Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Character List)

Chapter 1 Characters List

Earth (Original)

Kashiwagi Rui (柏木類), died at age 16.

Good looking, cool guy. (Ikemen)

Practised Karate.

After helping Takuya Arakawa who was being bullied, he was in turn targeted for bullying.

Hates betrayal and unreasonable treatment.


Tendo Ayaka (天童彩花), 17 years old.

Kashiwagi’s childhood friend.

She calls Kashiwagi by his given name Rui.

She really loves Rui.

A beautiful girl that competes for 1st or 2nd place on the school popularity stakes.

She is timid.

She has black semi-long hair, an average body type with big breasts.


Tatsuya Arakawa(荒川達也), 17 years old.

Former bullied child.

After being helped by Kashiwagi Rui, he swapped sides and joined in with the bullies to bully Rui.


Katsuya Kuroki (空木克也), 17 years old.

A bully.

A pretty handsome guy.

Looks good and pretends to act as a nice guy on the outside, people gravitate to him and he manipulates people well.


Earth (アース)

Louis(ルイ), 16 years old.

The main character of this WN.

Living a second life with the Creationskill.

Hates betrayal and unreasonable treatment.

Hot-blooded and acts with no particular sense of justice.

He is ruthless and is forming his own sense of values.

The face is in order and is a pretty boy. (ikemen)

He has short, silver hair.


Dan (ダン), died at 28 years old.

Rui’s father.

He calls Louis Louis.

A class adventurer.

He was killed by an assassin hired by Alfred during the stampede.


Sarah (サラ), died at 27 years old.

Rui’s mother.

She calls Louis Louis-chan.

A class adventurer.

At the time of stampede she saw Dan and Garwin die in front of her and ran out of control, caused a big explosion involving the surrounding town, she blew herself up in a suicide and died.


Garwin(ガルウィン), died at 29 years old.

A man with a rough looking face and body.

When Louis first met him, Louis thought Garwin was a burglar.

He was in a party with Dan, Sarah and Lisa.

A class adventurer.

He calls Louis Louis.

He was killed by the ogre general due to assuming that Dan had killed the ogre general, instead, Dan was killed before he could achieve that.


Lisa( リサ) (Age is a secret).

She has a very well-ordered appearance, beautiful blond hair growing up to her waist.

Her body has parts that are supposed to be in are in and parts that are supposed to be out are out.

She has a short-tempered personality.

She is well aware of her personality flaws, she has thought about attempting to fix it but has yet to do so.

She was in a party with Dan, Sarah and Garwin.

A class adventurer.

She calls Louis Louis.

Dan and Sarah entrusted Louis to her, but he is now currently seperated.

Her ability is quite high even in rank A, compares with S rank if you look at her fighting form.


Airi (アイリ), 16 years old.

Facial features are charming and very cute.

She has blue hair that extends down to her shoulders.

When Dan and Sarah were alive, she worked as their maid.

She calls Louis Louis-sama.

After Dan and Sarah’s death, she currently is under Lisa’s care and has been temporarily been separated with Louis.



Pierre von Windsor, 45 years old at time of death.

He was an earl and feudal lord of the town of Dallas.

He was killed in a massive explosion created by Sarah.


Alfred von Windsor, 22 years old at time of death.

The eldest son of Pierre von Windsor.

He was aiming to make Sarah his mistress, in his actions to do this, caused Sarah to lose control and was killed in the explosion that Sarah caused.



Carla, 19 years old at time of death.

Under orders from Alfred, she was temporarily employed by the adventurer guild in Dallas just to get to Dan.

Maid of the Windsor family.

She was killed in the explosion created by Sarah.



Spirit of Chronos (Age unknown)

It was sealed by the Black Dragon many years ago, and at that time Time of mourning Labyrinth】 was created.

The seal was released by Louis when he subjugated the black dragon.

Due to insufficient spiritual power, it had to return to to the spirit world.



Black dragon (age unknown)

It sealed the Spirit of Chronos fifty years ago and made the Time of mourning Labyrinth.

It caused the stampede 120 years ago.

It was subjugated by Louis.




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