Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 4)

Status Verification


Earth history 28th July 2012

When I acquired Appraisal, I lost my consciousness, but it slowly came back to. How much time has passed? When I looked out the window, I could vaguely see that it was bright outside. Before I acquired Appraisal】, considering it was bright outside, did I lose my consciousness for a whole day?

If so, it seems like I have been unconscious for a fairly long time. No way, it couldn’t have only been a few minutes …… I’m judging this based on my empty stomach though.

Since my consciousness has cleared up, I decided to survey my surroundings. Someone was in the room as I heard a voice. It seems Sarah and a strange man were having a conversation. Since I was able to acquireAppraisalskill before my consciousness faded, while I am conscious I should use Appraisalon myself, a translucent plate appeared before my eyes.

As I look at the words written,


Name : Louis

Gender : Male

Race : Human

Age : 0

Level : 1

Title: None

HP: 50/50

MP : 650/650

Strength : 9

Defence : 10

Agility : 8

Dexterity :12

Magical Power : 120

Spirit : 130




All Language Understanding


Magic power and Spirit are high, do you want to examine each item?

HP : Displays vitality or life force

You die when it drops to 0.

MP : It is required to use magic if it drops to 0 you will faint.

Moreover, when your MP residual quantity decreases, fatigue becomes severe.

Strength : Represents physical attack power.

Defence: Represents physical defence power.

It has an influence on maximum HP.

Agility: It represents the speed at which your body moves.

Dexterity: Represents the ability to move the body accurately and skilfully.

Magical Power : Shows your magical attack strength.

Spirit : Shows your magical defence strength.

It has an influence on maximum MP as well as recovery.




By strongly imagining the skills that you want to create, you can create new skills and acquire them.

You can improve acquired skills.

The consumption of MP varies depending on the skill being created.

The value of MP consumption is an indicator of the acquired skills strength.

The higher the skill level of Creation, the lower the consumption of MP when creating skills.

It is only possible to use this skill once a day.

You can’t create this skill itself.


I noticed something when I looked at MP.

Because I was consuming MP when creating skills and consumption is intense, as a result, I fainted.

For the time being, I understand my status and skills to a certain extent, so I pointed my consciousness towards the stranger and the woman named Sarah.

And I decided to use Appraisalon the two.


Name : Dan

Gender: Male

Race : Human

Age : 23

Level : 45

Title: A ranked adventurer

HP : 2250/2250

MP : 1540/1540

Strength : 572

Defence : 450

Agility : 572

Dexterity :396

Magical Power : 308

Spirit : 308




Shield Art(6)

Axe Art(5)


Body Strengthening(6)

Life Magic


Name : Sarah

Gender : Female

Race : Human

Age : 22

Level : 42

Title : A ranked adventurer

HP : 1640/1640

MP : 3280/3280

Strength : 164

Defence : 328

Agility : 165

Dexterity : 492

Magical Power : 652

Spirit : 656



Fire Magic(7)

Water Magic(6)

Earth Magic(5)

Light Magic(7)

Cane Arts(6)

Body Strengthening( 3)

Life Magic


Both of them are pretty strong in comparison to me……

Though I shouldn’t really compare them with me, a baby…… Anyways, ahhhh, adventurers.

Isn’t it an occupation that was in mangas and light novels that I borrowed from friends in the old days?

If you look at the quality of the house and furnishings, it appears to be of really high quality, so it seems like you can make quite a bit of money if you are ranked A? I think perhaps, rank A is pretty high.

When I was thinking about the Appraisalresults, the man named Dan spoke to me.

Dan has a muscular body that gives the feeling of him being macho.

He has red, short hair, and an enviable handsome ikemen1 face.


Aaa, what’s going on Louis? It’s papa!

Have you slept for a long time? Did mama tell you? You have mama Sarah’s cute face. However, do you think you will inherit my huge strength too?

Louis-chan, good morning. You finally got up? I was a little worried? However I thought it best to let you sleep, you had a relaxed look on your face and gentle steady breaths. However, Dan, I hope he inherits my strengths instead.

Aaah, I was sleeping all day because I was unconscious, I worried them. I can only say sorry in my head.

Even so, I know now that these two are my parents, but who is that Airi girl who is about ten years old? I guess from the way she talks that she is not my sister because she is wearing a maid uniform, does that mean she has been hired here as a maid?

Even after that, my parents spoke to me a lot and even though I was listening intently I did not get any information I wanted to know.

After a while Dan left the room.

I heard a knock on the door then Airi entered the room, I decided to use Appraisalon her.



Name : Airi

Gender : Female

Race : Human

Age : 9

Level : 6

Title : Maid

HP : 255/255

MP : 275/275

Strength : 53

Defence : 51

Agility : 52

Dexterity : 68

Magical Power : 50

Spirit : 55




Life Magic


Her service level is quite high.

I wonder if that’s why she is working as a maid? Or is it because she has been working as a maid that her service level got that high? They all have life magic, perhaps Airi was born with the service skill?

Unn, I wonder what skill should I make next with Creation.

Because a lot of MP seems to be used to create a strong skill, should I build a strong MP foundation first and then make more skills?

If it is related to MP…… What is the maximum MP level and MP recovery speed?

I want to increase the skill growth speed in order to strengthen acquired skills after.

While thinking about it, I need breast milk and my diaper took care of, I’ll leave them to it.

First of all, let me make a plan for the future.

Because my parents are adventurers and this is a world with magic ……

I expect that this world is not peaceful like Japan. That means there is a high possibility that this world is more dangerous than Japan.

If so, should I create skills as early as possible to protect myself?

I wonder what skills are good. Although I am not good at thinking about such things.

Well, aside from that, I do not have enough information about this world yet, but I want to know various things, yet I cannot read books or get them to tell me about it.

However, this boy is that of a baby, no matter how you look at it, this body gets tired easily.

In relation to that, I get sleepy quickly. I will fall asleep as it stands! Let’s create skills before that happens.

Yoshi! It is time to make skills!


Do you wish to acquire Raise Maximum MP?

SkillRaise Maximum MPhas been acquired

Raise Maximum MP

Maximum MP will increase.

The amount of an increase is skill level ×10%.

And my consciousness fades to black again.



TN Notes :

1. Ikemen – [イケメン] – Japanese term for pretty boy.


Editor: Blaze




  1. scipo0419

    Thanks for the chapters. This is reminding me of another novel where the MC helped his parents defend a fort when he was a baby, can’t remember the name now though. Hopefully this doesn’t go down that route and be grows up being strong, but relatively normal until he’s a teen or adult.

  2. hm… mp related skill? well, if i him, i will make Skill 【Infinity Mana】and 【God Mana】, the former is for the quantity, the latter is for Quality and Densensity, for the body/vessel have the Divine Mana/Energy of the so called god and goddess. ahahahaha 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^


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