Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 11)

Collapse of daily peace ~Part 2~



Yesterday, Sarah shut herself in her room.

I heard both of them argue again yesterday, when I asked Dan, he told me this was because Sarah got angry, and she locked herself in her room.

Is the air still so tense today?

When I went to the garden to train, I noticed the streets suddenly becoming noisy.

As Dan has been home for the past few days, I stopped training and went back into the house.

I then told Dan and Sarah about what I observed and told them I wanted to go downtown to see what was going on.


「Papa, Mama, it has gotten noisy out in the streets, can we go see what is going on?」

「Louis it is dangerous, I’ll go see. Obviously, it is no good for Sarah too. It may be bad but please stay home today. 」


Sarah did not say a word but had an annoyed look on her face.

Airi looked at Sarah with a troubled look.


「Anyway, I’m going to go out now 」

「Dan and Sarah are in, Kaaa!!」


I heard a loud voice over Dan’s words.

When I looked towards the voice, the front door of the house flew open as Garuwin and Lisa entered the house.

Dan and Lisa seemed to be in a rush, she was sweating visibly, Garuwin was talking rapidly and breathing hard.


「Haaa, Haaaaa, there is a stampede coming!!!!」


With Garuwin’s proclamation, the house fell silent.

After that, shattering the silence I heard for the first time, something that sounded like an alarm reverberate.




– This goes back to the day that Sarah locked herself in her room.

– – The Time of mourning Labyrinth – –

There is a labyrinth called 【Time of mourning Labyrinth】 about 2 days walk from Dallas.

The 【Time of mourning Labyrinth】 is a dungeon that has not been cleared yet, but there are many other dungeons not yet cleared all over the world.

In this dungeon, the possibility of stampede was supposed to be infinitesimally low, because many users are thinning out monsters properly by adventurers.

In the 【Time of mourning Labyrinth】, 45 floors have been traversed and cleared.

The lower levels of this dungeon have low-level monsters such as goblins, hobgoblins, slimes, etc. appear, making it relatively welcoming to beginner adventurers.

As we advance through the levels, orcs and ogres appear and enemies get stronger and stronger but by slowly conquering the dungeon, adventurers can slowly increase their skills and levels.

There is a boss room every 10th floor, the boss of the 10th floor is the goblin leader, the boss of the 20th floor is the orc leader, the 30th floor is the ogre leader and the 40th floor is a chimera.

Monsters from the 【Time of mourning Labyrinth】 are currently pouring out of the dungeon.

It has been 120 years since the last stampede.

Nothing of the kind has happened since the last stampede, everyone that has seen it can’t believe what they are seeing, the spectacle that can’t be comprehended was spreading.

On that day, four members of the B ranked party 【Sasaraka】 who mainly operated out of Dallas, were headed to the 【Time of mourning Labyrinth】. When they were a day out from the dungeon, while they were stopped for a break, overlooking the plains, all the members were speechless with the sight that beheld them.

Then they somehow managed to restart their brain and they understood that the stampede had happened, they ran to the Dallas adventurer guild, making full use of every ounce of their physical strength.




– The present

– Dallas Adventure Guild –

On that day, the guild was packed with adventurers, travelers trying to obtain information, merchants, aristocrats and many others.

The cause of the madness was the information that 【Sasaraka】 reported to the guild the day before.

Currently, the guild is organizing the information, as well as sending a letter pertaining to this to the feudal lord and arranging an emergency request.

For emergency requests, all C rank and up adventurers are almost forcibly obligated to participate.

A 5 platinum coin fine is required if one is to pass on the request.

Adventurers D rank and under can participate at one’s own risk.

The guild master, who has finished all preparations, sounds the alarm twice using an exclusive alarm magic tool that is installed in this world’s adventure guilds.

The exclusive alarm magic tool has special allowances that allow it to deliver a warning at a range of 100 kilometers.

When this warning sounds, the citizens evacuate and the adventurers gather in the adventurer guild.

At the same time as the warning from the adventurer guild is over, a similar alarm sounds once.

This is an alarm from the feudal lord, and with this alarm, the evacuation of the citizens is repeated, but security guards and soldiers of lords will gather at the square near the feudal lord’s castle.




I heard an incomprehensible report that I did not understand from Garuwin.

Meanwhile, when I looked over Dan, Sarah, Airi, I was observing the reaction of each person.

Dan had a frightening, frustrated and Sarah’s face was pale with shock.

I could not work out Airi’s complicated expression.

Dan was in disbelief with anger and hatred in his heart.


「It can’t really be a stampede?!」


Sarah asked without concealing her uneasy face.


「What does everyone intend to do? I think unless you have received an emergency request from the guild based on rank …… I have not retired so it is necessary for me to go to the guild too.」

「Everyone, listen to me.」


Dan had authority in his eyes and a serious expression on his face spoke to everyone.

Due to the attitude that everyone, including myself, judged coming from Dan, we paid full attention. We then listened to Dan’s speech.

The content of the speech was about the trouble Dan had with Alfred and Alfred asking for the impossible, hearing the story made me extremely angry and sick to my stomach.

And with Dan’s head plagued with the issues with Alfred, I think this stampede is a turning point in a sense.

As I heard the explanation, I then understood Dan’s strange behavior, it seems that thinking about his family has created a lot of pain. Sarah then apologized to Dan crying and cuddled him.

Dan embraced Sarah then said 「I have a proposal.」 the discussion was truncated.


「Until I go to the adventurer guild… I wouldn’t know the scale of the problem is. However, it is necessary to solve Alfred’s matter at any cost, it is probably possible to leave town without a problem now.

Citizens are now evacuating and the gatekeepers would not be on guard. As expected, an adventurer that has received an emergency request would have absolutely no problem leaving town.

And when the stampede is over, we and our families will leave this tomorrow and head towards the kingdom of neighbouring Midogal Kingdom.

Airi would be left with Louis so we will not go to the adventurer guild together with everyone…… Lisa I have a request to ask of you」


Lisa seemed surprised to be asked in this current situation but when she calmed down she urged the continuation of the discussion.



「I want Lisa to take Louis and Airi to the Midogal Kingdom ahead of us. Of course, we will pay the fine for avoiding the urgent request! 」


Dan said as he lowered his head to Lisa.

Lisa thought about the request with her finger on her chin.

After a while, with a steeled look on her face.


「I understand, you guys are definitely coming to Midogal! If you don’t come, I won’t forgive you!」


When he heard her reply, Dan raised his head.


「I really appreciate it, here is a bag with 18 platinum coins in it.

Use 10 of it to pay the fine for avoiding the emergency request. Use the remaining 8 for travel expenses after leaving the guild.

Take whatever else you need for your travels from this house put it in the item pouch and take it with you. I will catch up later!

Garuwin what are you going to do?」


Dan took out the money bag from his item pouch, verified the amount in the money bag then handed it to Lisa.


「Haaa! Why are you asking me something with the answer being so obvious? I will also be leaving Dallas, I will go to Midogal with both of you. Let’s take requests again when we arrive! There are dungeons that we have not done yet!」


Rather than worrying about the stampede, I was angry at Alfred. As there is nothing I can do about it myself, I forcibly drove the Alfred issue out of my mind, the discussion has come to a resolution.

I am getting stronger, but … I can not do anything I was irritated at myself.



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    I’m really liking the direction this one is taking. The MC is getting stronger without directly being overpowered. I have a feeling Dan and Sarah are either going to get caught or die in the stampede and Lisa will end up finishing raising Airi and Louis.


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