Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 7)

Three years old


– Earth History 26th July 2015 – –


I turned 3 years of age and verified my status.


Name : Louis

Gender : Male

Race : Human

Age : 3

Level : 1

Title : God Sent Child of Creation

HP : 900/900

MP : 3575/3575

Strength : 150

Defence : 150

Agility : 152

Dexterity :141

Magical Power : 190

Spirit : 550



【Creation】 (3)

【Raise Maximum MP】 (3)

【Raise Maximum HP】 (2)

【Swordsmanship】 (2)

【Shield Art】 (1)

【Axe Art】 (1)

【Grappling】 (5)

【Light Magic】 (2)

【Fire Magic】 (2)

【Water Magic】 (3)

【Earth Magic】 (2)

【Magic Power Manipulation】 (2)

【Body Strengthening】 (3)

【HP Recovery Speed Up】 (2)

【MP Pool】 (2)

【Status Enhancement】 (3)

【MP Recovery Speed Up】 (2)

【Skill Growth Speed Up】 (2)

【Service】 (1)

【Life Magic】


Concealed Skills

【Appraisal】 (3)

【Concealment】 (6)

【All Language Understanding】


The newly created and acquired skills.



You will obtain the appropriate level of proficiency with the sword.


【Shield Art】

You will obtain the appropriate level of proficiency with the shield.


【Axe Art】

You will obtain the appropriate level of proficiency with the axe.



You will obtain the appropriate level of proficiency with hand to hand combat.


【Light Magic】

You can use light magic.


【Fire Magic】

You can use fire magic.


【Water Magic】

You can use water magic.


【Earth Magic】

You can use earth magic.


【Magic Power Manipulation】

You will be able to skilfully manipulate Magic Power.

When Magic Power Manipulation activation goes smoothly, MP increases and MP consumption decreases.


【Body Strengthening】

Strengthen your body by consuming MP.


【Raise Maximum HP】

Increase maximum HP.

The amount of the increase will be skill level X 10%.


【HP Recovery Speed Up】

The natural recovery of HP speeds up.


【MP Pool】

By pooling an arbitrary amount of MP, pooled MP can be drawn out and used at an arbitrary timing. (TN : MP battery bank?)

The upper limit of MP which can be pooled is skill level × 100.



Provides skills in cooking, cleaning and tidying up. (superior ranking for composite skills)


【Life Magic】

You can use ignition magic, clean magic, hot air magic.


I picked up these skills from my parents and Airi in case of emergency. I acquired 【MP Pool】 myself via 【Creation】.

MP pool can be used like pseudo maximum MP up, so I think it’s a pretty good skill.

I learned a little 【Swordsmanship】 from Dan by lightly sword fighting with him using a wooden sword.

Recently Dan has often not been here, so it is painful not being able to practice.

As I did Karate when I was younger, 【Grappling】’s level was raised up early. Regardless of my previous life experience, I think the growth would have been quick due to 【Skill Growth Speed Up】.

Well, I can not compare skills with or without 【Skill Growth Speed Up】 cases, so I do not know the actual impact ……

Sarah taught me the long desired magic after which I acquired each magic skill.

In the beginning, every time I used magic, my magic power varied wildly, after imagining and creating 【Magic Power Manipulation】, It has become possible to use magic with stable power. Because the garden is not too big, I can not use dangerous magic.

Because books are quite expensive in this world, I can’t read books as much as I want. Dan and Sarah would sometimes buy me picture books, though. The contents of the picture books are not for three-year-olds. Even so, it was good beause I learnt the letters of the language from those books.

And finally, the eagerly awaited three years old!

Why you ask have I looked forward to being three years old so eagerly? I have only been able to walk to the near by field accompanied by Sarah, basically, they would not let me out unaccompanied……

There was a promise made a long time ago, what’s the promise you might ask? I will be allowed to visit the library when I turn three.

Of course I won’t be going alone, I will be going with Airi.

I can get various information about this world like this, and I can investigate various things!

In my previous life, I only read Light Novels and Manga occasionally, but I need to acquire knowledge now, my desire for knowledge has become amazing.

The factor spurring my desire for knowledge is that I am now no longer on Earth as I have known it but in a different unknown world.

With the library in mind, I was extremely cheerful when Airi and Sarah entered the room.

I have already changed clothes today, so I do not have to feel embarrassed!


「Louis, hold my hand when we go the the Library because it is dangerous」

「Louis-chan, please be careful when you go out. 」



I went to Airi, we held hands and walked towards the library.

Sarah casually looked back towards me and sent me off with a smile, so I waved my hands vigorously.



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      1. Considering the harem tag, it’s almost a given that Ayaka would folow him in death and be reincarnated with her memory intact, perhaps as a holy maiden or something with incredible skills, that would make it easier and more dramatic when the two reunite in this world.

        Airi is also an obvious choice since she has taken care of him sonce young, and not that far apart in age. Plus she’s the benefactor’s daughter, so she can be accepted as his bride without much trouble.

      2. The problem with Airi being Ayaka would be the time difference.

        I only know of a novel where two people who died about the same time, but one was reincarnated into a world and another was summoned after the first one had reached adulthood.

  1. hm… did the MC not want to make more skill? after 2 years the skill he created only that much? wew. did he not want to become powerful faster? i see he read novel and mange and i also think he also watched anime and movie. he can create any skill with his skill Creation, did he not want to become like Main Charakter of those story? did he not want to have their ability and cheat? did he not want to Transform ? like Transform to powerful Angel, Kamen Rider, Demon and God ? did he not want to summon powerful being fight for him, while he just looking at them kill each other? like Summon Seraph, Megazord, Satan, and God ?

    Thx for the chapter ^^


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