Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 6)

Appraisal at the church



「Airi, please change Louis’ clothes.」

Sarah smiled at Airi while asking for me to get changed.

「Yes, certainly Sarah-sama.」

Airi replied with a smile beaming on her face, she had my change of clothes in her hands. As she replied to Sarah, she comes towards me preparing to change my clothes. As she was doing so, I tried to get the clothes out of Airi’s hands and change myself.

「Louis-sama, please sit still and let me change you.」

Airi gently brushed my hand away.


I shook my head grudgingly but was calmly ignored. Despite being one, isn’t it embarrassing to be changed and getting looked at? Besides, though Airi still has an air of innocence, she is still a beautiful girl with the bright features.

Even though you are 10 years old, I’d honestly like you to stop. As I think that everyone seems quite adult, even if I say that I hate it, I do not understand why I expressed that I really disliked the idea of Airi changing me by saying 「Yaaa….」. Thus she changed my clothes by force while ignoring my will.

As soon as I was changed, it was time to leave for the church. As we were strolling, I wanted to walk but ……. I am being carried by Sarah, regrettably, I am unable to walk due to this.

「So then, I am off to the church, see you later Airi」

「Yes, I understand, please take care while you are out」

「Have a safe trip. (Itterasshamase)」

Airi said, does Airi not want to come with us? She had a look of [I wanted to go] written all over her face. Even so, as a maid, Airi needs to take care of the house, so Sarah and I leave on our own.

There is a rather wide garden outside the house, past the garden is a quiet road that continues on for a while.

「Louis, what do you think of Dallas? Being this your first time out, are you surprised by the crowd?」

Sarah speaks proudly for some reason.

「Mama, Otoo, people, a lot!」

Though it is embarrassing to say Mama out loud, it has gotten to the point I can speak with a little difficulty, calling out 「Oka ….san」 as one of my first words is a little bit unnatural and distant,「Mama da yo! Mama! Why do you not call me Mama?」 after being compelled to call Sarah Mama that is how it has become……

While looking out at the cityscape, that shameful play was portrayed. Unlike Earth when I was still alive there, science here does not seem to be very advanced, it looks like the streets of medieval Europe.

Naturally I have yet to experience such a feeling so far, still I felt that everything seemed to be fun and it was good to be reincarnated.

However, unlike Earth, people who pass by carry weapons. Though I do not know the whole city well, it would appear that security in this world is not good. Otherwise people would not need to carry weapons around the city and Sarah would not need to carry her cane on her back.

What about bringing weapons to church? I did not expect that to be allowed.

After a short while, whilst being carried by Sarah, a white building came in view.

「Louis, there is the church. Hopefully you’d get a good skill. However, even if Louis does not get a good skill, you do not have to worry.」

Even though I already know my skills, Sarah does not and because she does not know that I know, I just kept it to myself and nodded.

The first time I learnt about the appraisal skill was when I was just born, I did not say anything about it because it was at a time that I did not understand words yet.

It would be too suspicious if I said that I remembered back to that time right?

Sarah finally put me down when we got to the church and a person that looked like a sister immediately appeared.

Sarah said to the sister

「I’ve come here for this child’s one year appraisal」

While saying that she handed a small sack to the sister which made a jingling sound. The sister received the small sack and after confirming the contents she walked off and said

「Please follow me」

Was there money in the sack, perhaps?

I followed behind Sarah who was led by the sister to a room that looks like a confession booth on Earth.

I was then urged by the sister

「Please enter the appraisal room and wait.」

When I was contemplating as what to do, Sarah took my hand and led me into the appraisal room. The sister said 「Please wait a moment」 and left. While waiting in the room with Sarah, I heard footsteps approach and stop in front of the room.

And I heard the voice of a middle aged man.

「I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting. I will do the appraisal now. This appraisal will be a type of appraisal that will be displayed only in that appraisal room. Since I will have to leave after the appraisal, it is fine for you to leave the appraisal room and return home as soon as you have confirmed the results of the appraisal.」

At the same time as the male voice was interrupted, my status contents appeared in the form of a plate being displayed in the air.

Although Sarah looked like it was astonished for a moment after seeing it, she immediately return to her original smile, after confirming my status for a while, Sarah asked

「Is Louis finished looking at it already?」

Sarah asked, so I nodded.

「Well, let’s go home Louis. Let’s talk to Dan when we reach home about your skills.」

Since Sarah said it with a smile from ear to ear, I nodded while mirroring her smile.

When I got home, Dan seemed to have already gotten home. Dan and Airi greeted me at the entrance.

When Sarah saw Dan, she ran to him and embraced him.

「Dan! Louis has amazing skills!」

She said while smiling. Dan gladly embraced Sarah tightly. After a few seconds passed, everyone entered the dining room. After arriving at the dining room, I was hugged by Sarah and placed on her lap. While Sarah is ecstatic, she talks to Dan and Airi about the contents of skills and status seen at the church.

「I have never heard of 【creation】, but it is an awesome skill! 【status enhancement】 is also an amazing skill, but did Louis think about it himself and create other skills?」

「Un, I saw it, and I made it!」 I said.

「Ooo! My child Louis is a god sent genius! I was a terrible one year old in comparison!!」

「Louis-sama, that is amazing!」

「Louis is definitely a genius!」

So, for a while, I truly felt embarrassed from all the praises. However, I am pleased and very happy.

Dan comes home often, but still I am thankful for both of my parents now and I thank him very much for taking care of me.

「Louis’ status and skills are for Louis. I think it is good for Louis to use his skills as he wishes. Just do not do things that are dangerous, OK? If you have any questions just consult me, OK?」

As I was talking about various things boisterously as it was and since it went into the evening, I got sleepy after eating dinner.

So I decided to go and sleep.


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  1. I felt that everything seemed to be fun and it was good to be incarnated. incarnated? you mean Reincarnated?

    well if the MC miss his world science and technology, he can Create a skill called 【All Item Creation】, next after he create a gun, he can create gun related skill like 【Owl Eyes】,【Hawk Eyes】,【Gun Mastery】,【Dual Wield Mastery】,【Ambidexterity】,【Shooting Mastery】,【Bullet Mastery】,【Paralyze Bullet】,【Piercing Bullet】,【Exploding Bullet】,【Freezing Bullet】,【Petrification Bullet】,【Poison Bullet】,【Darkness Bullet】,【Bind Bullet】,【Invisible Bullet】, 【Homing Bullet】,【Death Bullet】,【Mark Bullet】,【Curse Bullet】,【Voodoo Bullet】,【Virus Bullet】,【Ultra High Hyper Vibration Bullet】,【Anti Magic Bullet】,【Blink Bullet】,【Storm Bullet】(Shoot Hundreds Bullet Instantly,1 Real Bullet, while others is magical bullet and it’s copy of the real bullet),【Nuclear Bullet】,【Fusion Bullet】,【Auto Reload】,【Adrenaline Rush】,【7 Sense】,【Foresight】,【Invisibility】,【Weakness Point】,【Detect】,【Blink】,【Teleport】,【Shadow Clone】 and so on 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^


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