Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 10)

Collapse of daily peace ~Part 1~


◆  Dan’s POV


「Sarah should not leave the house for a while! I’m asking you to entrust shopping to Airi and me!」

「I’ve said many times. I won’t be convinced unless you tell me the reason……」


Sarah is absolutely not convinced!

I was glared at suspiciously.


「I can’t say the reason now, I don’t know when I will be able to tell you …….」


I thought I could not say the reason, but I murmured the end without any strength or emphasis.


「It has been happening for a long time, I know this because I and Louis have secretly tagged along!」


Sarah has taken that attitude and refused to speak to me any further.

I went to my room with a sullen look on my face.

I looked back at Sarah with a sad face while walking to my room.

Sarah and I have been together for a long time now, in that time I understood Sarah’s personality very well, so I know why it has become like this.

Sarah basically has a gentle and gracious personality, but when she gets angry, she gets really stubborn and does not listen to anything. It is foolhardy to go against her in this situation.

It would be bad for me to go against her.

I have yet to find a solution for this problem. Other than spending every day arguing with Sarah, I have no other solution.



――― It all began three days back.

Both Garuwin and Lisa have requested that I go with them on a trip outside of Dallas.

I received a solo request, otherwise, it was rare for Sarah to request my help.

And today I went to the Adventurer’s Guild to accept a new request as per usual.

Should I look for a nearby solo request?

While thinking to myself I decided to take a closer look at a request stuck on the request board.

Then the receptionist who I never saw spoke to me.

I guess it’s a newbie receptionist.

When going to the guild, it is easy to spot the newcomers.

When you watch a receptionist closely you can tell who has just received a transfer from another city due to the way that they operate.

I remember seeing this receptionist for the first time a couple of days ago, but at that time I was bust doing other business.


「Are you Dan-sama the A ranked adventurer?」


The receptionist looked at me with a questioning look on her face, I nodded and said


「Oh, yes」


I was then urged into the guild consultation room, I wonder if it is a special request?

I was thinking that while I followed the receptionist to the consultation room.


「Sorry for the sudden invitation, my name is Carla and I am a guild receptionist. First of all, please have a seat.」


After entering the counseling room and greeted by a receptionist whose name is Carla, I was surprised that Carla’s greeting was polite and refined, so I decided to sit on the sofa and put on a neutral expression.

However, Carla’s expression was not very apologetic.

「Let me get straight to the point and get down to business because I have something from Alfred von Windsor-sama, the eldest son of Earl of Pierre von Windsor-sama, the feudal lord of this town I really need to see Dan-sama.」

Pierre von Windsor, the feudal lord of this city, is an Earl of the Ustenia Kingdom.

Though I have never met him, the rumors in the city are that he is not a tyrannical lord. I guess there is the possibility of him being a benevolent lord of this area?

Conversely, Alfred, the eldest son, is famous for being ruthless and arrogant. I could not hide a bad feeling due to Alfred’s reputation. However I didn’t know what his request was, so I kept calm and urged the receptionist to continue.


「I want you to contact Dan-san and let him know if the meeting time and location because I do not know the nature of the business, that is all I have for you.」

「Is this a guild nomination request from Alfred-sama?」

「No, it is not a guild nomination request, therefore, it is not compulsory.」


With respect to my question, Carla answered as if to say the answer was determined from the beginning.

The guild is an independent institution from each country and basically is not affected by the state, but one can be influenced a little more because one lives in this Dallas.

There are a lot of people who are troubled by aristocratic lords and others and are driven out of towns and cities by the orders of their lords.

As this is a nomination request from a noble, one may be summoned.

However, in this case, it is concluded that it is not a nomination request, so it is not known at this stage whether it is a consultation or request.

I’ve got a nasty premonition but I reluctantly accept.


「Alfred-sama will be at the『Cafe Saidoira』 in front of the fountain near the guild, from between 12pm to 4pm in the next three days, I hope that the schedule is acceptable. After arriving at the cafe, speak to the staff and they will guide you to Alfred-sama’s seat.」


I left the consultation room after my business with Carla was concluded.

When I look at the clock in the guild, it is now around 14 o’clock, so I went to『Cafe Saidoira』.

On the way to 『Cafe Saidoira』, my gait was heavy and did not conceal my sense of foreboding.

I spoke to the staff at 『Cafe Saidoira』 when I got there and they guided me to Alfred’s table.

I greeted Alfred and was urged to sit down with him.

Behind Alfred, there was a knight wearing full plate armor as well as a butler.

Whilst sitting, Alfred opened his spoke dripping with arrogance.


「About a month ago a woman caught my eye, I found out her name is Sarah, she is your wife is she not? I will make her my concubine so be grateful.

I will pay you 5 platinum coins now.

There is no way for you to refuse now, right?

It will not be easy to live in this town if you refuse.」


At first, I didn’t understand what Alfred was saying.

When the meaning of Alfred’s statement slowly dawned on me, my inevitable anger started emerging.

I unconsciously became emotional and stood up from my seat and was about to strike Alfred, I regained my calm when I saw his knight put his hand on the hilt of his sword.

I returned my derriere to my seat, and even though a forced calm attitude returned to me, I had a stony look on my face.

The atmosphere in the cafe chilled and got a little noisy as the other patrons started to take notice of the commotion in our direction.

I immediately took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down as much as possible.

Due to this guy being from a noble family, I would be hard-pressed not to speak to him politely.


「Alfred-sama, Sarah has been together with me for a long time, it is impossible for me to accept money for my wife to become your concubine, my child needs Sarah, his mother.」


Alfred was indulged by his parents growing up, there were rumours that all he had to say was 「I want it」 and got whatever he wanted…… Isn’t he exactly like the boy in the rumour?

Not thinking that I’d refuse, Alfred made a mocking face dripping with condescension.

However, as soon as I pulled myself together and spoke, his jaw dropped.


「Would it not have been better for you to just obediently nod and accept? If you refuse, not only would it be difficult to live in this city but maybe your child might go missing too? It would be useless even if you tried to leave town, the city guards will detain Sarah, I have ordered them not to let your family leave town.」


This fellow threatened me this time!

However, is he going to make the Adventurer Guild his enemy?


「Even if you speak to the guild receptionist with such a story, don’t you think I can stop it there too?」

「There is no problem even if you complain there, Clara has been made a maid of the Earl household recently. The Adventurer Guild has been informed of her resignation before relaying the message to you. Even if you appeal to the guild at worst, Carla will get a harsh talking to.」


Alfred bellowed with triumphant laughter.

Looking at the situation, I could not stop being frustrated.

This scum! Shall I kill him?

No, I don’t know who Alfred has told his plans to, I would be caught immediately if the eldest son of the Earl gets killed with the situation standing the way it is.

The feudal lord will retaliate if Alfred gets killed.

If so, Sarah and Louis might be harmed.

Is there no better way?

Whilst I was pondering the situation, Alfred who was making me furious, spoke further.


「You can’t make an immediate decision, can you?

I will wait a week, so make your decision by then.

You do understand what happens after a week? Don’t you?」


Alfred declared so at the end as he left the cafe, defended by his guard.

I clenched my fist so hard in anger, blood started flowing from my palms before I knew it, but I did not feel pain as it was masked by my rage as I glared at Alfred’s back who was leaving the cafe.


◆ Louis’s POV

– Back to the current time.

Dan and Sarah’s quarreling has unusually increased lately.

I don’t understand the contents, but when I look towards them, their attitudes abruptly changed to one of kindness.

Therefore I don’t know what they are quarreling about, moreover, they would not tell me.

The atmosphere in the house has been tense lately.

Airi also does not know what is going on, no matter who talks to Dan and Sarah, they will not say anything.

Even though it was impossible for me to say it, I do regret not interrogating Dan.

I might have been able to do something about it.



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  1. There is plenty more beautiful girl and Elf more beautiful than human, why did he pick a married one an A rank adventure? A Rank adventure can kill a soldier like killing Ants and the noble also will have his name fallen, plus the Adventure Guild also will not stay silent. they have Ex Rank and S Rank adventure, they are not afraid of noble IoI, did the noble wanting to become an Enemy of Adventure that have high Lv and skill lv??
    This kind of event like a forced script, like forced ending.

    Thx for the chapter ^^

  2. I can’t help find its hard to get into this series as I live near Dallas, Texas so it always puts me off the fantasy for some reason. I’ll still keep going, but wont invest into unlike other stories.


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