Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 14)


How long have I been standing here for?

The town of Dallas was here until yesterday……

The cityscape that I have spent with Dan for the past 5 years……

It had disappeared like a mirage.

Would I have been able to prevent the disaster if I had more power?

I don’t know if Alfred was involved, if I questioned Dan more at that time, would there have been a different future?

Even if we left secretly with the three…….. will things have changed?

No matter how I think about it……. The answer is no.

I can’t get back my happiness.

No matter how much I look back, Dan, Sarah, and Garwin can’t be alive.…..

It seemed that the broken, peaceful everyday life was never going to come back – – the desolate wasteland speaks volumes.

I noticed movement in front of me.

When I focused on it, someone approached.

Airi and Lisa also noticed Lisa had a surprised expression.

The body was translucent and not very tall.

It is about 160cm?

Soft silver hair that stretched to the shoulders, an androgynous, good-looking face.

And the person had a thin sense of existence, three people incidentally appeared before my eyes, Lisa muttered with a trailing voice.

「No way……that sort of thing……are you a spirit? But your body is translucent?」





My name is Chronos Spirit of Time!

It was that spiritual body.

My body liked to travel the world freely – –

I think my corporeal form visited this place 150 years ago.



There was a black dragon living in this place, and without warning, my corporeal body was attacked and fought as hard as possible…… I was then sealed with a powerful seal!

It seems that I regret that I should have escaped.

Well, yeah, I should have run away!

If I escaped, I wouldn’t be a ghost now.

I just want to exist in my spiritual form! Because I feel like I’m fading away.

Just before my corporeal body was sealed, I managed to create spiritual body created a spatial-temporal relationship.

And I was shoved into a place between space and time.

After that, Black Dragon fused the magic of this place with the magical power which seals the corporeal body of Chronos and draws it out and completed the time of mourning labyrinth.

My existence is linked to my corporeal form, so the lower the power of that form, the thinner my existence gets and eventually it will disappear.

It’s already a matter of time before all the power of my corporeal body is sucked out by the seal and though I wanted to still exist, I have accepted the fate of me disappearing.

As such, the Black Dragon caused the stampede by utilising the power from my corporeal body.

I emerged from space-time to observe the stampede.

The battle between humans and monsters was extremely fierce, but I thought that stampede would be suppressed by the effort of human beings as it was.

But it did not come to be.

In a sense it can be said to be suppressed, I guess?

When the battle had gradually settled down, a fight amongst the humans began and due to it a massive explosion happened.

To that effect, this city has become a wasteland.

That really surprised me!

I was just going to spend my days till me existence withered……

On one side, a woman that caused a massive explosion, and now, though immature, a boy with considerable power has shown up.

I decided to give it up to this boy.

My existence is a thin one, but there is every intention to aid my corporeal body.

If the Black Dragon can be subjugated and the seal released, my existence as my corporeal form can resume.

I can help my corporeal body! My spiritual existence will disappear though.






「Yaa! Yaaa! My name is Chronos Spirit of Time. I’m a spirit without a body, even if I say it myself!」

We suddenly got an enthusiastic greeting.

At first, I was wary, but after I heard Chronos’ story, I let my guard down.

Then we introduced ourselves.

As I got up this morning I got the skill to detect crisis so it is also the reason why I decided not to be wary of it as the skill did not respond at all.

According to the story, Chronos wants to consult with me.

When I listen to the story in detail, it seems that the Chronos’ spirit body is going to disappear soon and there were only a few hours left.

I’d like for you to kill the Black Dragon that is sealing my corporeal body, and for that reason, it is not good unless you get stronger than you are now.

It seems to be the optimal place within space-time to train you……

I hope you are interested in getting strong in this place……

I would like to tell you what happens here first.

After Chronos told us what will happen, we questioned Chronos about the situation that happened here.

As I know Chronos was a spirit body, I enquired.

Chronos’ spirit body somehow projected an image.

By seeing it, we were able to understand what happened here, what happened just before the explosion and what caused it …….

I cried so much that day, neither Lisa nor Airi could stop my tears.

I might have been shedding tears but I was burning with rage.

And I vowed to acquire more strength, unreasonable violence, strength to never give in to power than ever before.

When Lisa reached out to me, I changed my crying face to a thoughtful one.

I urged Chronos to continue.

「Now there are 3 of you, of course, Louis is going to be the one that beats the Black Dragon, but I can only take 1 person with me to the space within space-time, so I’ll have to take Louis with me.

There is no point for the rest of you to wait here, you are better off waiting in some other town.

I will also enter a dormant state when I enter space-time. I have little strength left.」


Lisa complained to Chronos.

「As I said earlier, the temporal space is created inside my corporeal body and I can only bring one person other than myself into the space.

So, while you’re there, you do not need to eat and sleep that is normally necessary for human beings!

Instead, there are benefits, the growth speed of the body will be 10 times higher than the world here!

The space-time created by my body is amazing!

Apart from evacuating me who is a spiritual body, the body made to make a place within time and space to train someone to beat Black Dragon someday.

In truth, considering the shortcomings, long-lived elves and demons are ideal.

However, Louis is still small and I think he has the highest possibility of success out of the three choices.

And the reason that you need to go to another town to stay, is that there is no town of Dallas for you to stay at now, right?

The little girl seems pretty weak.」

「Louis! I think that’s dangerous! Besides, Dan and Sarah are depending on me to take care of Louis! Let’s all three of us go together to Midogal!」

「Louis! Let’s all three of us go live in Midogal, shall we? No more …. goodbyes…. It’s too painful…….」

As Lisa became distraught, I drew closer to speak.

Airi…… I can’t speak for other people, I’m still very young even with this short period, it is very painful for us to separate.

To leave Airi and Lisa, I feel lonely and bitter.

Even so, I can not meet Dan, Sarah, and Garwin anymore.

But this is …… I think this is the turning point for not having any regrets in my life in the future.

「Both of you, I’m very sorry. Finally, thank you.

I’m the kind of person that will not yield to anyone I need to get the power to overcome…… then I want to see both of you again.」

「Yes…… Louis…… your determination is strong……. I will be waiting for you in the Midogal Kingdom, OK?」

「Louis-sama……I’ll be waiting, so please be careful……」

And I decided to leave Lisa, one of the few acquaintances I had in this world and Airi, whom I’ve been with forever…… ever since I was born.




– –  Afterwards, a merchant that was going to visit Dallas realised that what was once Dallas, there is nothing but wasteland.

The news from the merchant reached all the way to the Royal Palace in Ustenia.

Then the investigative team departed at the instructions of the Royal family of Ustenia.

The investigators succeeded in contacting those who escaped from Dallas and they heard from them that 「A massive explosion of unknown origin has occurred after the stampede occurred.」

The result of the investigation was immediately delivered to the Royal Palace of Ustenia.




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