Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 8)

To the library


I walked to the library with Airi. Airi seemed very happy to be with me, from my point of view, the tension seems higher than usual. I arrived at the library with Airi, but there were no events of note in particular through the journey.

As soon as I entered the library, Airi moved to the reception desk. The reception desk was manned by an elderly man, Airi organized the formalities with the elderly man. While waiting for the formalities to be completed, I got a little bored and without delay, decided to roam around surveying for books that I’d like to read.

As soon as I looked inside the hall, I found an information board that described where the books were located, so I approached the board and memorized the places of the books that I am interested in.

Airi finished the formalities and trotted over to me. I asked Airi 「Let’s go over there?」 and we went there together.

I went to the area where the bookshelf that contained the book I wanted to read was at. Unfortunately, the book was on the top shelf and by no means reachable by the short me, so I asked Airi to get the book for me quickly. A 3-year-old is still a 3-year-old no matter how you look at it I can’t reach books much higher than my height. It is miserable to think about it but I just have to grow taller! I tried to give myself a pep-talk.

After reading several books and gaining more knowledge, I found out that this world is called 【Earth】. I’m certain that Earth was also called Earth. (TN: Confusing as hell, 【Earth】 is āsu (アース), so basically Japanese pronunciation if the English name, Earth is Chikyū (地球) the proper Japanese word for planet Earth. The last sentence is basically “ āsu was also called Chikyū.” If that makes sense.)

Perhaps, there is some relation between Earth (地球) and 【Earth】 ( アース), which may have led to me reincarnating in this world. I don’t know the truth.

There are no books about things related to the Earth (地球), but somehow or another I could guess.

There might be other valuable books that are not in the Library if I can find them, but is there a chance to get into such a place? I wonder. I’d have to consider it when the opportunity arises.

First of all, I should read what’s written about the different races, nations, and money in this world. I have to piece everything together to see the big picture.

Money as from the lowest value 【Copper Coin】,【Silver cCin】,【Gold Coin】,【Platinum Coin】, and【Mythril Platinum Coin】 10 pieces of the lower value equates to the next denomination respectively.

For your average inn with a single room for two nights is about five copper coins. And with around 10 gold coins one could cover the living expenses for an average family of four people to live?

I can’t imagine it, all of a sudden, at any rate, I understand that money is necessary to live so I should consider how to make money from now on.

Next are races and countries.

In this world there are the main races: 【Humans】 · 【Beastmen】 · 【Elves】 · 【Dwarfs】 · 【Demons】 ·【Spirits】 ·.

Beastmen · Elves · Dwarfs · Demons are grouped as 【Demi-humans】 it seems to be declared, I have to be careful as there seems to be extreme prejudice towards them.

The Spirit race is unique, they are an evolved race that is sought after throughout the world 【Small Spirits】, they evolved with a sense of self and migrated to the 【Spirit World】 and are ruled by the 【Spirit King】.

Spirits can be contracted on rare occasions when a spiritual contract is made.

Also, the 【Spirit World】 is in a space that is not this continent.

I do not know the location of the 【Spirit World】 but this information is from people that can contact spirits. (TN: I’m not confident on my translations about the Spirit race, it took me over an hour to research each individual word and its various definitions and context, I will revise any mistakes as the WN goes on and the picture gets clearer)


The following are the characteristics of the races.



The most populous race as well as the race that covers most of the Earth.

Depending on the country they may have strong prejudices against Demi-Humans.

Ability values are average.



Strictly speaking, even if they are called 【Beastmen】, they consist of a few varieties like 【Wolfmen】, 【Dogmen】,【Catmen】 and so on, they are a diverse race but they are all called 【Beastmen】.

They have a strong sense of camaraderie.

When comparing all the races, the 【Beastmen】 have the highest physical ability.

Their disadvantage is in the fact that they can’t use any magic other than body strengthening. This seems to be due to the poor development of organs that emit magic outside the body.

A long time ago, 【Beastmen】 were able to use magic, nevertheless, this still sometimes occurs. The phenomenon is called【Throwback】 it seems.



When you look at magic capability, they have the highest average value for all the races.

Elves love the forest and many are good at archery.

Elves are a very beautiful race.



They are highly dexterous and excel in smithing and manufacturing magic tools.

They are extremely fond of alcohol.

Dwarfs are short and their men are bearded and hairy.

The women don’t have beards and have thinner hair.



Strictly speaking, the Demon race consists not only of 【Demons】 but 【Succubus】,【Vampires】, and others.

They are a diverse race that is collectively called Demons.

Though the characteristics of each group are different from each other, they generally have high physical strength as well as magical ability. When compared to all the groups, the Demon group has the strongest abilities.



【Small Spirits】 is an evolved race they are not spirits of the dead.

【Spirits】 live in the 【Spirit World】, if they are contracted by one of the other races, they can then appear on this continent.

As there is very little eyewitness information, it seems that uncontracted 【Spirits】 very rarely appear on the continent.


There is only one large continent on Earth, and there are eight countries in the continent.


【Ustenia Kingdom】

A Human king rule here. Humans are the majority of the population while there is a minority of Beastmen, Elves, and Dwarfs.


【Midogal Kingdom】
A Human king rule here. Humans are the majority of the population while there is a minority of Beastmen, Elves, and Dwarfs.


【Stania Empire】
A Human king rules here. Humans consist of the majority of the population, the other races are represented here but most of which are slaves.


【Episcopal State of Elen Garde】
A Human pope governs here. It is exclusively a Human state and the other races do not live close by.


【Fur Milan Kingdom】
A Beastman king rules here. Beastmen are the majority of the population, the other races make up the rest.


【Faure Kingdom】
An Elf king rules here. It is mainly an exclusive Elf kingdom, an extremely small number of the other races live there.


【Getmey Kingdom】
The Dwarf king rules here. The Dwarfs are the majority here, the second largest population consists of humans as well as a smattering of Elves and Demons.


【Iblis Kingdom】
The Demon king rules here. Demons are the majority of the population, the rest consists of a small number of Beastmen, Elves, and Dwarfs. Humans do not live here.


Should I read a Magic book next?

However, I feel a little tired.

As I was feeling a little tired, I looked around and stretched.

I was wondering what Airi was up to so I looked around for her, it seemed that Airi was also reading a book.

Only the sound of visitors coming in and the sound of Airi gently flipping through her book can be heard.

Even though I learned a few things about magic from Sarah, let me do a review as well and fill in a few blanks.

There are nine attributes of Magic, 【Light Magic】,【Dark Magic】,【Fire Magic】, 【Water Magic】, 【Wind Magic】, 【Earth Magic】, 【Lightning Magic】,【Gravity Magic】 and 【Space-Time Magic】.

There is also a highly effective special magic 【Compound Magic】.

There are various kinds of compound magic, but they are collectively called compound magic.


【Light Magic】

As a feature, HP can be restored as a defensive mechanism, and various states of abnormality can be recovered.

It is also possible to protect from an attack by setting up a barrier.

When one’s light magic becomes super high ranked, one could also regenerate severed limbs, however, one can’t revive the dead.

As an offensive system, it is most powerful against the undead, though there are very few people that can use it offensively.


【Dark Magic】

As a feature, there is magic that manipulates shadows and interferes with the mind. It is the branch of magic that creates slave crests 【Slave Magic】. This is how slave collars are made but slave magic is a closely guarded secret of slave traders. Dark magic users are generally despised.


【Fire Magic】

A magic that manipulates fire and flames. One of its characteristics is its high offensive capability.


【Water Magic】

A magic that manipulates water and ice. The attack power is also high, but water can also be conjured up magically which can be used for drinking water, and since ice can cool various things, it is quite useful for living and traveling.


【Wind Magic】

A magic that manipulates the wind. Wind can be manipulated and used to cut various things, it also has high attack power. It also has high defensive capabilities due to the ability to create a wind barrier. Due to the fact that wind magic is invisible, it is pretty difficult to avoid.

It is also possible to fly by using 【Compound Magic】, combining 【Wind Magic】 and 【Gravity Magic】.


【Earth Magic】

A magic that manipulates earth and rocks. Both offensive, as well as defensive power, are excellent. In addition to this, it is also excellent for farming as well as construction.


【Lightning Magic】

A magic that manipulates thunder and lightning. Due to its ultra-high speed, it is difficult to defend against when invoked. Lightning magic also has the capabilities of stunning subjects. As there are now only a few practitioners, it has become quite valuable.


【Gravity Magic】

A magic that manipulates gravity. Weight can be manipulated on objects as well as people. Again gravity magic is hard to avoid due to it being invisible. As mentioned before gravity magic is a component of flight magic. Currently, there are few users and this makes it valuable magic.


【Space-Time Magic】

A magic that manipulates time and space. 【Item Box】 which makes private space stopping the flow of time of individual practitioners, 【Item Box】, and 【Magic Bag】 are expensive magic tools imbued with 【Item Box】 magic, it is well known that Magic Bag has the larger capacity of the two.

After becoming a high-level 【Space-Time Magic】 user, you will be able to teleport to the place you visited once. Use of a magic array is the most common way of teleportation. There has been no one that is capable of using teleportation magic in the public arena right now.

It seems that teleportation magic users want to stay out of the limelight.

Item box has a small opening but both it and magic bag can stop time within it, however, it is impossible to stop time on a global level. Going back in time is impossible too.


There is more magic than I thought.

Let’s create a magic still that is within my capabilities.

As expected, I really got tired today …

I think that I got a grasp of basic knowledge, so I will gain more in the future.

I called Airi over to help me tidy up the books. On the way home, I was talking to Airi and she mentioned 「Louis is amazing, being able to read such a large variety of books at three years of age.」 she was impressed.

As for me, I’m not three years old on the inside, so I tried to casually laugh it off.



Editor: Blaze



  1. That was a difficult one to translate, it took a fair bit of research to figure out some of the terminologies. There was quite a bit of educated guessing going on as some words do not have direct translations. I will update the translation on this, as well as previous chapters as the WN keeps getting translated and things get clearer.

    This is pretty time-consuming work so I will translate as much as time permits.

    1. Gareth

      Try using Terra instead of Earth
      “The usage of Terra as a name for the planet Earth is particularly common among English-language science fiction writers. Terra had been the official name of Earth for many centuries in the scientific community due to the use of Latin as international science tongue”

      1. Reckless Translator Author

        That is definitely someting to think about, thanks. I was thinking along the lines of Earth being Earth and Earthu being likewise. I might run a poll with different options later and then decide.

  2. If the MC can’t reach the higher place to take the book, he can create Telekinesis Skill and Psychokinesis skill, or just create Flying skill to let his body fly 😀

    btw, dark magic is magic that manipulates shadows and interferes with the mind, only those 2 ? i think dark magic also manipulates Dakrness Element, Curse, Summoning and Necromancy.

    Thx for the chapter ^^

  3. and if he want to meet with the spirit, The MC also can create a skill for that like, Summon Low Spirit, Summon Medium Spirit, Summon High Spirit, Summon King Spirit.

    Btw, why there is no Race called Fairy in there in the book he read? maybe Fairy so rare that they can’t be included as a Race?


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