Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 3)



Earth history 27th July 2012

I regained consciousness in a daze, thinking that I heard the chirping of birds. Suddenly when I looked inside the room, I noticed the woman with silver hair from yesterday, sitting in a rocking chair while napping with a blanket over her. When I looked away from the woman with silver hair and looked at myself …… yesterday I definitely heard a voice in my brain – at the same time, I lost my consciousness.

What should I do now? Although I’m not sure of my current situation, I finally conclude that it is impossible to do anything about this situation no matter how I think about it.

As I was still drowsy, I felt that something was going on, so I moved my line of sight towards the source of the sound. The woman with silver hair spoke while approaching me.

「 Louis woke up, good morning – 」

Eeehhh?! — I understood what she said?! …… Aaaa, is it the 【All Language Understanding】 skill the mechanical voice bestowed upon me yesterday? The silver-haired woman’s hand reached forward and caressed me. And, as it is, the silver-haired woman smiled as she cuddled me.

Perhaps, I am now able to speak? However, if I was to speak all of a sudden it would be, to say the least, troublesome …. after a little deliberation, I opened my mouth and uttered

「Ahhhh, Uuuuu」1.

「Ahhhh, Uuuuuuu, Ahhhhhhhhh」

My mouth or rather my tongue does not move. What’s this? — I don’t understand why I can’t speak as of yet, I guess it is necessary for me to practice.

Alright, it looks like I will have to gradually practice speaking, other than that, I noticed that I was very hungry. Though it is embarrassing ….. can I do anything but cry? I made my mind up and cried

「ogya, ogya」2.

Then the silver-haired woman opened her mouth to speak,

「 Are you hungry?」

As she said that she exposed her breasts. Th.. this is embarrassing, really embarrassing! However, I put up with it and drank her milk. I wasn’t able to drink properly at first, but I think I gradually got to the point of drinking effortlessly.

When I started feeling full, I ceased drinking and the silver-haired lady put her clothes back on. The silver-haired woman rapped my back with a *ton, ton* 3 and I let out a burp, I attempted to express my thanks to the silver-haired woman with a smile.

The silver-haired woman returned my smile and moved back to the rocking chair while cuddling me. As the silver-haired woman talked a fair bit to me yesterday, I can now understand what is being said, more words for information gathering! With conscious determination, I will never miss a single word from the silver-haired woman.

「Louis, will you grow up healthy drinking your mother’s breast milk? What kind of skills and what status will Louis acquire? I would like to appraise Louis as soon as possible, but I can only get you appraised after you become a 1-year-old.」

Will you understand your skills after appraisal?

「Ahhhh, Uuuuu」

「What’s wrong, Louis? Can you hear my words now? But, you still can’t understand the words, can you? Nnn4, though you might not understand it, I will tell you anyway.」

「Though status does not matter very much, skills are bestowed at birth, or at latest when a child turns 1 year old. Everyone has at least one skill, you receive skills from god, this makes it necessary to do an appraisal, it is common sense to appraise a child when he reaches 1-year-old.」

While listening to such a story, I heard a *kon, kon*5 from the door. When I glanced at the door, it was opened quietly. The 10-year-old girl from yesterday appeared, she was wearing a maid uniform.

I was not aware of it yesterday, was it the same clothes as yesterday? Nnn, I really don’t remember.

「Sarah-sama, good morning, breakfast will be ready soon.」

「Thank you, Airi. I understand, I will go there now. 」

「I will watch Louis, so please relax and enjoy your meal 」

As I was laid down in the cot, the woman with the silver hair named Sarah left the room. As for the 10-year-old girl named Airi, while looking at me with a friendly grin, she spoke to me with baby talk. The child named Airi has blue hair and a well-balanced face that would indicate that she would be beautiful in future.

While I was listening to Airi, I remembered the important points the woman Sarah was talking to me about. Though the skill of 【All Language Understanding】 was acquired yesterday, to begin with, the skill acquisition it was very evident that this was not Earth. And there are status and skills in this world ….. this is definitely not Earth. You have to accept the reality that this is a different world, I had to forcibly accept it. However, this is indeed a different world.

Well, I died on Earth, I think I managed to protect Ayaka …… So I will start here again from the beginning with my consciousness intact? Is it OK for me to start over? For the moment, let me leave Earth in the back of my mind …… Yesterday I got the skill 【All Language Understanding】, it was said that I will gain an understanding of skills and statuses after 【Appraisal】, I need to figure out the thing called status.

First of all, in order to take care of yesterday’s acquired skill, somehow or another I wonder if I can get 【Appraisal】

《Do you wish to acquire 【Apprasial】? 》

And the same voice from yesterday resonated in my brain, I was inwardly very pleased and excited.

《Skill【Apprasial】 has been acquired 》

【Apprasial】 – Gives the power to obtain detailed information about people and objects.

YES!6【Apprasial】 get7! And my consciousness went dark, again.

TN Notes :

1. Ahh, Uuuu – [あー、うー] – an onomatopoeic word for the sound Baby babbling.

2. Ogya, Ogya – [おぎゃー, おぎゃー] – an onomatopoeic word for the sound Baby crying.

3. Ton, Ton – [トントン] – usually refers to an onomatopoeic word for the sound that a Japanese drum makes or tapping on a hollow surface.

4. Nnn – [んー] – Japanese version of mmmmm

5. Kon, Kon – [コンコン] – usually refers to an onomatopoeic word for knocking.

6. Yoshi – [よし] – an expression of positive excitement, this was the closest word I could think of.

7. Getto – [ゲット] – Japanese Gairaigo (外来語) (foreign loan word) for get, commonly used with Japanese grammar.


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