Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 16)

Each new journey


As soon as I subjugated the Black Dragon, I felt the heavy atmosphere around me scatter.

As I quickly disassembled the corpse of the Black Dragon, put it in the item box and looked around the boss room, there was a transfer point that seemed to be for escaping and there was another room in the back, I will investigate it.

As I entered, I found a Chronos trapped in a crystal.

Steam seemed to be venting off from the crystal body and it seems to be melting quickly. It looks like it will still take some time to for the crystal to melt completely.

So, in the meantime, I decided to examine the various bits of metal scattered around the room as well as the red gem embedded into the wall.

As I examine the metals, Mythril was the most common, there was silver, gold, and also a little Orichalcum, so I decided to keep them in the item box as well.

When I looked at the red gem, I concluded that it was most likely the dungeon core.

In order to prevent a stampede from occurring in the future, I removed the dungeon core from the wall and put it in the item box.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, it seems that the crystal has completely melted down, Chronos regained consciousness and started talking to me.

Louis, thank you for helping me this time.

Now that the seal has melted, my spiritual body has become one with me and the memories of my spiritual body have come to me too, I now understand the situation.

Thank you very much, I was saved.

No, please do not worry about it.

I wanted to follow my own purpose, I wanted to be strong. I just happened to help you this time.

I’d like to give you a reward as thanks, what would you like Louis?

Would this be good? It is a branch and leaf of the World Tree.

Items made from this material would be of good quality, so it may be useful at some point in life.

As Chronos said that, he took out the branch and leaf of the World Tree from somewhere.

It possibly was an item box like the one I use.

Even though I only helped you incidentally, is it OK for me to have this?

Yeah, I would appreciate it, if you could accept this as a token of my gratitude.

I received 10 branches and leaves of the World Tree from Chronos.

When wondering what I could make with what I was given, Chronos looked at me with a satisfying expression.

It made me feel somewhat embarrassed.

As I am quite exhausted from being sealed, I have decided to return to the spirit world.

I will become a small spirit when my spiritual power is exhausted.

Chronos surprised me with the fact that spirits become small spirits when they exhaust their spiritual power, with that, Chronos bowed to me and teleported away.

I decided to leave, as I finished what I wanted to do in the Labyrinth.

Although I could leave by teleportation, I decided to use the transfer point I found earlier. The transfer point shined and the scenery around me faded away.

What then appeared in front of my eyes was the entrance to the Labyrinth.

I escaped the Labyrinth and started aiming for Midogal Kingdom.

– – Earth History July 26, 2018 – –

– – We go back a year and a half.

It has been about half a year since the tragedy in Dallas, Lisa and I now live together in a small rented small house in Midoria which is the capital of the Midogal Kingdom.

Life without Dan-sama, Sarah-sama, and Louis-sama ……

Lisa cares for me a lot and helped me rest and stabilize my spirit and mind but …….

My heart is broken that I find it hard to even talk, even if I can see him again as I am now……

Mum, Dad, Dan, Sarah if you saw my present appearance, I will surely be scolded……

Everyone was an adventurer and now all of them are dead, but when they were alive, life was really lively.

I know that being an adventurer is a dangerous occupation but I also wanted to be a good adventurer like the four of them.

That day, I decided to be an adventurer, not a maid like before, but to live the life of an adventurer in the future.

Sarah and I used to go and complete the occasional adventurer guild request but now this family is doing it much more often.

Airi still did not know why Dan and Sarah, who were together for many years, and Garwin passed away.

While I was drinking tea and relaxing at home on that day, Airi entered the room after knocking.

Lisa, I have a favour to ask.

Because I want to be an adventurer, despite knowing of the dangers, can you please train me? I would also like you to teach me more about being an adventurer.

There was a little bit of an ominous look, and then a blank look.

It is important to change and devote myself to something.

OK, training might be severe, is it still OK?


For now you’d just be an adventurer’s companion, is that going to stop you?

Yes, that is fine. Lisa!

Let us register at the adventurer guild while we train on the side, let’s make a party and take on a few easy requests.

When we had such an exchange, my expression visably improved.

– – Earth (original Earth) History August 2020 – –

– One month after the death of Kashiwagi on Earth (original).

I, Tendo Ayaka was absent from school today.

I have been absent from school for two weeks.

The moment Rui died in front of my eyes, I lost my mind, though I was not physically injured, I had to be taken away by ambulance suffering from shock.

Since Rui died, my world has been dyed grey.

I loved Rui.

Since Rui’s death, I have heard that Rui was subject to bullying after helping someone that was being bullied.

Perhaps, that is why he took some distance from me.

Because I’m timid and weak, it became like that for me…….

I wanted to be with you more, I wanted to talk more.

I was afraid to completely reject it, because I was cowardly…….

After all when Rui was alive, I found it hard to shorten the distance and get closer to him.

I really regret that I could not reduce that distance when Rui was alive.

I spend day after day being troubled by this.

I really hate myself for being stupid and cowardly.

I was flipping through an album and saw a photo of me as a child.

When I think back to that time, they were fun days……

Everyday, my friends contact me via SNS but I don’t know how to reply, so I ignored the messages and spend all day in bed without doing anything.

The next day, an unusual person called when I woke up, as I went to answer the call, I was told various things.

The person on the phone was a child that went to my family’s dojo until he moved 2 years ago and he was on good terms with Rui.

He said he called understanding the circumstances of Rui’s death and my current state.

Even though I know I should, I can’t let it go.

Even though I love you and you gave up your life to save me…….

It would be impolite for me to just die.

But, I……

Rui, I want to see you.

Rui, I love you.

Rui, thank you for saving my life.

Rui, I am sorry for depriving you of your life.

But my sadness cannot be healed.

My world is completely grey now.

From now, a lifetime without love.

Still I will make up my mind and advance into the future.

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  1. I hope this is not a correct guess but I think somehow or someway both of them, the MC and the girl from original Earth will become God and be reunited. OR the girl will be one day reincarnated there.


    1. Seems like she’s about to go meet with the bullies, otherwise they wouldn’t be named in the character list, and will probably kill herself, maybe taking them with her, to reincarnate there…this spirit may be what brings them over to Louis.

    1. Alucard DCLXVI

      The more powerful/advanced the skill he wants to create, the more mana it would cost him to make it, so even if he thought about it, he probably woudn’t have been able to make it then; now, though…


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