Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 13)

The day Dallas disappeared

That moment – I felt that time in the world stopped. –

As it most certainly would have been the same for Garwin.

Garwin stopped moving when he entered my sight.

As Dan’s head that flew in the air fell to the ground, the ogre general’s axe entered my field of view, it was a sight where the axe penetrated through several centimetres of Garwin’s face.

My darling’s head in the air earlier, this time, my friend’s face ½ torn up and flying through the air.


I could not comprehend what was in front of me, I screamed with all my might.

I can’t understand why this happening!

Hey, can someone tell me?

What’s just happened?

What’s going on?

Dan was positioned to cut off the ogre general’s head, wasn’t he?

Why was Dan’s head separated from his body and flying through the air?

Hey, Dan, can you please get up quickly?

Why is Garwin lying on the ground?

Garwin, please get up too?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

The 2 of them lying flat on the ground, is it a dream?

Or is it a reality?

I …… What am I supposed to do?

And then, my awareness was interrupted momentarily –

My thoughts were a total mess.

Was my awareness interrupted because I am too confused?

I seem to be seeing myself from above …… it is such a strange feeling.

However, thinking back to it, I started to clear my confusion.

And my thoughts became clearer, so I think.

If I struggle with this in the midst of battle, I will not win, I do not allow my awareness to cloud further.

I was prepared for various things being an A rank adventurer.

However, before I knew it, instead of the ogre general’s head, my beloved Dan’s head danced in the air before me and shortly afterwards my old friend Garwin’s face split in half then …… half his face streaked through the air and hit the ground.

My spirit is strong enough to fight through this confusion.

I love Dan more than anything in the world.

I love Louis most in this world.

There is no first or second.

I’m disordered, but even in the current situation, I clearly understand that I have to escape safely and reach where Louis is. Can I do it? Did Louis escape from Dallas safely? I can not think otherwise.

I think, rationally both are possible and the best outcome for me, I am so confused though.

Because I love Louis so deeply that way.

That is why in this situation I think that it is impossible to escape by thinking only about Louis.

I noticed my thoughts started clearing, thinking about such things.

A man in a black robe killed Dan, the ogre general kill Garwin. A stampede monster invited and used in this situation, the man smiled with a contemptuous smile in the distance, that fellow surely is Alfred!

I…… I…… I …… What do I have to do?

I have to kill them! Kill! Kill! KILL! KILL!! KILL!!

I will not leave it like this!

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!

No matter how I think about it, I do not have the will to stop myself.

The enormous magical energy converges on my body.

I was acquiring it with the skill of magic absorption at this time.

I surely have mastered it, I understand the strange feeling within myself……

My body is forcibly collecting magical power from the surroundings using magical absorption.

Beyond the limit, the enormous magical power has gone beyond the limit in which my body can bear…….

The adventurers are surrounded by the huge waves of magical energy, the feudal lord’s army, Alfred whom have seen Dan’s death with eyes of delight, the assassin that killed Dan, the monsters stampeding, all eyes were on me.

Then a roar resounded.

Perhaps everyone was hit with the sense that time ceased for the moment.

I noticed that my body was able to move just before the explosion, I regained normal thoughts but it is already late …

And all the people and things in my sight including me were swallowed by a tremendous explosion.

「I love you, Louis…… I’m sorry……. Dan…… I love you…….」

– On that day the town of Dallas disappeared from the surface of this world.







We who escaped Dallas were in a carriage.

The carriage seemed to have belonged to Dan’s party, I was taught how to use it by Garwin and Lisa at that time when I was out on a request outing.

It seems that it would take 1 month by carriage to the Midogal Kingdom.

Lisa was acting a coachman and Airi and I were riding in the hooded cargo tray.

Airi seemed uneasy and hugged me from behind.

After having left for around 2 hours, Lisa shouted suddenly.


「What’s wrong?」

I thought something had happened and asked Lisa, but since there was no reply, I saw Lisa’s stunned look when I approached the coachman’s seat.

It felt like her sense of awareness left her.

As I was attempting to ask Lisa again – a large roar resounded.

Looking back, everything behind us was engulfed in an emerging white mushroom cloud.

Everyone went silent, as Lisa concluded her thoughts, she opened her mouth.

「Louis, Airi…… Please listen to me calmly, Sarah, Dan and Garwin are dead……」

I was still watching the mushroom white smoke dancing in the sky, and I could not swallow Lisa’s words.

Airi seemed to understand as her body started trembling and her teeth chattered.

Lisa, what are you doing? You said that the 3 will surely come for me right?

「Lisa, you are joking right?」

「Louis! I would never joke about something like that…… no matter how much I want it to be a joke…….」

I understood that it was not a joke from her statement, her expression and the white mushroom cloud behind us.

I just did not understand why Lisa could conclude that with such confidence so I asked.

「We four people in the party have magic tools that register a signal to each other, when one dies, the signal disappears. All 4 party members have them registered to each other, when one of us dies, all of us know. And 3 peoples’ registration has gone ……. Everyone……」

The always dignified Lisa was crying, as her mutters vanish.

I noticed that Airi was trying to suppress her crying.

Suddenly, before I knew it, I noticed my cheeks were wet.

Then the horse-drawn carriage stopped and everyone started sobbing.

The roaring was heard in the evening, it was time to eat dinner soon, but everyone did not feel like it and I decided to go to bed now without eating anything.

When I woke up in the morning, they seem to have already gotten up.

Lisa picked out the ingredients from the item pouch and handed it to Airi.

Airi accepted the ingredients and made soup, so everyone ate the soup with black bread.

As a result of discussing with each other after the meal, even though I was afraid to go, nevertheless I decided to go to see the state of Dallas.

After a while, the carriage seemed to have arrived at a place that was supposed to be Dallas.

There was nothing around where I thought Dallas should be……

The only thing that was visible was the newly made cracked ground and the surrounding wilderness.

– – While looking at the change in Dallas, Lisa, Airi and I stood in stunned silence.




  1. scipo0419

    Thanks for the chapter. Not how I thought that would play out, but it’s interesting nonetheless.
    Yeah, I thought that it would go the way of the revenge route, instead the nuclear option was chosen.

  2. gumtreeblossom

    Wow… That’s a bit more extreme than I had expected.
    Another pop-up from the Next Chapter link, on previous chapter (coming here). Happily dealt with. Probably will not comment on this again, unless I find a new site being popped up.
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