Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 5)

One Year Old

Earth history 26th July 2013

It has been a year since I died on Earth, I’ve turned one and am now finally able to walk but I’m still not allowed out of the house.

When I try to sneak out, Sarah and Airi get really mad at me.

The house that we live in has 5 rooms including the dining room. It does not give the impression of a large house.

My father, Dan, still continues adventuring as per normal. Well, it is his proper profession, because of that, Dan goes out nearly everyday. Depending on the content of the quest, there are sometimes where he does not come back for days.

I don’t know if my mother Sarah has retired from adventuring but when she leaves the house, she comes home latest by the evening.

There is a calendar made wood in the house. Having understood the calendar, this world has 360 days, one month is 30 days, one week has six days, and one day consists of 24 hours. One week consists of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Though guests basically don’t visit the house, Still, Sarah’s adventurer friends come to play about once a month with Dan.

A man named Garwin, a friend of Dan’s and Sarah’s, an adventurer whose face and body look rough and to the right of his right eye is a scar of about five centimeters. He has an intimidating presence and the first time I saw him, I thought he was a burglar. Even though Garwin thinks he is speaking quietly his voice still booms.

Another one is a woman named Lisa a very attractive woman, an elf with pointy ears and a doll-like face, beautiful blond hair, slender body and overflowing with charm. However she has a harsh personality, she is always getting angry at Dan and Garwin due to Dan being too lively and Garwin being too rough but it seems her scolding does not have much effect.

My mother, Sarah, has a really calm personality. She always seems to settle the argument between Dan, Garwin, and Lisa.

The only thing I know about Airi is her father was a senior adventurer that took my father, Dan, under his wing when he was a novice. However, that senior adventurer and his wife died two years ago, leaving Airi behind. Due to this Airi was orphaned but due to the characteristics of her skill and by her own wish, she has come to work in this household. This is what I’ve come to understand from the bits I’ve heard from Sarah, Dan, and Airi.

The name of the city I live in is Dallas, the name of the country is Ustenia. Dallas is between a medium and a large sized city. As you would expect the capital city of Ustenia is considerably large.

Finally, I became one year old, and my mouth and tongue started to work well to some extent, but I still can not speak fluently. My awkward tone is embarrassing …… Still, I endured it, I began to speak a little, so I think I would accumulate more and more knowledge from now on. Due to me only crying when I’m hungry or need a diaper change, everyone’s impression of me is being an obedient and docile child.

I verified my status today.


Name : Louis

Gender : Male

Race : Human

Age : 1

Level : 1

Title : God Sent Child of Creation

HP : 80/80

MP : 1100/1100

Strength : 9

Defence : 10

Agility : 8

Dexterity :12

Magical Power : 120

Spirit : 185



Creation】 (1)

Raise Maximum MP(2)

Status Enhancement(1)

MP Recovery Speed Up(1)

Skill Growth Speed Up(1)

Concealed Skills

Appraisal】 (1)

Concealment】 (3)

All Language Understanding


Well, there are the newly created skills.


Status Enhancement

I can use this skill once a day. By consuming 500 MP, one can increase the ability value of either strength, defence, agility, dexterity, magical power, or spirit.


MP Recovery Speed Up

The natural recovery speed of MP increases.


Skill Growth Speed Up

When in use, skill proficiency increases. The amount of an increase is the skill level ×10%.



I can hide the status and skills I have specified. I can invalidate Appraisalup to the level of Concealment.

Due to me fainting often or becoming unwell when using Creation, I’ve limited my use to once a week at most. This is because I’ve noticed the worried looks of my parents and Airi.

Because I have increased my spirit and my maximum MP, the maximum MP has increased considerably so it seems like a good time to raise the frequency Status Enhancementsoon.

Having acquired Concealment, I decided to hide Appraisaland All Language Understandingdue to me having a hunch that revealing it would be unpalatable. Due to the state of Concealmentbeing always on, the skill level has obviously risen.

As it seems I will be appraised at one year of age, shouldn’t I at least hide Appraisal? I think it is at least prudent to do so. Moreover, I want to learn the skills that my parents and Airi have, I have to put that on hold as I have no opportunity to use them yet.

I am tempted by the desire to try and use magic, but when I think about using magic in the house, it seems scary ……

I thought that there would be a one-year-old birthday celebration, but in this world, it seemed like there was no custom to celebrate my birthday and I felt sorry for myself. To gain knowledge on my first birthday, I would have pleaded for books. And when I was thinking about various things, Sarah and Airi came in while I was smiling.


Louis, today is the day that we go to church and get your appraisal. Let’s walk to the church because it is nearby.



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  1. Alucard DCLXVI

    Thanks for picking this up! It looks realy interesting and has a nice concept, looking forward to where this will go in the future, and once again Thanks! 😀

  2. in 1 year he just create so little skill? wew, why not create more? it will be interesting if there is scene when he failed create a skill when he tried creating a very powerful skill, maybe due his lv to low. like he tried to create the skill called 【Instant Regeneration】, 【Immortal Body】, 【Indestructible Soul】,【Unlimited Life】,【Summon True Black Hole】,【God Slaying Sword Art】,【God Slaying Magic Art】, 【God Poison Art】,【Absolute Death Strike】, 【Absolute Destruction Strike】,【Apocalypse】, 【Armageddon】and so on, those skill will be failed to make and will tell the readers that the MC not so Op yet and if he want to create OP skill he need to lv up 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^

  3. Fuxy

    If there is one skill that needs concealment that would be【Creation】any other skill would be troublesome if discovered but this one way surpases any of the ones he choose to hide.

    Not very smart if you ask me.


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