Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 15)

Black Dragon Subjugation


―― Earth History January 2619 ――

It has been one year since I have left Airi and Lisa, I have spent those days training in Chronos’ space-time space.

It was a disadvantage that the level did not rise, but since meals and sleep are unnecessary, I spent days to acquire skills and improve skill level, since the Chronos’ spirit body was in dormancy, there was no conversation partner.

I heard from Chronos’ spirit body that it has 2 1/2 years remaining in it, so I left the space in a year.

Then I entered the time of mourning labyrinth and decided to aim for the bottom layer.

I decided to raise my level and increase my power since the time of mourning labyrinth has 100 levels to the bottom.

After entering the dungeon, I steadily hunted monsters.

I was drinking water made with water magic, the food I ate was edible monster meat.

The orc king meat was quite delicious and was the most delicious meat I have eaten on the Earth.

Because we have never eaten upscale meat on this planet, I’m not comparing it to that but normally available meat.

Since I’ve come to be able to use teleport from space-time magic group, I can now transit to places I have once been. When it is time to go to bed, I leave the dungeon, resting in my own tent while laying out a barrier with light magic.

It has been half a year since I have first entered the time of mourning labyrinth and today I will finally fight against the Black Dragon.

I’ll check my status before going.


Name : Louis

Gender : Male

Race : Human

Age : 16

Level : 91 (Status and skills are being hidden)

Title : God Sent Child of Creation



Strength : 3645

Defence : 3345

Agility : 3895

Dexterity : 3216

Magical Power : 3595

Spirit : 3925


Special Skills

Creation (7)

Status Enhancement (8)

Skill Growth Speed Up (7)

Status Growth Speed Up (10)

Experience Growth Increase (8)

WeaponsPhysical Skills

Weapons Master (8)

Martial Arts (6)

Body Strengthening (9)

Raise Maximum HP (6)

HP Recovery Speed Up (6)

High-Speed Parallel Thinking (3)

Regeneration (6)

Sky Step (9)

Instant Steps (7)

Magic Skills

All Attribute Magic (8)

Raise Maximum MP (7)

MP Recovery Speed Up (7)

Magic Power Manipulation (8)

Chanting Annulment (6)

MP Pool (8)

Other Skills

Appraisal (10)

Concealment (10)

Crafting Master (4)

Crisis Detection (7)

Intuition (6)

Detection (4)

Dismantling (6)

Service (5)

Different World Goods Trade (3)

All Language Understanding

Life Magic

Status Growth Speed Up

Status improvement when the level goes up.

Skill level x 10% increase.

Experience Growth Increase

Experience value obtained when killing monsters increases.

Skill level x 10% increase.

Weapons Master

Increases mastery of all weapons.

Skill is created by combining Swordsmanship, shield arts, axe arts, dagger arts, twin sword arts, greatsword arts, spearmanship, grappling, staff arts, archery and weapon throwing techniques.

When combined, skill levels average out.

If you use any of the combined skills, the skill level will increase.

Martial Arts

By combining imagination and skill name, it becomes one technique and power increases.

High Speed- Parallel Thinking

It is possible to think about multiple things in parallel at high speeds.

By combining high-speed thinking and parallel thinking through skill creation, high-speed parallel thinking becomes possible.

When integrated, skill level averages.

If you use any skill that has been integrated, skill level will rise easily.


Lost limbs will gradually regrow and heal.

Instant Steps

Allows one to move instantly much quicker than possible than with agility.

All Attribute Magic

All magic can be mastered.

What magic and how powerful it depends on imagination and consumption of MP.

If you integrate light magic, dark magic, fire magic, water magic, wind magic, earth magic, lightning magic, gravity magic, space-time magic through skill creation, it becomes all attribute magic.

When integrated, the skill level is averaged.

When any of the skills get used, skill level will increase easily.

Chanting Annulment

One can activate magic by name only, no chanting required.

The power of the magic invoked by chanting annulment is the power of the magic cast × the skill level × 10%.

MP Pool

By pooling an arbitrary amount of MP, pooled MP can be drawn out and used at an arbitrary time.

The pool upper limit which can be pooled is skill level × 1000.

Crafting Master

Anything can be made.

By using skill creation, one becomes a craft master by integrating blacksmithing, engraving, workmanship, woodworking, leatherworking, sewing, alchemy, smelting and compounding.

When integrated, skill level becomes an average value of all skills.

When any of the skills get used, skill level will increase easily.

What is made depends on one’s imagination.

The quality of the item made depends on the skill level.

Crisis Detection

Ability to detect danger.


Makes decisions easier.


One can sense signs of nearby creatures, and you can detect traps.


One would be able to dismantle monsters quickly and easily.

Different World Goods Trade

You can order items in other worlds by using MP for the trade.

The size of one’s order would be skill level x 10cm2.

It is impossible to order living things.

Consumption MP is skill level × 1500.

It can be used once every 120 hours.

For now, it’s a skill that can not be handled without MP pool, but different world goods trade is still very useful.

I mainly order seasonings, I suppose it would be terrible without this.

Since I got the crafting master skill, I made equipment from the materials from monsters hunted in the dungeon.

And since then, equipment has been updated often, my current equipment is a Mythril Great Sword that is about 2 meters in length from Mythril golem material, breastplate and shinguards handmade with Manticore fur and Mythril.

Due to the influence of space-time, I’ve become sixteen years old, and the height is about 175 cm, so there is no problem with the size of the weapon.

I tried full plate armour once, but since it was really noisy it annoyed me. I’ve decided to use light equipment to take advantage of speed instead.

The camping tent is made with Manticore’s skin, so it is made quite durable.

My level of spatial magic has also risen and now item box is usable.

I’m still considerably impressed every time I use the item box.

The fourth dimension exists! When it came to the first time of me using it, I got too excited and needlessly shoved things in and took things out.

I was fortunate that no one was watching.

If someone was watching that, I think I’d die of agony from embarrassment……

Item boxes cannot contain living things, but monsters can be put after being defeated.

And as far as confirmation is concerned, I have cleared 100 levels.

When entering the boss room, the black dragon is standing in the room with a total length of 30 meters in a heavy atmosphere.

Black Dragon gave a deep, bassy, sonorous roar.

I decided to try to appraise it first.

Black Dragon

Level : 95



Strength : 3240

Defence : 3000

Agility : 2660

Dexterity : 2900

Magical Power : 3610

Spirit : 4200


Bite (9)

Flying (9)

Breath (9)

Sealing technique (7) : Sealing Spirit Chronos

Dark Magic (9)

Regeneration (4)

When I was checking out the black dragon’s appraisal result, a laser shaped black breath flew this way.

I hurriedly switch my attention to battle mode and avoided the breath.

At the same time, by using body strengthening and instant steps around the Black Dragon, trying to cut the tail as it was, as the crisis detection worked, I tried to take a distance but at the same time, a black sphere appeared near the tail.

Is that dark magic…… I felt in the sphere?

Sunshine Laser!

I cancelled the black spheres with the light magic, sunshine laser, and attacked the wings with the aid of sky step, Black Dragon was trying to avoid it, but since I was reading its movement, I succeeded in cutting off the wings with my Mythril great sword accordingly.

At the same time, I was struck by a blow from its tail and as a result, I hit a wall.

As a result of checking my body’s injuries, I felt intense pain in the ribs, which may have been cracked.

However, since I had no time to suffer from pain then, I endured the pain and chanted whilst running.

Because Black Dragon has regeneration, it will recover if you do not damage it in succession, so l had to increase the sharpness by sending magical power to my Mythril greatsword while overwhelming Black Dragon’s biting and tail attack with Mythril Sword.

And by combining wind and gravity magic, I tried to blunt the movement of Black Dragon by activating downburst, but it was offset by Black Dragon ‘s dark magic.

Sunshine Ring!

With the light magic, Sunshine Ring, I floated 30 circles of light to surround Black Dragon, hampering its movement.

Though it was not a decisive move.

I was fighting in an endurance fight and because the Black Dragon’s movements are sealed by sunshine rings, its movements are getting steadily worse.

And with a momentary gap, I moved the short distance via instant steps near Back Dragon’s wing and also cut off the other wing.

Black Dragon screamed and raged.

I thought that I saw this as an opportunity, I further confined the black dragon’s neck to the ground using the earth magic, rock prison.

Then my Mythril greatsword flashed.

Diamond speed wave slash!

I slashed through Black Dragon’s neck, killing it and at the same time floated a relieved expression.

It was considerably more fierce than I thought it would be and because of that, I used a vast amount of my pooled MP.

A sense of accomplishment flooded me when I achieved my goal.




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