes.




Aisha and I came to the Midogal Kingdom upon receiving a request from Toran-sama half a year ago.


We have already completed the request to some degree.

We got 4 beastmen girls, 2 dwarf girls secured with subordination slave collars.

The person that handed us the collars was Toran-sama via an envoy.

We decided to look for elves and demons that we have not caught yet.


As expected, demons are not around here, so because of that I gave up on them first.


Though it was possible to find a few elves.

There are only weak people and elves that are slaves of Midogal Kingdom’s nobles.

As one would expect, we cannot act against the slaves of Midogal Kingdom’s nobles and no matter how much beauty elves have, we have no need for weak people.


I asked Aisha about what we should do but she couldn’t come up with a good idea either.

As I’ve not been to the bar for a while, I decided to take a change of pace and head there with Aisha.


At that time, I found Lisa, an Elf that had both beauty as well as strength at the bar.

In the eyes of Aisha who was with me, I could see the look in her eyes saying that our prey is found.


Since Aisha had acting skills as I did, it would be easy to build trust.

To add to the level of trust, our s ranked adventurer status makes it easier for everyone to accept.

In that way, it was excessively easy to get into Lisa and her friends’ group.


However, the prey, Lisa is an A ranked adventurer.

And she is considerably famous in this town.

Lisa only took requests that are located near the guild.


The risk of suddenly attacking an A ranked adventurer in the vicinity of Midoria would risk excessive attention from people.


Aisha and I have to refine our strategy in capturing Lisa as a slave.


The synopsis of the strategy is that fictional elves are going to be attacked by fictional thieves, we decided that Aisha and I would lead the party from the front and we will ask for help from that elf.

We decided that we would enslave the 2 on the way while pretending to travel to our destination.


Airi is also the trump card to be used when fitting the slavery collar on Lisa.

After that, we can easily sell her to a slave merchant somewhere.


We spent more or less a month on this so far, although you can say that we obtained more confidence that this would work.

After this journey, I’ll make Lisa and Airi slaves……


While we were in the adventurer guild, there was a guy sniffing around Lisa and Airi. Did our strategy get discovered? That’s what I thought.

Then I unintentionally yelled at him.


— With that, there was bad timing as Lisa and Airi entered into the guild just as that happened.


At the point the 2 people saw me yell at him, when I was thinking about what to do, Airi spoke.



「Cross-san, why did you yell out so loudly?」


「Ah no, this guy is pretending to know Lisa and Airi from some time ago and was enquiring about you.  Both of you are really beautiful women so isn’t it ok to worry about you? That’s why I yelled at him」



I said while panicking and in a hurry, I tried to make an appropriate excuse.

Well, it is true that the 2 of them are beautiful girls.

That’s why making them into slaves make sense.


I could not think of any good idea how to make this guy look suspicious.

While no one knows what my inner thoughts are, I was thinking about what to do, then the three of them started to open up to each other, this is bad.


First of all, it is imperative for me to find out who this guy is.

So, I concentrated on eavesdropping on the threes’ conversation.



Then I start understanding from what they were talking about……

From what I understand from what they are saying, he was from Dallas and from the same area that Lisa and Airi came from.



I looked at the man again after collecting myself.

At that moment, I felt a chill go down my spine–.


Aisha and I are strong being S ranked……

I felt by instinct that this man is stronger than that.


My instincts are sounding an alarm…

This guy is dangerous.

I was in a rush so I didn’t really take notice of it……

I thought it was useless to get too deeply involved with this guy and sent Aisha a signal with my eyes.

As I turned my head, I took that moment to refine my strategy.



「Lisa, Airi, we are scheduled to leave tomorrow. However, I think we should leave as soon as Airi’s exam is over. If we wait any longer, Lara……in addition to that, our preparations have finished earlier than I thought. So, we will wait for Lisa and Airi here. 」



Well, actually preparations are not really completed yet though.


Just as we were about to leave together, in order for there not be suspicions that Lisa has gone missing, I made a request to the guild to make an impression on the guild receptionist, I interacted with the other adventurers to foster a good impression.

Being that it is a long trip, it takes time to prepare.

Since I can’t see any other way to do this, I cancelled the request, then…… I’ll have to get supplies somehow now that I have to bring my plans forward.







The consequences of Cross butting in–

It seems that as soon as Airi’s exams are completed, they are going to be leaving somewhere immediately.


It appears that my intuition skill is telling me that that is absolutely no good…

It is problematic for the 2 to go together with Cross.

As I had run out of time, I decided to get to the point when talking to Airi and Lisa.



「Airi, Lisa, because time does not permit it, I don’t think you have the time to gradually comprehend it. That’s why I’ll get straight to the point. You should not go. That man and woman cannot be trusted. It is obviously suspicious. This warning pertains to the safety of you 2. The reason I say this is my intuition skill is telling me that they are dangerous and they are using their acting skills. 」



It seemed that the 2 of them were at a loss for words for an instant due to the suddenness of my proclamation and were trying to comprehend what I said.

The two people who listened to my words were stunned.

However, the content of my statement might have been understood instantly.

Their faces turned bitter.

So, their faces– Their faces say that they can’t completely believe it or accept it.



「Eee?! Louis, why are you saying such things, Cross and Aisha are good people? Both Airi and I are indebted to them and now we have formed a party, you know? We are about to leave in a while on a request, we will leave for the Steania Empire and will be back in about a month. Anyway, is possessing acting skills any cause for distrust? Besides, is Louis’ intuition skills really reliable? 」


「Louis-sama…… Louis-sama is not the type of person that says rude things on first meeting people. 」 In saying that, I remember the 5-year-old Louis-sama…… a skill is just a skill and does not represent the whole person. I want to believe in Louis-sama’s intuition skill but I believe in Criss-san too. I do not think that the action of the 2 of them who have been gentle up to now are lies. 」


「I’m thinking for the sake of the 2 of you. Will you not listen to me? 」



Cross and friend seemed to have not cast any dark magic on the girls, Airi and Lisa’s status are not showing any brainwashing, so I’ll try to persuade them a little bit more but–



「Did you misjudge? Or has becoming stronger made you arrogant? Louis…… I’m disappointed in you. 」


「The S-ranked Cross-san and Aisha-san…… There is still some way to go, I’ll train without pulling a reluctant face. Besides, in comparison with Louis-sama…… Are you criticising them on first meeting? Isn’t it a horrible thing for a person to do? I too am disappointed……」



The statements coming from Airi and Lisa are cruel.

When I hear their statements, I feel extremely sad…… and I received considerable shock……

I notice those feelings display on my face for an instant.


In that instant, in my mind, I was brought back to my previous life and recalled the betrayal of Tatsuya Arakawa and Utsugi Katsuya who was the bully that was good at getting along with people.

However, I shook my head and immediately moved that memory to the corner of my mind.


Even though…… Although it was supposed to be a long time ago……

What I’m trying to say here is, I feel that I’m gradually getting past the sorrow and shock.


Is it not like that? I have fulfiled my promises–

A year and 7 months have passed and we finally have been reunited, so whatever the treatment I’ve received……


Are you going to believe Cross over me?


It seems that Airi and Lisa met Cross after they arrived in Midoria–

Though I don’t know the actual length of time that they have known each other, I wonder 1 year and 7 months is all it takes to overcome a relationship?

You would believe him over me that has been with you for 5 years?


What is the extent of our bonds?

I understand Lisa with our short relationship.

In saying that, I wish the 5-year relationship I’ve had with Airi whom I’ve spent my childhood with together.

I didn’t think it needed to be said.


I absolutely don’t believe what I’ve heard.

However, I can’t kidnap and run off with Airi and Lisa here, in this situation where they don’t believe what I’m saying, I can’t beat up Cross and Aisha either.


In addition to that, this time with my intuition skill, I’m absolutely convinced that they are using their acting skills.

So how do I convey this to them? Right now, the 2 of them……

I believe that those guys have a stronger bond than I do and presently, jealousy is welling up.


After all, is that all the value that you place on our bond?

Was coming here to see you stupid?


The moment I thought that–

The value of Lisa and Airi, in my eyes……

From my precious parent’s companion and my housemaid, they became a presence that was not going to be part of my life from here on.

I feel that I was becoming indifferent to the 2 of them.


Then I raised a lowered voice devoid of feeling that even surprised myself.



「Disappointed, huh…… disappointed, hmm…… OK……OK……I understand. Mm, that’s fine…… To go so far as to say that, that’s fine. You all can go ahead and selfishly say that, that’s wonderful. In that case… I don’t want to see you 2 ever again. Just as I thought…… we will never meet again. You all and I are strangers as of today. Do you have anything else to say now, even sarcasm? 」



As a last act of kindness, I give them the last word.



「As a final kindness to you whom I have been acquainted, I’ll give you some advice.  Your life will be covered in darkness from here on out. Do not despair as much as you can and try to live with a strong mental disposition. Fuu…… It is a waste of time to talk about this anymore… Let’s go! Eleanor! 」



I have nothing to say to Airi and Lisa anymore.

Just to be sure, I’ll have a word with Cross.



「One last thing. As for you. Cross. Whatever you do to these 2 is fine. From now on, if you meddle with Eleanor and I, I’ll erase you, OK? 」



I glared at Cross as I declared that while I put out an aura of bloodlust.



I looked at the four people like they were garbage.


After that, I tool Eleanor with me and left the guild for the inn together.


However, it was still emotionally painful.

Even when I arrived at the inn, my feelings were still hazy.


Eleanor did not ask me anything.

All she gave me was a tender smile.


Eleanor embraced me gently and affectionately.

As I was enveloped in Eleanor’s warm embrace, I felt my feelings calm down.



Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Airi and Lisa


―― Earth History September, 2618 ――

― A certain room in the Stania Empire ―

– Dating back 1/2 a year ago.

3 men and one woman were talking in that room in the Stania Empire.

However, only one person was not sitting in a chair.

That man stands as an escort behind another man that was wearing a number of decorative items.

The overly gaudy looking decorated man floated a repulsive smile.

「His Majesty, the Emperor is likely to extend his reach to the Midogal Kingdom soon.」

The woman, who had the sense of an adventurer, replied to the man’s comment.

「Well, that’s right.」

The other man that had the same sense as the woman, opened his mouth to speak.

「His Majesty is currently ambitious.」

「That’s why I brought you a request. It may not be soon but perhaps Midogal will be covered in conflict. Before that, I would like to obtain a sublime sub-human female as my slave. I want to add a slave to my collection that has good features such as being beautiful, has unusual skills and is strong. My slaves have been tormented recently and some have died and the number has decreased. 」

「As per  usual, Toran-sama has excellent hobbies.」

「Really? 」

The three of them displayed vulgar smiles.

「The better the slave that you bring me the better the request fee? The deadline is 1 year at longest and the more slaves you bring the better. Of course, I trust you…… So, I will ask you in confidence? Though I have no problem with enslaving slaves, it is illegal as expected is it not? I think the Emperor is aware of it but because he imposes the supremacy of humans, slave hunting is prohibited on the only on the surface only to project a good image of the Empire. I’ll give you 10 platinum coins as an advanced payment. After that… I will assess each slave I’d be buying and pay the appropriate amount then. 」

The overly gaudy decorated man petitioned the adventurers.

「Slave hunting as the first request, huh. is more challenging and inconvenient but still worthwhile.

Well, we are S rank adventurers, so it seems that we have to earn money by crossing dangerous bridges. 」

The S rank adventurer man accepted Toran’s request while flashing a faint smile.

「My hobby is a big part of what I am. I like the desperate face of an opponent that is caught in my trap. The feeling of hopelessness of the opponent when the slavery collar is fitted … … It’s the best ever. Of course, I also like money, because I want to buy a magic tool after this job…… 」

The woman floated a more disgusting smile that the S ranked adventurer man while showing madness in her eyes.

「Is it OK to think that you would receive it? 」

「「Of Course (yes) 」」

They agree with Toran with a vulgar smile.

「Then I will pass you the collars of subjugation, if it is just this, it should be enough.」

So, Toran handed over 20 collars of subjugation.

The 4 people left the room in secret afterwards. ――



――Earth history January, 2619 ――

――Midoria・Lisa and Airi’s residence――

―― It was a month and a half ago when Louis captured the Time of mourning Labyrinth.

I, Airi is relaxing while drinking tea at home as the adventurer work today is finished.

It has been 1 year and 6 months since I have left and been apart from Louis-sama.

The space-time room that Chronos made was said to make the body grow at 10 times the speed.

If you are still in that space now, will you be 20 years old?

While I was thinking about that, Lisa-san, who was at the bar today, came home.

You seem to have brought someone along with you?

Even though no one else has ever been in this house……It is unusual.

「Airiー. I have returned. We have a visitor today. 」

When I heard Lisa-san, I looked over and noticed a pair, a man and a woman behind Lisa-san.

The man has a muscular body.

Is he an adventurer?

He had a neutral face with short, flaxen hair.

Is he not a little handsome?

Although I’m not very interested.

The woman was beautiful with a slender body.

Unfortunately, this place is not very presentable for a meeting.

Her hair dropped down to her waist and like the man, has flaxen hair.

I think she looks like a man somehow.

The male greeted me with a friendly smile.

「Good evening. My name is Cross. Nice to meet you. 」

The woman also greeted me with a smile like a sunflower.

「Good evening. I am Asha. Cross and I are brother and sister, nice to meet you. 」

「Nice to meet you, I am Airi. I live here with Lisa-san and adventure together. 」

「I was drinking with Lisa until a while ago, I heard at that time, did you become a C ranked adventurer one year after registering? And you are close to B rank too, isn’t it a promising future? 」

「No, it is mostly thanks to Lisa-san」

I was praised by Cross-san but in fact, it was because of Lisa-san’s ability.

「What are you talking about, you guys are not S ranked  are you not?」

I was surprised to hear that these 2 were S ranks.

S rank adventurers do not appear very often in Midoria.

Having just a few S ranked adventurers…… is quite strong.

Speaking of which, recently Lisa-san will not party with anyone else but me.

So, my friendship group has been getting very narrow recently.

I can’t speak for other people though……

I’m worried about Lisa-san’s current state.

If these 2 people become friends with Lisa-san, will the current situation change? I tried to imagine it.

After that, I went to bed after a while, but the 3-people seemed to continue be drinking at home and making noise throughout the night.

It is pleasant because I can hear happy voices from my bedroom.



―― Earth History February, 2619――

―― Midoria outskirts ――

I have trained Airi as an adventurer and made a party with her.

I took quite a bit of a safety margin when doing requests, so I never partied with other people.

I have received a lot of party invitations.

However, I’m an elf who is said to be excellent in appearance and in saying that, I did not want to be invited to a party due to that.

Also, apart from the I have a party with Airi, some people have also invited me to a party of only A ranks.

I felt tired of receiving party invitations.

With such a feeling, a man and woman approached me while I was drinking at the bar and that frustrated me.

That was the brother and sister pair, Cross and Asha.

After finding a kindred spirit in the two people at the bar, and having invited them to a house, I made friends smoothly.

It has been 20 days from that day when I also found kindred spirits in the two.

Now, I am in a party with Airi, Cross and Asha, I am in a captured dungeon near Midoria to improve the cooperation of all four people and train Airi.

I have seen parties with Cross and Asha several times.

As a result, I feel that it is OK for these two parties to organize as a party.

「Airi, suppress the Ogre ahead 」

「Airi, they are not moving while being suppressed, it is dangerous, is there a trap? 」

As expected of two people that are S ranked, the advice is reliable and accurate.

Even so…… Fufu this reminds me of when I was in a party with Sarah, Dan and Garuwin.

「Lisaaa, stop grinning to yourself and help meee」

「Ara, how thoughtless of me, I’m sorry. I will help immediately. 」

I finished the request today in this way.

In that way, on the way back, Cross looked at me in earnest and spoke to me.

Airi was talking to Asha.

「Hey, Lisa, is it OK if I ask you a question for a moment? 」

「What? What’s the matter? 」

For the past 20 days, Airi has been in the favour of Cross.

If it is not something extraordinary, what kind of request do you have?

「Actually…… all four of us have been active in the party…… 」

Cross has never been in a party of 4 people before.

「Amongst the party members that we are formally organising, we have Elves and Humans. This time, decided to diversify ourselves a little more, but I took unilateral action to go to a dungeon with a reasonably hard difficulty…… 」

Cross joined up with the elf in front of me.

When I look at Cross’ face, he was inarticulate in his speech and has an apologetic look on his face.

「Taking separate action, what’s the matter? 」

I felt a little uncomfortable but I urged Cross the continue.

「Well it seems that 2 people got a little injured in the dungeon. And it seems that bandits attacked on their way back from the dungeon. A human named Orion managed to run off somehow, and an elf thing……  named Lara got caught by the bandits. 」

I feel for my Fellow Elf that has been caught by bandits…… I feel bad.

「So, it seems that Lara has ended up as a plaything for the bandits! Orion seems to somehow managed to get some information. And with that information, Orion came to us the day before yesterday. We want to help Lara the Elf! But maybe there are too many bandits? I think it is bad of me but I want to borrow Lisa’s and Airi’s strength. I will not force too much on Airi logistical support is enough. 」

「Whereabouts are the bandits?」

I can’t confirm that we will go without the location.

I would like to help and really want to hear more about the request.

「The bandits are in the Stania Empire near the border of the Midogal Kingdom and the Stania Empire. Though I was hoping that the guards in the Stania Empire would move on them, it seems that they will not bother if it is for elves. 」

Certainly, listening to the rumours about the Stania Empire, it does not seem like they will rescue elves.

I pondered while listening to Cross’ story.

Because I’ve been waiting for Louis in Midoria, I can’t leave Midoria till then.

However, there is an innocent elf that is a plaything for bandits.

I can’t leave this alone……

But because Airi is involved too, I have to consult her too before deciding.

「Please give me a day to decide, I will have to discuss this with Airi first just not here. I’d like to go if possible. 」

I spoke to Airi when I returned home.

As a result of discussion, of course, Louis is a matter of concern, but we decided to ourselves that we are not going to forsake an elf woman in trouble.

I told that to Cross and Asha the next day.

Then, it seems to take about 10 days to prepare, and we were asked to prepare for the trip as well.

So, until the day before departure, I continued doing requests nearby with Airi.

Then, when it was decided that we would depart the next day, I headed to the guild with Airi to accompany her to her B rank examination.

Due to Cross and Asha, I was able to do quite a lot of requests, so the Airi’s ranking points were raised and points needed to qualify for the exams were accumulated at once.



――Earth History March, 2619――

――Midoria Adventurer Guild――

「What sort of business do you have with Lisa and Airi?! 」

When I entered the guild to take the B rank exam, I heard Cross-san yell from inside.

Though I did not see the reason why Cross-san should yell at me, I also I don’t see any reason for anyone to be rude.

Lisa and I looked at each other in surprise then approached Cross-san with quick steps.

Next to Cross-san, there was a man and a beastman girl.

The human man who was shouted at by Cross-san opened his eyes wide.

It is as if he was surprised to see Lisa-san and I.

From that person.

I got an impression of a nostalgic atmosphere.

But, first, I’ll ask Cross-san about what happened.

「Cross-san, why are you yelling for? 」



Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Duke Campbell


When I got to the carriage, a middle-aged man came down with blond hair and a bald crown.

I felt some dignity from the middle-aged man before me.

It may have been due to his immaculately manicured blonde beard.

Meyer knelt to a middle-aged man who came down from the carriage and opened his mouth.

「Your Excellency, I got help from these people here. So, I was able to annihilate the monsters without taking much damage. 」

「So, that’s why I was saved. I would like to thank you. Mayer, hurry up and treat the wounded. Unfortunately, we will have to take home the bodies of those who have been killed by the monsters instruct those able to put the bodies in the magic bags. 」

「Ha! I respectfully obey. Though it is impertinent of me, Your Excellency, I promised a reward for this person’s help, so please take it into your consideration. So then, I will give instructions to those under my command. 」

The man called His Excellency nodded magnanimously to Mayer’s reply.

Moreover, after looking and his reply, Meyer ran towards the knight order.

The man, His Excellency, faced Eleanor and I and opened his mouth.

「Well, my name is Harvey Von Campbell. I’m a Duke of the Midogal Kingdom. 」

So, this old geezer is a duke, huh.

I guess I have to give my name to this geezer too.

「I’m Louis, the child behind me is Eleanor. I’m sorry but I will tell you this before. I am not settled in any country, much less a Midogal Kingdom subject. And because I’m an adventurer I don’t humble myself to nobles, so let me talk normally. If you don’t like it, I will only get my reward and leave. 」

「It is not a problem, I do not have the intention of harsh treatment of the benefactor that has helped me. I’m not such a petty man. I have too much gratitude to worry about putting on airs. 」

Harvey Von Campbell’s stock rose for me.

Well, although I tried to get a rise out of him.

It is an excuse from getting employed by a noble.

However, there are some knights staring at me.

I pay it no mind.

「What do you desire as a reward? Do you wish for money, weapons, armour, magic tools? 」

I do not need weapons and the like as I make good things myself.

I decided to keep it to money.

「Can you make it money?」

Old man Harvey who heard my words took out a sachet from his magic bag.

It seems that he was taking out platinum coins out of there.

Then he handed me platinum coins.

「This is a thank you. Will you accept it? 」

I got 5 platinum coins from Harvey old man-san and put it in the item box.

I don’t know what the market price is for a reward but with this, I can stay at a high-end inn for 80 days.

In addition to that, I treated an injured knight and wondered for a moment if I’d get a reward but it seems that the Duke seems to have healers too.

Although it is not complete, it seems that injured people are recovering without problems.

Regrettably, though I have already received my reward, as I moved my legs to leave, a voice came from Harvey old man-san.

「Where are you going?」

I was suddenly asked for a destination so I looked at Harvey’s face with suspicious eyes.

I watched for a while but I did not detect any trick in particular.

Well, suppose I can tell him my destination.

「We are going to Midoria to visit our acquaintances. I have not decided how long I’ll stay in Midoria but I’m planning to travel. 」

When he heard my words, old man Harvey-san seemed to ponder about something while stroking his beard with his fingers.

Having pondered for a moment, old man Harvey opened his mouth and flashed a smile.

「Fumu, I see. I am now heading back to Midoria after dealing with official affairs. Quite a few knights were sacrificed and escort guards have been reduced too. So why don’t I ask you guys to act as an escort? How about an escort fee of 3 platinum coins? I do not mind if you relax in the carriage until the case of an emergency.  We are planning on arriving in Midoria in roughly 6 days or so. 」

I thought for a moment, but is this a pretty delicious request, isn’t it? I decided to accept it.



Eleanor and I were in the same carriage as Harvey.

It has already been three days since I received an escort request.

You may say that there have been almost no attacks so far.

Weak monsters sometimes attack on their own.

The carriage is owned by a Duke’s house and it is a good carriage with good suspension.

The gentle rocking of the carriage seems to be pleasant to Eleanor.

It seems that way because Eleanor leaned on my shoulder and fell asleep breathing gently.

I gently stroked Eleanor’s head.

Old man Harvey-san looked on with kind eyes.

In such an atmosphere, I heard stories about the raid.

It is because the information was still unconfirmed, he did not speak immediately about it.

After the raid, old man Harvey’s spies investigated and as a result, he told me the confirmed information.

「The raid seems to have involved the Stania Empire. Recently I heard that the Stania Empire is getting suspicious, but I only heard it in rumours, maybe it has now gone into full swing. They are the biggest country on Earth and from the past, they have implemented policies that have been only preferential to the human race. And beastmen, elves, dwarves and demons are enslaved. I also heard that they have illegal slave hunting. 」

During the conversation about slaves, old man Harvey frowned. However, the chat continued as is.

「Since the current emperor began his reign 10 years ago, the Stania Empire has gradually become more extreme, but this time they are trying to extend the supremacy of humans throughout Earth. That monster raid was probably used to attempt to lower the national power of Midogal before a war. Well, I’m not sure but, I think, war is an almost absolute certainty. The reason why I said this is because you are Eleanor’s master, who is a beastman. Having being told that you are on a journey, I suggest going to the Stania Empire. I think there would be people that want to harass Eleanor at this time, so please be careful. 」

I only had casual information about Stania, so I was grateful and consider the reception of this advice favourably.

Because I was given this advice, I would like to thank old man Harvey.

「Because I didn’t know a lot of that information, it has been beneficial to me. Thank you. 」

Having heard what I said, old man Harvey nods while smiling.

Eleanor was already an inseparable existence to me already.

In order to absolutely defend Eleanor, I pledged in my heart that I must put my strength in my ability to resist unreasonable things more.

「So, why do I tell you about this story?  I fell in love with a beastman girl a long time ago, but due to me being a Duke and the different statuses……. When I look at you two, I remember back to that time. It is just nonsense from an old man and I want you to defend that smile. Gahahaha 」

Afterwards, I did not want to hear much more but old man Harvey selfishly raised his old love banner.

I don’t want to hear an old man’s old love banner……

I couldn’t tell him to stop talking, so I pretended to listen.

However, the Stania Empire huh.

Lisa is also of the Elf race and if we meet, all I can do is to convey the information on the Stania Empire to her.



— — Earth History March, 2619 — —

I greeted the morning of the 6th day that I got into the carriage.

Old man Harvey said that we would arrive n Midoria today.

The journey to Midoria is almost at the end.

This is the last breakfast I’d be eating with old man Harvey.

As we finished eating breakfast without incident, we got back into the carriage to continue our journey.

About three hours later, while being jostled around in the carriage, we arrived in Midoria, the capital city of Midogal Kingdom.

The size of the gate to the city is quite large, it is about 20 meters.

And the other wall encloses the whole city of Midoria.

Old man Harvey said that makes Midoria suitable for defence.

There are many small rooms emplaced in the large outer walls that have magic tools that amplify the power of magic there.

It seems that those small rooms are filled with small knights belonging to the Midogal Kingdom.

On occasion, they have launched magic with weakened power as an exercise which seems to be a specialty of the city.

Naturally, as it is dangerous at that time, they suspend traffic during the exercise.

While listening to such a story the horse-drawn carriage passed through the gate for aristocrats.

Then the carriage stopped after running through the city a little.

Old man Harvey wanted to invite us to his mansion but for now, it was necessary to go to the king to report the attack.

I received payment for the escort duties from old man Harvey and got off the carriage after saying our goodbyes.

I alighted the carriage and looked around at the city around me.

The city is quite crowded.

The traffic is heavy, as expected of the capital of a country.

「Well, let’s first decision is choosing an inn then go to the adventurer guild. I should get some information about Airi and Lisa. 」

「Of course! The inn must have delicious meals! 」

Recently, Eleanor ceased holding back on enthusiasm for such meals.

As I do not want to endure unpleasantness, this a pleasant change.

After that, I decided on an inn and ate lunch there.

I decided to have a meal then ask the lady innkeeper where the adventurer guild is, then go there.



We managed to get to the adventurer guild without getting lost.

After I had a look around at the noisy guild, I move towards the reception counter.

After waiting for a while, our turn came around. I then asked the receptionist for information on Airi and Lisa.

However, the information was not palatable, I understand what it is to be like to be an adventurer in this city.

I’ve decided to ask other adventurers in the guild to attempt to get more information.

I greeted the male adventurer who was nearby and I asked about Airi and Lisa, but the information I got was not that good.

I asked several people about Airi and Lisa, in turn afterwards.

Then I heard a man’s snarl from behind.

「What business do you have with Airi and Lisa?!」


Fate Comes with Time

Fate Comes with Time (2)


「Well then, let’s do it.」

I bundled up the back of my head with one hand and tried it.

Then Chrono reliably nodded.

「Let me take care of that. I will make Onee-chan pretty and cute. 」

「Ahhh, I’m glad. Then, I would like to ask Chrono to do just that for me. 」

That’s really cute.

Even if it was lip service, I was glad.

In the past few years, if I think about it, I could not find a salon that suited me, so I ended up moving from a salon to another like a gypsy.

It might be my good fate to work with Chrono-kun.

If it turns out well then, I can become a regular.

Come to think about it, I still have not asked where his shop is.

「Where is the shop Chrono-kun work at is?」

He seemed to be waiting for that question.

「If you don’t mind, please have this.」

He takes a business card from this chest pocket and presents it through the firewall.

Chrono’s hand holding the business card was beautiful enough to captivate my eyes.

His fingers are long, slender and look beautiful like a white marble statue glowing in the moonlit night.

Being as beautiful as a work of art is probably a business tool for him.

I felt guilty about thinking this way while I received the business card from his hand.

Whiling holding the box I received a while ago, I looked at the business card that I received.

“Hair Salon Chrono” — That is the name of the shop.

「Hair salon…… Chrono, is it? 」


The address seems to be close to my apartment but I don’t remember seeing it.

Perhaps it was newly opened.

There was his name under the store name.

『Chorno Kuro, Manager』 –Eh. store manager?

「Chrono-kun, are you the manager?」

Upon seeing my surprised reaction, he pulled a face like a naughty child.

「Can you not read it?」

「Yes, well……. You are young, aren’t you? I’m guessing you are still in your 20s.」

「I’m 28」


「Even though it is only one employee, me, the manager.」

However, now that you mention it he does give the impression of a boss, but by no means does he look 28.

「I get told that often, it appears so.」

He said this with a sweet smile on his face.

「By the way, what is Onee-san’s name? If you don’t tell me, I can’t make a reservation. 」

「My name is Mishima. The kanji characters are the numeral three and the same character as the island of Shimane. 」

「Mishima what-san?」

「It’s Mishima Miyako. Miyako from the first character of Kyoto 『Miyako』」

「Miyako-san, huh? Chronotowa, my best regards for the future. 」

Chrono-kun continued and lightly lowered his head.

「So, I’m free tomorrow would you like to make an appointment then?」

「Tomorrow? Okay, I have no plans……」

I wonder if it is alright to make a reservation so suddenly.

Chrono-san laughed pleasantly to allay my uneasiness.

「Just to assure you, by chance, there are no reservations for tomorrow.」

「Well then, don’t worry, time is available whenever.」

「Certainly. So then, how about 10 in the morning? 」

「That’s fine. 」

The truth is. after this, I was thinking about going to bed after drinking to myself to a stupor.

But now, my tears have dried up in the night wind and I have an errand to run tomorrow morning.

There is no time to drink, no time to cry.

「So, tomorrow morning at 10, Mishima Miyako-sama. I’ll be expecting you. 」

「Thank you very much. 」

The first shortstop.

When it comes down to it, I am a little nervous now.

It is a heart pounding situation to talk about things like this to a neighbour that one has just met today.

「Well, Miyako-san good night, you had better get to bed early. You will catch a cold if you stay here for a long time. 」

I accepted what Chrono-kun said and responded positively.

「That’s right. Thanks for everything Chrono-kun」

「You are welcome, Miyako-san」

As I said, Chrono smiled again with a face that does not look 28.

「Good night, see you tomorrow. 」

He left a little after his regards and returned to his apartment.

While thinking that his appearance has disappeared, I heard the sound of the veranda door closing quietly through the firewall.

I also took a deep breath and sucked in the cold night air before returning to my room.

For now, let’s arrange the shoes at the entrance, get changed, take a bath then try to get some light sleep.

I will not cry any longer because I have to be up early tomorrow.

On the contrary, I’m better than I thought I’d be.

On Saturday, I visited the address on the business card that I received.

「Hair Salon Chronos…… It’s here」

The store was close to our apartments, just around the corner of a residential area.

The store is small white brick store that had a cute and pretty appearance with a look of a café.

One of the reasons for that is that the windows are smaller like other shops, not like other hair salons.

There was a poster at the door.

According to it, it seems that the store will open at 9:30am on Sunday morning.

It seems that it is not opened yet today.

「The reservation was today…… right? 」

I suddenly I got worried.

Last night, Chrono said 『10 o’clock on Saturday morning』

I remember the time, but what if I misunderstood?

Worst of all, I had a broken heart and there is the possibility of me hallucinating, but I was sober.

While I was perplexed, the doorbell sounded unexpectedly.

「Welcome, I’ve been waiting for you.」

Then the door opened and a familiar face appears in front of me.


A sweet smile floated on his lips, with a blonde hair sweeping over his face and drooping eyes.

I timidly answered back.

「Good morning. Did you make a reservation for today? 」

「That is correct.」

「But the sign on the door stated that it is opened tomorrow. 」

「The place is empty and you have an appointment. It’s not a coincidence, isn’t it? 」

Chrono-kun invited me to the store as a matter of fact.

The inside of the shop was paneled with woodgrain panels both on the walls and floors and had a warmth to the interior decoration.

There are 3 styling chairs and only 2 shampoo basins.

Every fixture is brand new and shiny, and the mirror is polished to the extent that the figure appears on the floor as well.

There is no one in the store besides Chrono-kun and I.

「Miyako-san is the first customer in this store.」

While guiding me to the styling chair, Chrono-kun said.

「Is that so? Is it because it is before the official opening? 」

When he heard that, he nodded back.

「Today we will call the staff and guests in the afternoon for planning and rehearsal.」

「Well, it’s the day before the official opening,」

「I’m glad you came here but I wanted to cut your hair anyway. I invited Miyako-san before rehearsing. 」

And after having me sit down, he turned me in the chair around the front, facing the mirror.

The mirror in front of me was reflecting me sitting in the styling chair and Chrono-kun picking up the brush behind me.

I had puffy, swollen eyes.

Chrono-kun who rolled up the sleeves of his dungaree shirt, brush my hair with gentle movements.

My hair was comfortably combed.

Just like I saw last night, his hand was a beautiful, slender hand like a work of art.

I was looking forward to seeing how this hand will change my hair.

At the same time, although I also felt somewhat frustrated.

「Is it ok for me to be your first customer?」

When asking through the mirror, Chrono-kun raised his face up and met my eyes.

「Miyako-san is fine as a first customer」

Saying such a thing so easily makes me embarrassed.

「Aren’t you superstitious?  Having a broken-hearted person as a first customer? 」

「The customer is a customer, the reason is irrelevant.」

Chrono-kun gently bunched my hair with slender hands.

The eyes that were looking at my hair were serious.

「In addition to what I said yesterday. Miyako-san will definitely look good with a shortcut. 」

I could not believe it was lip service as it was said in a passionate voice.

「I will make Miyako-san the absolute cutest. Please believe and leave it to me 」

This is the first time cutting my hair short.

I thought it would be better to leave it to Chrono-kun than deciding it myself.

「Well then, please go ahead. You can do whatever you want. 」

In response, Chono-kun smiled for an instant.

「You are resolved, aren’t you Miyako-san」

「I have nothing to lose」

I laughed into a mirror.

I had a last look at my long hair.

After that, Chrono-kun lead me to the shampoo basin.

A towel was wrapped around my collar and sat in the chair and had a blanket put on my knee, Chrono-kun gently reclined the back of the chair.

I was slightly nervous somehow when I looked up at him from an almost supine position.

With the strong lighting coming from the ceiling, Chrono-kun’s face had a dark shadow cast and looked like a different person when I had a peek.

But when he saw my face, he smiled and the darkness quickly scattered.

「Miyako-san, are you nervous?」

「Oh, sorry. It is weird for someone that I know to wash my hair.」

「It is OK for you to relax. I’ll put a towelette on your face, so close your eyes 」

I closed my eyes as requested.

A few seconds later, I felt a think cloth on my face.

I can hear the sound of warm water flow over my head.

「Please let me know if it is too hot」

After voicing that, Chrono-kun ran the hot water through my hair.

At first, from the hairline to the side of the ear, from the hair whorl to the eyelid, slowly stroking my head with warm water and big hands.

The warm water was just like the temperature of a bath, comfortable.

「Miyako-san is it not too hot?」

「It is just right.」

Chrono-kun’s shampooing was good.

It was very pleasant to be washed and massaged with fingertips.

It is also a good feeling when the bubbles rise with a rhythmic sound.

Not only the dirt, my stress and tiredness felt like they were melting away from deep inside as well, it gave me the feeling that I wanted my hair to be washed all the time.

So, when I let out an unexpected sigh, I heard Chrono-kun teasingly laughed.

「Do you feel good?」

「Yeah, very much so……」

I might have fallen asleep if I was a little more relaxed.

I was nervous and it was good for it.

「Chrono-kun’s shampooing is good」

I corrected myself after saying it in a rude manner to a manager. (TN: Japanese manners can be perplexing.)

「I’m sorry, because you are a manager, it is natural to be good.」

「It seems like it, but it is due to spending a lot of time down in the bottom ranks, isn’t it?」

Chrono-kun replied while moving his fingers.

「When I was a newbie, I was in charge of the shampoo station all day. In most shops, shampooing is the newcomer’s work. 」

「If so, it is a great honor to have the store manager, Chrono-kun, wash it.」

「Because I’ve worked so hard, I got to own my own store.」

There was the sound of the taps twisting again.

「I was also lucky though. It is here, in this shop, where the things my seniors did are now implemented. 」

Chrono-kun continues while washing away the lather from my hair with warm water.

「The seniors were going to close down their shop, and there was a rumor going around that they would hand it over to someone…… I thought that this was my chance and I stood forward. I’ve always wanted to be independent. 」

Even though there is only a 1-year difference between Chrono-kun and I, he is quite well grounded.

I want to be independent, it is quite a wonderful ambition to have, owning a store while still in his twenties.

I should emulate this.

「However, I’ve not lived here so I don’t really know the lay of the land.」

Then Chrono-kun smiled a smile that was more appropriate to his age.

「All the staff are from this neighborhood, but I was the only one that was not. I thought I need to get familiar as soon as possible. 」

Is that why Chrono-kun moved?

He is not a person from around here, I’m like that too though.

「Miyako-san are you from here?」

After washing my hair, I was questioned while getting wiped it with a towel.

「No. But since I’ve been here for 7 years so I know it better than my hometown. 」

「7 years, you are by far my senior.」

Chrono-kun removed the towelette covering my face.

When I slowly open my eyes, my line of sight strikes Chrono-kun who is wiping my hair.

「If so, can you teach me about the area?」

Those words, I’ve heard it from another person before.

『I don’t know much about this area yet. Mishima-san, please show me around』

The warm smile of Etou-kun suddenly revived in my mind, flooding me with distress.

That’d why I thought I’d show him around.

This town.

The planetarium at the science museum.


I heard my name called and I pulled myself together.

Chrono-kun at my face suspiciously.

If you are suddenly immersed in memories in front of you, you’d act pretty odd.

「No. Please feel free to ask anytime. 」

I answered as brightly as I could.

Even right now, I feel like laughing off my past.


Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

To the Midogal Kingdom


About 10 days have passed since the first request was completed.

In the meanwhile, I have achieved a fair daily pace in completing requests.

Therefore. even though I only took requests that were nearby, I somehow managed to raise my adventurer rank to D.

「Eleanor has been strengthened for a while now, so I think we should be heading to Midoria the capital of the Midogal Kingdom soon. I want to raise my rank further but that would have to wait till I get to Midoria. 」

「I’m going to Midoria! I’m sure I can meet Airi-san and Lisa-san again! 」

「Un. It would be nice to be able to meet safely, but there is not much information on Airi and Lisa, they might be in Midoria, they might not recognise and understand my grown-up body. We will have to figure it out when the time comes. When we meet safely, I’ll introduce Eleanor. 」

When you look at her custom-made weapons, including armour, I think Eleanor would rival a lower level B rank.

Though her skill level is low, it will go up as her skill growth rate increases.

Since I was able to transfer the status enhancement, I think that she will become stronger from now on.

When my skill level of Crafting Master goes up, we can make better weapons, armour, accessories.

The accommodation we have paid in advance runs out today, so today I decided to leave Sumeria without taking a request.

After leaving the inn, I bought supplies that we were low on, meat skewers for a light meal on the way and headed out of town.


Name: Eleanor

Sex: Female

Race: Beastman

Age: 15

Level: 26

Title: Gluttonous Dog Girl

HP: 1865/1865

MP: 450/1320

Strength: 495

Resistance: 373

Agility: 424

Dexterity: 225

Magical Power: 122

Spirit: 132



【Unique Skills】

Status Enhancement (1)

Status Growth Speed Up (1)


【Weapons · Physical Skills】

Dagger (5)

Archery (3)


【Other Skills】

Crisis Detection (2)

Intuition (3)

Detection (3)

Dismantling (4)

Service (3)

Life Magic



Mythril dagger (muscle +50, agility + 30)

Torrent Long Bow (Dexterity + 30, Agility + 30)

Manticore Armour (Resistance + 50, Dexterity + 30)

Manticore Breastplate (Resistance + 70)

Manticore Shin Guard (Resistance + 50, Agility + 30)



Since we have resumed our journey, we have already entered the Midogal Kingdom and passed through several small villages and towns.

There has been no particular trouble during that time.

And on the way, I progressed while training Eleanor.

I went to buy a carriage before leaving Sumeria, but it seems that there was a large order a while ago and it was out of stock.

There was no chance of buying it if it was out of stock, so we had no choice but to give up.

Today, I was walking along the highway with the forest to my left.

While walking and viewing the idyllic landscape, I heard voices and sounds that people are fighting from afar.

As we walked a little quicker and a little further and we see Orc General, Orc Leader, Orc, Ogre General, Ogre Leader and an ogre group and a knight like group were fighting.

If you look closely at that group, the Order is taking formation to protect a carriage.

Because the knights are fighting while defending, their extermination speed is slow.

In addition to that, moderate damage was taken by the Knight Order. others are exhausted by the attacks from the Orc General and its group.

Since I do not like aristocrats after Alfred’s case, I have not gone to help.

I think that all aristocrats are disgusting guys, but by no means can you wipe out the bad impression of nobility from my mind.

Although we could pass by as it is, there was a place to rest and contemplate a little, so I was watching from that place about 20 meters away.

「Goshujin-sama, are you going to help? Are you just going to leave it? 」

「Well, we will wait and see, aren’t the monsters acting strange? I won’t go there. 」

「The way it looks, I feel that they are aiming for the carriage.」

「Though, I just appraised the Ogre then, it seems to be in a tamed state. That means there is a tamer. So, I guess the tamer is attacking. 」

Sitting with Eleanor and talking about that, a big guy from the knight group ran over here.

And he called out loudly but politely.

「Sorry to suddenly call out to you there. My name is Mayer Captain of the Midogal Kingdom’s private knight chivalric order of Duke Campbell. I shamefully ask of you. Could you please help us? Of course, we will reward you! Even if you can drive away as it is, the damage will be quite large. You exude the aura of a strong man. If you were on our side, I think we can defeat them easily. I suppose. 」

A strong soldier, and from a duke’s family huh.

What should I do?

I opened my mouth with feelings that lacked enthusiasm.

「Well, that monster is in a tamed state, so is this a power struggle? An enemy due to some internal disagreement? I don’t know this area and the situation of either camp and I need to think carefully about taking sides. 」

「Certainly, I agree with what you say…… Here, for those who are attacking, you could say there are grievances from the attackers. I can’t go into the details but I think there is nothing here that I can’t say. As for the details, it has to come from the Duke, it is a pity that more can’t come from me. 」

Nnnn, I wonder what should I do?

It is the monster that is attacking and there are no individuals seem there, but the Ogre General’s tamer has a grudge, should I do it?

This Captain is pretty polite.

「OK, I understand, I’ll clean up from here, have the other knights fall back and leave it all to me. Eleanor can’t yet handle an Ogre General, so please watch closely with the Captain near the carriage. 」

「I understand! I want to be able to fight them as soon as possible! 」

「Is that the truth? It is much appreciated! My best regards, thank you. 」

Since this enemy poses no problem at all, I will tidy this up quickly.

First of all, in order to beat Ogre General and Orc General who are leading, I have to get the other monsters consolidated together in a downburst and slow down the movement.

Then, I threw an air thrust towards the Orc General, instantly destroying it.

At the same time, with a combination of instant steps and sky step, I released triangular jumping kicks using the air and broke the Ogre Generals’ necks.

Since the monsters have surfaced by defeating the Ogre and Orc generals, I decided to take the rest at once.

I felt that the leadership of monsters had collapsed, so I looked to see if there were any damage rearwards.

What entered my sight was Eleanor’s satisfied face and astonished knights.

Because there was no problem rearwards, I push through further at a higher speed.

In that way, I finished off the rest of the monsters.

Even after eliminating the monsters, I cautiously watch the area but there was no sign of the tamer that brought the monsters.

I felt that the battle here was over, I quickly stored the defeated monsters in my item box.

After that, I turned to the Eleanor and the Captain.



Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

First Request Achievement

I, Eleanor had my world changed since I met Goshujin-sama that day.

Goshujin-sama attacked the bandits in an instant and was strong and awesome!

Goshujin-sama has a lot of seasonings and delicious meat and it’s amazing!

My best recommendation is the thing called Yakinikutare!

Goshujin-sama is also good at camping, making a bath, creating a barrier too!

Goshujin-sama gave me a new skill via skill transfer!

I’ve never heard of skill transfer before this!

It’s amazing!

I’m going to work and get strong so that I can be with Goshujin-sama forever!

While travelling with Goshujin-sama, I came to Sumeria he had me have dinner at the table, bought clothes, bought a scarf and bundled it up to casually hide the slavery collar.

He is just too kind…… he seems to be anyway.

After registering as an adventurer at the adventurer guild, he refused to hand me over to other adventurers and protected me!

I did not know my mother from the time I was born, my father did not care for me and I became a slave……

For the first time, I’ve learnt that being protected bring so much relief to my heart.

I suddenly realised that I was starving for love and affection.

I shopped a lot on the way back from the adventurer’s guild, came back to the inn, ate dinner and returned to the room with Goshujin-sama.

It has been a week today that I have met Goshujin-sama, but from now on, I will convey this heartfelt pounding gratitude to him.

When I think about being rejected, I get afraid to convey my feelings but I will do my best!

「Goshujin-sama, there’s something I want to tell you.」

As I returned to the room, didn’t Eleanor tell me that she had something to tell me?

I wonder if the trip was a little tough?

「I am very grateful to Goshujin-sama.

Ever since I was born until now, I’ve never felt love or affection.

I’ve never have had a partner I could experience love or affection, neither parents or anyone else.

Then I met Goshujin-sama and I’ve come to appreciate various things.

I think it is impertinent with this slave body but I would like to have your favour, Goshujin-sama.

I would like to stay with Goshujin-sama from now on.

So……what… you……think…..」

Eleanor was sobbing during her confession.

Before I noticed it, I was hugging Eleanor.

My tears were flowing too.

The life that Eleanor has lead might be tougher than mine.

It is all OK with me, I’ve already decided to live with Eleanor from now on.

Until now I did not completely trust Eleanor so I left her remaining as a slave.

However, if we are going to live together in the future, I will release her from slavery and go forward as equals.

「Thank you for telling me that you like me, I think that I like Eleanor too

I’d like to ask Eleanor to stay with me forever because I will release you from slavery. 」

I drained the slavery collar of its magic and removed it off Eleanor.

I kissed Eleanor gently afterwards.

The slavery collar can only be removed when the master drains magic from the collar with the intention to liberate the person in question.

The only way for a person who is not the master to release it is to use anti-slave dark magic.

This magic is kept as a closely guarded secret in the slavery business.

However, as I have all attribute magic, I can use anti-slave dark magic.

This magic came to my mind when I tried to make magic to liberate slaves for something else, so I remember it.

I noticed something soft on me.

When I turned my eyes down to look for the cause of the soft weight, Eleanor dressed as the moment she was born (T/N: nekked!), was sleeping with her head on my chest.

Eleanor was soft and pleasant with a nice smell.

But, I have to get up because I have to do my best and work hard, I am going to go get a request today.

Somehow, with perseverance, I managed to get up.

After I got up, I cleaned myself with life magic.

After I got some clothes on, I went to the inn’s garden and did a little training.

On the way to training, I greeted the Oba-chan running the inn and the other guests. There seem to be quite a few good people staying here.

Eleanor was also awake when I was finished with training and returned to my room.

I was embraced as soon as I noticed her.

It was not easy to walk with her hugging me.

Looking at that, I hated myself for being a little too rough yesterday.

「Eleanor, is your body OK?」

「It’s all right! I was happy! 」

As Eleanor was displaying an affectionate smile, I patted her head.

Even though Eleanor is released from slavery, as it seems, she still called me Goshujin-sama.

So, it seems that that is what I will be called in future as it has been before.

Even though the slavery collar is gone, it seems that she loves the scarf and kept it wound around her neck.

We had breakfast for 2, then we headed for the adventurer guild.

The front desk staff at the inn asked 「Were you enjoying last night? 」

When it was said, I was too embarrassed, I may have possibly damaged part of the inn.

When we entered the adventurer guild, gazes gathered upon us.

But it soon evaporated.

Because everyone immediately averted their eyes.

I was wondering about the incident yesterday worked.

I felt that there was an aura of “I don’t want to get involved” from everyone at the adventurer guild.

Well, because what happened yesterday was troublesome, I think it is easier.

I went to the request board but naturally, F and G rank is no good.


【Request Form】

Request Name: Clean the streets

Request rank: G

Reward: Three Copper Coins

Achievement rank points: 1 point

Number of people allowed on the request: No Limit

Contents: I want you to clean up the city.

Remarks: The place will be specified at the reception counter.


【Request Form】

Request Name: Pet search

Request rank: G

Reward: Three Copper Coins

Achievement rank points: 1 point

Number of people allowed on the request: No Limit

Contents: I want to look for a pet.

Remarks: The characteristics of the said pet can be gotten at the reception counter.


【Request Form】

Request Name: Dog-Walking

Request rank: G

Reward: Three Copper Coins

Achievement rank points: 1 point

Number of people allowed on the request: No Limit

Contents: I want you to walk a dog for 2 hours.

Remarks: The location of the client and dog is available at the reception counter.


【Request Form】

Request Name: Slime Suppression 【Permanent】

Request rank: G

Reward: Three Copper Coins

Achievement rank points: 1 point

Number of people allowed on the request: No Limit

Contents: Subdue 10 slimes.

Remarks: The achievement is gotten after suppressing 10 slimes.


【Request Form】

Request Name: Medicinal herb collection 【Permanent】

Request rank: G

Reward: Three Copper Coins

Achievement rank points: 1 point

Number of people allowed on the request: No Limit

Contents: Collect 10 medicinal herbs

Remarks: Request is completed after collecting 10 bundles of medicinal herbs.


【Request Form】

Request Name: Wild Wolf Subjugation

Request rank: F

Reward: Five Copper Coins

Achievement rank points: 1 point

Number of people allowed on the request: No Limit

Contents: Subjugate 5 wild wolves

Remarks: Request is completed after subjugating 5 wild wolves.


【Request Form】

Request Name: Goblin Subjugation 【Permanent】

Request rank: F

Reward: Five Copper Coins

Achievement rank points: 1 point

Number of people allowed on the request: No Limit

Contents: Subjugate 10 goblins

Remarks: Request is completed after subjugating 10 goblins.


If one dismantles hunted monsters properly in the subjugation system, there will be materials to sell, so will rewards be a bit better?

I have the money I earned in the duel, but I have to earn more.

I decided to take the F rank wild wolf subjugation.

It seems like it would be good to go to the guild reception counter even if you intend to receive a permanent request like slime and goblin subjugation or collection of medicinal herbs.

I felt that the receptionist was a little scared of me when I took the request form to the reception counter.

It might be better not to linger in the town for too long.

I have to go to Midogal.

As we have to also strengthen Eleanor, the balance is quite difficult.

I learnt a new map skill during training this morning but I can’t use it as much yet.

Being on foot, earning money efficiently is tough.


One can auto-map a range (skill level X 20 meters) centring on oneself.

It can also be combined with detection.

I got the request and moved from the guild to the outside of the city.

While using the skill level 1 map, I will search for wild wolf, goblin, slime and medicinal herbs.

I will let Eleanor learn the basics and follow behind.

We had a lunch break on the way but we eventually achieved a fair bit thanks to expending effort until the evening.

22 wild wolves, 44 goblins, 63 slimes were subjugated and 90 bunches of medicinal herbs were obtained.

After returning to the guild to report the completion of the requests and sell the collected material, I was surprised by the amount of material we got.

The shocked receptionist recovered and properly responded afterwards.

「As a result of Louis-sama’s and Eleanor’s effort this time, it is 15 points for the G ranked requests and 16 points for the E ranked quests for a total of 31 points.」

Since one would rank up from G rank to F rank with 20 points Louis-sama and Eleanor are F Ranks and the current ranking points sit at 1 each.

In addition to that, for the 15 G rank requests rewards are 4 silver coins and 5 copper coins. As for the 8 F rank requests rewards are 4 silver coins. The total would be 8 silver coins and 5 copper coins.

For the purchase of materials and magic stones, one wild wolf pelt is a silver coin a piece there are 22 pelts, wild wolf magic stones are 5 copper coins each there are 22 stones. Goblin magic stones are 2 copper coins each there are 44 here. Slime magic stones are 1 copper coin each and we have 63 here. So, the total comes to 4 gold coins, 8 silver coins and 1 copper coin.

It was a total of 5 gold coins, 6 silver coins and 6 copper coins for the request rewards and the material sales.

It is a little insufficient to cover the 10 days of inn accommodation that I paid in advance, I think I can get more when our rank goes up, I’ll head back to today and work hard again tomorrow.

On my way home, I pointed out the problems with Eleanor’s battle today.

After returning to the inn, I had dinner with Eleanor then we took a bath together and went to bed together.

Of course, I made it a modest night tonight.

In this way, our first request went without a hitch.


Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation


I got an understanding of the explanation that the receptionist gave.

So, I think I should accept requests so as to raise my rank for now.

When I went to the front of the request board and was searching for a request, I head a threatening voice from behind.

「You’re a rookie, right?  As a rookie shouldn’t you do a medicinal herb collection request or some form of non-dangerous work? Is work without danger suitable for you? Therefore, shouldn’t you join our party so that we can use the beastman beside you to be our porter? 」

Hey, why are you telling me this? This is such a template for a guy.

Is it OK to dual in this situation?

I don’t understand as to how far I can go.

I know that I can respond if it is legitimate self-defense, but what should I do here?

Furthermore, when I’m deciding as to what to do, you yell out whatever pleases you.

When I looked behind him, there were 2 women and 2 men in their 20s standing around.

「Haha, Zuan, this guy is too scared to answer you, please speak more gently to him.」

「Hey, hey, just leave these guys alone, let’s just go quickly choose a request.」

「It’s fine, it’s fine. It would be easier with more baggage handlers. 」

So, went the condescending conversation between the brown-haired man, the redhead woman and the brunette woman.

By the way, the man called Zuan was blonde.

「I wonder, should I refuse that sort of thing? I have decided to pretend not to have heard your suggestion and I suggest that you do what Onee-san here has said.

I’m busy checking out requests right now. 」

「I do not want to go with the likes of you.」

Eleanor looked with cold eyes as if looking at human refuse.

The inside of the guild suddenly got noisy.

People were looking around, some were looking with sympathetic eyes and there were guys jeering.

I mean, there seems to be a lot of people clamouring for an event.

I heard various voices around me whispering.

「It would be miserable for the newbie to be involved with Zuan.」

「Anyway, it is improbable that the silver-haired kid would duel, it’s just a quarrel and I think it is over now.」

「Even though Zuan is cocky, he is pretty strong.」

Even though I can hear everything, I refuse to listen and decided to continue perusing the requests.

As a result, I judged whilst talking that there was no problem ignoring them as they were too weak.

「Ooi! Stoop ignoring me! Ooi! I’m talking to you! 」

As I turned around to look back, Zuan was turning red and trembling with anger.

Due to his appearance being too funny, I almost leaked a laugh.

I’m not trying to be detestable! However, holding a poker face is difficult.

「You finally turned around! I will not forgive you!! It’s a duel!!」

「Oh? You seem to be a little weak but you want to duel? 」

「Are you trying to make a fool out of me?! If you have so much self-confidence, you are obviously happy to have a duel? 」

Well, because there seemed to be no harm, I ignored him.

From what I head from the whispers around the guild, his reputation does not seem to be very good.

Should I do it?

「I understand, I accept your challenge. What should we wager? 」

「You will place that beastman as a bet! I want you to dogeza if you lose. 」

「Well then, you all will but down 3 platinum coins as a bet.」

「Well, have you not got that amount of money?」

「If you have an insufficient amount, you’d be a debt slave after it’s over. I’ve just bet Eleanor, but the value is still not equal is it? Thus, I will bet a further 2 platinum coins. 」

Since I won’t lose, I added an additional 2 platinum coins to the bet.

It would seem that he was freaked out by the amount of his bet because he made the decision alone and was doing it selfishly.

However, he was fascinated with the addition to the bet after.

Zuan consulted the other 4 in private.

After waiting for a while, he finally seemed to have decided on the bet.

I decided to borrow the guild’s arena for the duel.

Eleanor, Zuan, his party and I moved as a group to the arena.

It seems that a large number of onlookers moved in droves to the spectator seats.

Guild officials also arrived.

It seemed that the guild staff members would signal the start of the battle.

「Goshujin-sama, please do your best, good luck!」

I responded with a wave to Eleanor’s support.

「So, before we commence the duel between Zuan and Louis-sama, we will verify the wagers.

If Zuan wins the dual, Louis-sama will pay with Eleanor and two white gold coins.

If Louis-sama wins, Zuan’s party will pay three white gold coins.

If they do not have enough to pay the wager, they will become debt slaves after the battle ends.

The adventurer guild would enter the mediation process.

Conditions of victory would be death or surrender. 」

「Then, let the duel begin!」

Each party was located 10 meters away from each other and positioned at the starting line.

Zuan held a big axe in his hand and I took my mythril sword out of my item box.

I felt the audience stir when I took out my mythril sword.

As soon as the duel began, Zuan came swinging with the axe.

But the move was too late.

It was so slow that I let a yawn out.

Well, the yawn was a joke but I decided then, how to advance with the duel.

Although I thought for a moment that I won’t feel bad if I instantly kill him, I thought I should stretch it out.

After this, I decided to close in with a swift attack.

I moved beside Zuan in a moment and flashed my sword.

Zuan’s arms danced in the air and fell to the ground with his axe.

The arena went quiet.

I think no one in the arena could understand what just happened then.

When Zuan came towards me while wielding his axe, the next moment, both his arms and axe fell from Zuan’s shoulders onto the ground.

Zuan’s mind seemed not to have caught up with what had happened to his arms.

My voice carried in the quiet arena.

「Do you still want to fight? If you still do, the next slash would take off both legs, you know? 」

As soon as I voiced this, Zuan was suddenly aware of the pain.

「Owwwww, ooowwwwwwaaahh my arms are, aaaaaaaa aaaa!」

However, it seems Zuan did not hear my question as he burst into tears and collapsed to his knees.

Zuan’s shoulders were spurting out blood with tremendous momentum.

I healed Zuan’s shoulders with heal.

I only closed his wounds and did not reattach his arms.

I will have to use level 8 light magic if I want to reattach his arms instead of just closing the wound.

It seems that most of the people with level 8 and up light magic are in the Episcopal State of Elen Garde, moreover, it seems that there are only a few that are EX and S rank adventurers.

If the wounds were blocked and arms not reattached, they could be cured at level 6 light magic instead.

Zuan still had pain, but the wounds have been closed over and the confusion has eased a little.

「I surrender! Please leave my legs, okay? 」

「Victor, Louis-sama!」

The guild officials, who had come to their senses like everyone, declared my victory.

At the same time as the declaration of the referee, the arena burst into cheers.

In this way, my first duel ended easily.

Eleanor then gave me appreciative words.

The 4 people in Zuan’s party yelled and resisted but safely became debt slaves.

I received 3 platinum coins from the guild and left the arena behind.

It is unclear whether Zuan can survive as a slave without both arms.

I suddenly thought about it as the battle ended.

When I think about it, I wonder what would happen if I lost Eleanor.

Imagining it brought about pretty bad feelings.

Given such a feeling, it was apparent to me that even though I have only met Eleanor a short time ago, I like Eleanor.

Though I thought I could finally get a request, it took a long time to complete the procedures after the duel, I decided against taking a request today, went shopping for groceries at the grocery store then returned to the inn.



Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

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Adventurer Registration

Eleanor and I left the inn and made our way to the clothes shop without getting lost.
After entering the clothing store, I told Eleanor to buy six sets of clothes and underwear.
I decided that I should also buy some clothes, while properly choosing at my own discretion, a sales assistant came up to me and recommended a variety of things.
Due to the shop assistant being long winded, I sent her away.
As I chose my clothes and underwear, I thought to myself that it was not good to be stuck with a sales assistant from the previous generation.
I also decided to buy a scarf for Eleanor.
I finalised our account, put my clothes in the item box then looked to Eleanor to see how she was doing.
Eleanor was looking at a variety of clothes with a smile on her face, but it seemed that she was still lost.
It seems that the longer one was living the slave life the harder it was to choose clothes for oneself, so I guess it can’t be helped? I also thought.
So I decided to wait for Eleanor to finish choosing.
After waiting for about 30 minutes, Eleanor apologised for keeping me waiting.
(TN: What only ½ hr, I’ve been on a marathon 6hr clothes and shoe shopping trip with my wife and daughter before ….)
After working out the price of the clothes Eleanor chose, I handed the money to the shop assistant.
Eleanor put the purchased items in her item bag that I gave to her as a present after settling the bill.
However, I’ve spent a splendid amount of money.
There is little left of the money that I took from the bandits……
Should I sell the materials collected from the monsters that I hunted in the dungeon?
But I use them for production and meals, so I can not sell them all.
As the two of us left the clothing store, the scarf was wrapped around Eleanor’s neck.
And because the slave collar was hidden, Eleanor got teary with happiness.
After waiting for Eleanor to stop crying, we moved to the adventurer guild that was in the immediate neighbourhood.
When I entered the adventurer guild, I felt eyes on me.
When I looked around, I noticed a bar out back.
At the bar, people who look like adventurers were drinking in the middle of the day.
To the left, there was a group of adventurers discussing something.
There is a board on which the requests were affixed when moving my line of sight a little to the right.
Several adventurers were looking at the board, going through the request papers.
As I moved my line of sight further to the left, there was a receptionist for the adventurer guild sitting there.
There were five counters, and adventurers were line up in rows at all counters.
And when paying attention to the gaze from the surroundings, I’m not sure what it is really due to, but I feel that there are many male eyes on a woman, Eleanor.
I tried to line up in the shortest line and as it would have it the receptionist there was a real beauty.
However, because I got caught by Eleanor and got lightly pinched, I stroked Eleanor’s head.
Eleanor gave a lazy smile whilst being stroked by me.
I was stroking for a while but I could not keep doing so incessantly so I stopped stroking.
Although Eleanor was lingering reluctantly, I moved up in the line.
After that, I decided to wait my turn like an adult.
While listening to Eleanor while waiting, it seemed apparent that the receptionist who was at the reception counter with the shortest was the cutest.
After the procession of 10 people was done, it finally became my turn.
「Welcome to the adventurer guild, I’m here to help.」
As the guild receptionist had a big smile, I admired her a little.
However, I continued to get pinched by Eleanor, so I adjusted my attitude and started talking to the receptionist.
「I would like to register for the guild with this child.」
The receptionist who heard my statement replied with a full smile once again.
「I understand. Well then, I will explain the rules for new adventurers. It will be long but please do listen carefully.
In our guild, we issue guild cards to new adventurers.
The adventurer ranks consist of nine ranks, ranking from EX, S, A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
The EX rank is the highest, and the G rank is the lowest.
Registered adventurers will start with G rank first.
The colour of the guild card differs for each rank.
EX is black, S is platinum, A is gold, B is silver, C is red, D is blue, E is yellow, F is brown, and G is white.
Therefore, we can make a judgment of rank at a glance.
Additionally, due to the remarkably increased ability, EX and S ranks have a large influence.
Requests types available are urgent requests, nomination requests, escort requests, ordinary requests, and permanent requests.
The requests are set according to the rank.
One can receive requests up to one level higher than one’s rank.
Please let us know at the guild counter once you complete a successful request.
We will check the guild card here and determine the success or failure of the request.
Please note that depending on the request, there might also be a requirement for the signature of the client on the request form.
In addition, in the case of a failure of the request, you will pay 30% of the request fee to the guild as a fine.
For emergency requests, adventurers who are C ranked or higher it is always obliged to join almost forcibly.
If you refuse to take on the request, you will need to pay 10 platinum coins as a fine.
Although I do not recommend it much, adventurers under D rank are also able to participate but they are responsible for themselves.
Monsters that are subjugated by emergency requests will be registered in the guild card, so there are almost no disputes about remuneration etc.
The nomination request is sometimes applied directly to the adventurer who is B rank or higher, by the client and is called nomination request.
Since the nomination request also includes a nomination fee, it is likely to be higher than other requests. Although you can refuse, if you do that too many times, nomination requests can end up ceasing.
Although the degree of difficulty depends on the content of the request, starting from B rank, it is possible to receive A rank or S rank requests, so you need to check the request form carefully as is.
Normally the request is stuck on the request board in front, anyone can receive it if it is suitable for their rank.
Permanent requests are also affixed to the request board on the front, as a way to distinguish them from ordinary requests, it is written always on the request form.
Do you have any questions so far? 」

I knew about how the guild works by studying in the library, so I did not have any particular questions, so urged her to continue by saying 「There is no problem. 」
「Well, I will continue my explanation.
In order to raise your rank, it is necessary to accomplish the request, accomplishing a request with the same rank as the rank of the adventurer adds one point as the rank points, and accomplishing a request of one rank up gives double points.
In the case of failure to accomplish a request, it is minus 10 points.
If the cumulative point falls below 0 points, it will cause a drop in rank.
Rank points get reset every time the rank goes up and goes back to 0.
Though points reset to 0, excess points still carry over.
Also, even if you accomplish a request below your rank, the ranking point that you can get is 0 points.
From B rank and above, there is an exam to rank up.
The purpose of this is to prevent people that have no ability to organise parties from raising above B rank.
G rank to F rank is 20 points.
F rank to E rank is 40 points.
From E rank to D rank is 60 points.
From the D rank to the C rank is 80 points.
From the C rank to the B rank it is 100 points.
From B rank to A rank it is 150 points.
There are 200 points from A rank to S rank, or obtaining an achievement.
From the S rank to the EX rank is not a point system, but this is decided by a conference when obtaining an achievement.
Requests beyond the B ranking will be more difficult, and range of the difficulty level increases, so the achievement points will be different for each request.
Achievement points can range from 5 to 10 points.
Please note that the number of people that can accept a quest differs.
The limitations for the number of people is listed on the request.
Many adventurers work together in parties, in addition to parties, there are mutually beneficial organisations of high ranks called clans.
When setting up a party, notifying the guild is recommended but it is not mandatory, but contacting the guild is essential when establishing a clan.
Among the benefits of the clan is, information is easy to get, adventurers are flexible with each other, help is easily available when trouble occurs, etc.
The adventurer guild is an organization independent of the country, and the country does not have any authority on it.
Even though countries do not have authority on the guild, the adventurer guild can’t protect against trouble caused by nobles.
As a reaction to that, as a deterrent, many adventurers move between towns so as to avoid accepting nomination requests from cruel nobles.
As for adventurers, there are also a lot of people who are rough and adventurers are all responsible for themselves and have to solve their own problems between each other and the adventurer guild basically does not mediate.
The guild can offer facilities for duels between adventurers.
Concerning the duel between adventurers, we will decide on the acknowledgment of the dual and the wager value.
Regarding injury or life and death that occurred at that time, neither attention nor attention from the guild will be done.
In regards to injury or death occurring during the duel, there won’t be any guild penalty or criminal offence.
In addition to that, the guild would act as a proxy for bets and collection of betted items.
If you bring the monster material to the guild counter, you will receive a small amount in the counter as it is, in case of large amounts you will have to go to the dismantling place, convert the material and cash it in there.
The dismantling place is at the end of the door to the left of me.
Thank you very much for your kind attention, if you have any questions please let me know. 」
「Thank you very much, I have no particular questions.」
「Then I will start creating your guild cards. You will have to put your hand on this magic tool to create your card. 」
「The information that this magic tool reads is your name, race, age, so please be assured that you can apply your hand with no problems, would you please do so?」
I was told this by the receptionist and looked at it a square magic tool and placed my hand on it.
Then when I thought I heard a “bu” sound, a card came out the back.
The receptionist took it and confirmed the card was valid.
As I finished, Eleanor put her hand on it and the card came out the same way.
The receptionist confirmed both of them.
「Since the card was not defective and it was able to be registered without problems, I will hand it over. From now on Louis and Eleanor are adventurers. Thank you. 」
I received the 2 white guild cards from the receptionist and left the counter.
In this way, a new life as adventurers of Eleanor and I began.


Fate Comes with Time

Fate Comes with Time


Chapter 1

  1. Fate Comes with Time (1)
  2. Fate Comes with Time (2)
  3. Fate Comes with Time (3)
  4. Palpitations Fall at Night (1)
  5. Palpitations Fall at Night (2)
  6. Palpitations Fall at Night (3)
  7. Palpitations Fall at Night (4)
  8. The Season Appears from the Sky (1)
  9. The Season Appears from the Sky (2)
  10. The Season Appears from the Sky (3)
  11. Winter is suitable for Love (1)
  12. Winter is suitable for Love (2)
  13. Winter is suitable for Love (3)
  14. The Holy Night is Full of Light (1)
  15. The Holy Night is Full of Light (2)
  16. The Two Create their Own World (1)
  17. The Two Create their Own World (2)
  18. The Two Create their Own World (3)
  19. The Two Create their Own World (4)
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  21. Soaring Up the Abyss With Love (1)
  22. Soaring Up the Abyss With Love (2)
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  24. Soaring Up the Abyss With Love (4)
  25. The Dream Will Continue Indefinitely (1)
  26. The Dream Will Continue Indefinitely (2)
  27. Sequel: To take the hand in a vow of engagement
Fate Comes with Time

Fate Comes with Time (1)

「Mishima, Mishima-san, I’m sorry. I’m going to have to……. 」
These are the words used by Etou-kun to shatter my love into a million pieces.

Ah… I’m so irritated.

I think anyone who had experienced an office romance will be able to relate.

Meeting him everyday, experiencing his warmth and kindness, seeing his smile, Etou-kun’s everything attracted my heart, going to work became much more enjoyable .
Overtime was never boring with him. Actually, I cherished the time we sent walking the dark streets, just the two of us, after finishing the extra hours.

But all that has now come to an end.

「Mishima-san has helped me a lot at work, so I feel bad about having to refuse.」
That’s how Etou-kun declined my invitation to go out on a date.
I stood there, rock-still, holding the planetarium tickets i just bought today, they were supposed to be given to him.

「It has always been you who’s treating me, for so many times …… 」
Yes, I thought we were dating or at least heading towards that direction since we had two meals just the two of us, …I guess Etou-kun did not think so.

「Besides, my girlfriend would get very jealous……going out with another woman on a date would be bad.」
Oh…he has a girlfriend! and he’s telling me that only now!!. I guess the relationship between us is that shallow!.

「It is a very awkward misunderstanding, I’m sorry.」                                                            My voice finally squeaks out, coming out hoarse like a wicked witch.

「No, I’m also very sorry.」                                                                                                           Etou-kun apologised in turn.

I showed a little relief as I looked up with empty eyes.
Ironically, seeing this, he’s starting to relax. As for me, even though I’m still hurting, there is a part of me that’s happy he looked relieved.

「Well, this……」
Since it can’t be helped, I decided to give the tickets that I bought to Etou-kun.
They were meant for him anyways, since he had mentioned before that he wanted to visit a planetarium.

Even though he had been in the city for  three years now, after finding a job, he didn’t have the chance to visit. I intended on taking and introducing him to the Science Museum. as we did had a conversation indicating that before.                                                   『Why don’t you try going once? It’s well equipped and it’s worth seeing.』
『Oh, that sounds good, I’d love to go.』

The memories of such a conversation still remained brand new in my mind.

Well, he did want to go, but he did not say he wanted so with me. I guess it was my wishful thinking that heard it that way.

「I’ll give you the tickets, why don’t you go with her? 」
I said that while presenting the tickets to Etou-kun again, but he still refused.

「No, that would bad.」

「It would be bad if they were wasted, at least you can go on a date.」

「Isn’t it expensive? Don’t you think that Mishima-san should use them for a date instead?」
Etou-kun said that with his usual gentle, warm smile.

He did not seem to realise the pain his words made my heart go through.

I refuse to cry during work hours. So, I just finished the day’s work, did not do any overtime, walked aimlessly through the streets, and before I know it, I reached home.

I rushed into my room on the second floor of the apartment and went straight to the verandah with my bare feet.

My room has a small verandah from which the view is not bad.

I did not change out of my suit and just went to the verandah as was.

As I was feeling the cold breeze of the night on the verandah, I let loose my tied up hair. The view was of the night-lights of houses from the residential area I live in, it was nice and quiet, the numerous warm lights were comforting for someone who lives alone.

Will this broken heart of mine ever be healed?
「If you have a girlfriend, please tell me first……」

As the night scene gradually got blotted out, I closed my eyes tightly.

I knew that was a selfish demand. Etou-kun was there to do his job, he had no obligation to tell me about his private life. But still, if I had known sooner, my wounds would have been a little bit lighter.

Why did I have to get carried away on my own?, I even bought him the tickets!, and yet, he only saw me his senior, and treated me like how a junior should.

Perhaps it was annoying to invite me out for a meal before?. Being his senior, I couldn’t refuse out of good-will towards my junior. Maybe Etou-kun misunderstood my intentions thus he didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend, he did want my help after all. (TN: Her mind seems muddled, the sentences were all over the place and made it a right pain to translate ….)

The pain of a broken heart can cause one’s mind to fail.

What am I to do now?. I am way too embarrassed to face Etou-kun.

I wonder if this is considered as a senior bullying his junior.

Ah, this is the worst! Now I’ve become an abusing senior who needs to avoid the junior she bullied.

Although I did not plan for it to happen, I did end up liking him, earnestly.

「I really liked you……」
I murmured as tears were falling, I slumped down on the handrail of the verandah.
It’s good that tomorrow is Saturday.

I would definitely be troubling Etou-kun if I went to work with a swollen face after crying too much.

I guess I’ll just cry my heart out now, maybe that will lighten my mood, would drinking help? but that will make me drunk, alone, and I’ll still be crying!.

While being caressed by the gentle night breeze, I only had those thoughts in my mind.

「– – Ahh, I’ve finally met you.」
From somewhere close came the voice of an unfamiliar man.
As I was face down, I didn’t know where the voice came from.
I wonder if someone is talking outside…. that’s what my tired mind thought of.

「Onee-chan, nice to meet you. I’m the one that has moved next door, please have my best regards.」
My mind kept telling me that those words are directed at me, and yet, here I am, face down, still crying from a broken heart. I told myself I need to answer, but I couldn’t even raise my head.

「I wanted to give my greetings yesterday or earlier today, but you were away all this time. I’m glad to finally meet my neighbour. Please do not worry because I live alone, and am not noisy.」
He disregarded my head that won’t raise up and kept talking.

By the way, the room next door was vacant for about a year now. Did it finally get tenanted?

As much as I was reluctant, I still turned my head towards the direction of the voice.

The second floor had four rooms, each one of them had a narrow verandah, and these verandahs were separated by firewalls between the rooms.

I peeped at my new neighbour’s face from over here, I rubbed my eyes and let the tears spread all over my hands, his face finally began to clear up.

As I thought, the voice was a man’s.

His hair was dyed ash blonde with a slight wavy perm gently descending to a medium length. His ear peeked out as the gentle night breeze slowly swirled his hair making it sway slowly back and forth. A sweet smile likely to melt a girl’s heart was gently floating on his face, it matched perfectly with his droopy eyes.

My first impression of him was… not a salary-man.

“How old is this person,” I wondered in my mind. He certainly looks younger than me, maybe around twenty-three or twenty-four perhaps.

The person who had been smiling all along finally realized I was crying
「Ahhh, I’m sorry. You were having some troubles, weren’t you?」
After staring at him wide-eyed, I simply withdrew to my room for some reason. However, when I returned to the verandah, I found a thin box presented from the other side of the firewall.

「Please use this as you see fit. This is my greeting gift to you.」(TN: Hikkoshi Aisatsu, if you want to look up the custom.)

「Haaa! thank you.」
I didn’t know what to say, so I just received the box that was tied up with red string. I was hesitant to open it up in front of him, so I kept holding it in my hands.

「My name is Chrono.」
He looked towards me and smiled again.
「I’m a hairdresser. I’m good at listening to my customer’s stories, so feel free to consult me if you have troubles.」

I was quite impressed with his courage, to be able to talk in such an overly-familiar way with a crying woman he met for the first time must require guts. I wonder if this is due to his profession.

「No, there is no trouble……」
I was at a loss for words. Being freshly brokenhearted today, I neglected to keep up appearances and appeared abrupt to my neighbour.

「It’s just a broken heart. I’ll feel better after crying a little. 」

「Heeee, Onee-san is tough isn’t she?」
Chrono-kun said in an impressed tone.

「It is unlikely for people to be able to say that whilst crying from a broken heart.」
「Is that so……?」
I wonder if I was praised?

Honestly, it would be much more complicated, if it went according to my anticipations.

I take a deep breath.
「Ahh… well, it was somewhat of an empty wish.」

Chrono with a doubtful face asked,「What is it that you desire?」

「The other party is a junior in the same workplace. So, I have to recover by the end of the weekend.」

「That’s awkward, isn’t it?」

「Yeah, it is. Though confessing to him felt a little like salvation.」

「Ah, maybe you found out that he has a girlfriend?」

「That…, perhaps it was like that. It is not like I knew he had one beforehand.」

Before i realize it, i had fluently confessed everything, I was shocked! Why am I talking about such a personal issue with a neighbour I’m meeting for the first time?

Even though he offered to listen, it was still inappropriate to talk about my problems to a stranger. However, Chrono listened to me with a gentle countenance. He even smiled so sweetly.

「Well, Onee-san. Let’s do it all at once.」


「Of course, your hair. It will give your heart a fresh start, improve your mood and refresh your mind.」

You truly think so?

「Did I just fall into work-mode?」he said.

I couldn’t help but to hook up my lips a bit, though, my smile must have looked terrible. However, just the fact that I was able to laugh now was really surprising, considering the pain my heart was going through.

「Onee-san’s smile, I’ve finally seen it for the first time.」

「From the time I had first seen you, I kept on thinking that a short hair would fit onee-san perfectly.」he continued.

「I’ve never had it short before.」

I have been maintaining a certain length for a long time since my school days. And because I’ve always liked to style my hair myself, I often tried new hairstyles to find the ones I like.

Since Etou-kun liked the side-tails hairstyle, I have always maintained that look in his presence. Though now I have no reason to.

However, cutting my hair still feels wasteful, and will probably trouble Etou-kun once he sees it.

Let’s just do it!
「I bet, you are absolutely right」
Since Chrono is a professional hairdresser I had confidence in his opinion, Isn’t it normal to feel comfortable doing what the hair-dresser recommended?
It would be an adventure for me, maybe I’ll even be able to clear up this feeling in my heart.

「But……」, I’m still hesitating.

「『An unrequited love or a haircut. Which one should you go on with?』                      The old man at work always asks that question whenever a female customer says 『I’m broken-hearted. 』」.

Actually, a broken heart is often the reason why a girl cuts her hair. Well, not that I care that much…… it’s just……

「A girl cutting her hair to start anew, that happens often.」
Chrono replied to my doubts.

Ah…, I wonder if I should do such a thing?.

But I guess people often do change their mindsets when they are brokenhearted, So… I think I’ll do it!, the first step to breaking the heavy melancholy I’m feeling is to lighten my head by cutting my hair.

I want to change my mood.

I want to change.

I will have to face Etou-kun again at the beginning of the week, so I need to stop crying forever.

The feeling of wanting to change had given me the courage to take a big step.