Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 1 Part 9)

Five Years Old


– Earth (Āsuアース) History 26th July 2017 –

We have had a warm weather lately which has made it ideal for training.

However, there is no snow on Earth(Āsu アース), there are almost no changes in the four seasons, and it is a climate that is easy to spend all the year round.

Since I am planning to be an adventurer like Dan and Sarah when I grow up, I entered the training as well and was scolded by Sarah and Airi,「You’re trying too hard lately!」

On the contrary, Dan says 「If you become an adventurer you can do more!」, then Dan gets a serious scolding from Sarah. And now I have turned five years old.

There have been no big changes, for me, in between the ages of three and five.

Sarah treats me as per usual, she has almost completely retired from adventuring, it seems that we are doing the 『Adventurer Card Renewal Procedure』 that happens annually.

Dan agrees with me being an Adventurer, although it was not expensive, he presented me with a sword.

Garuin comes occasionally, his voice still as big as ever, Lisa is still an elven beauty that you can not miss.

Of course, Dan, Sarah, and Airi are also good looking, I would think that I would look the same in the future, wouldn’t I be good looking too? I wanted to think so.

I was troubled, from the start, Sarah and Airi have had excessive skinship with me and I feel like it is getting worse, year by year. Then, recently, Lisa join in …….

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it felt good at all.

As I was going to be an adventurer in the future, I went back to the library several times to find out about adventurers and skills.

First of all, the highest skill level is 10, however, there are not many adventurers that reach that level.


Let’s roughly divide the skill levels.

1 : Apprentice

2 : Novice

3 : Ordinary

4 : Junior

5 : Intermediate

6 : Senior

7 : Master

8 : Legendary

9 : Inhuman (TN: Woah!)

10 : Godly (TN: Direct translation was Kami 神, but it didn’t sound quite right)


And that is how it goes.

However, even if you reach level 10 it is natural that you will not become a god.

Is having the power equivalent of a god wrong? It seems like such a power exists.

It is possible to register at the 【Adventurer Guild】 at the age of 15.

Request are given commensurate with the rank of the Adventurer.

Some adventurers are making money by defeating monsters and selling their materials in the 【Dungeon】 without receiving requests.

There are nine ranks of adventurers ranging from, EX, S, A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

The EX rank is the highest, and G rank is the lowest.

It seems that only D rank and up are recognized as real adventurers.

Dungeon refers to a dark, demonic, naturally occurring labyrinth. There are opportunities to get various items and weapons there.

In the dungeon, there are infinite monsters but as long as a 【Stampede】 does not occur, no monsters will come out of the dungeon.

As long as one captures the【Dungeon Core】, the dungeon would be considered captured.

Because the stampede does not occur in the captured dungeon, some towns close to the dungeon offer dungeon clearing rewards.

There is a possibility of a stampede in a dungeon which has not been captured. However, the last time a stampede took place was over 120 years ago. Since the last stampede, most of the dungeons are always getting thinned out of monsters, so the stampedes have almost ceased occurring.

My status has increased considerably, but my level has not risen by any means.

When you defeat a monster magic leaks out its core, whoever has dealt the decisive blow on the monster absorbs this magic and that causes a rise in experience value at a fixed rate.

Sadly, because I am still five years old she naturally has not taken me to kill demon monsters.

That’s why I am still at level 1 .…..

My level has not gone up, but my skills have increased considerably.

As it was difficult to read the status plate before, I reorganized it and the changes were reflected at once.

I think it has become easier to read than before.

Moreover, previously I had only concealed three skills, but now my concealment level has also greatly increased and it may be unknowingly appraised by someone elsewhere, so I decided to conceal all skills all the time in my status.


Name : Louis

Gender : Male

Race : Human

Age : 5

Level : 1 (Status and skills are being hidden)

Title : God Sent Child of Creation

HP : 3150/3150

MP : 12225/12225

Strength : 450

Defence : 450

Agility : 552

Dexterity : 421

Magical Power : 660

Spirit : 1630



【Special Skills】

Creation (4)

Status Enhancement (5)

Skill Growth Speed Up (3)


【Martial Skills】

Swordsmanship (4)

Shield Art (3)

Axe Art (3)

Grappling (7)

Sky Step (2)


【Physical skills】

Body Strengthening (4)

Raise Maximum HP (4)

HP Recovery Speed Up (4)


【Magic Skills】

Light Magic (3)

Dark Magic (1)

Fire Magic (4)

Water Magic (4)

Wind Magic (3)

Earth Magic (4)

Lightning Magic (3)

Gravity Magic (3)

Space-Time Magic (2)

Raise Maximum MP (5)

MP Recovery Speed Up (4)

Magic Power Manipulation (2)

MP Pool (5)


【Other Skills】

Appraisal (4)

Concealment (8)

Service (2)

All Language Understanding

Life Magic


【Sky Step】

One can walk and run by making footholds in the air.

Effective time is skill level × one second.


【Dark Magic】

Allows one to use dark magic.


【Wind Magic】

Allows one to use wind magic. (TN: No pervert?)


【Lightning Magic】

Allows one to use lightning magic.


【Gravity Magic】

Allows one to use gravity magic.


【Space-Time Magic】

Allows one to use space-time magic.


Even though sky steps can only be used in air, because every time one makes use of this skill one has to actively think about each step, I realized that the higher the skill level the better.

When today’s training was over, Airi who was watching approached me.


「Louis-sama, thank you for your hard work」


I was appreciative of her words and thanked her with a smile.


「Airi, thank you, however, just as I thought no matter how many time I tell you Louis is fine …」

「No matter, there is still my pride as a maid after all.」


But because Airi is always with me since I was born, she feels much more like a sister though.

That’s why I’ve asked many times 「I want Airi to be my older sister and not put on airs.」. Though I keep asking, apparently she won’t give up being a maid.

And, I’ve noticed, Airi showed a happy but embarrassed face when I said that.

– Sarah’s gentle voice was carried by the wind.


「Louis-chan, Airi, let’s eat!」


Sarah seems to have made the meal today.

I said that the meal Airi made with service is better.

Sarah was tearing up when I told her that……

I apologized a lot at the time.

Thus, enjoyable and peaceful days passed after for training. That’s why I did not notice, unlike the Earth, this world is full of danger, so peaceful days are a fragile existence.

It was only after a while that I understand it in a true sense.



Editor: Blaze




  1. The MC Wasting the potential of Creation skill, Sigh~ the time skipped 2 years and he not create any skill? he learn the skill by himself and taught by master, so what is the use he have it? Sigh~ well, he also want it to snow? why not he make a skill for it ? like Snow Storm! Hail Storm! Avalance!! Ice Age!! Endless White Nine Heaven ahahahaha 😀

    if he want he can create Appraisal Blocking Skill and other related Anti Spying Skill, so no one can use Appraisal to him IoI, this MC not really Creative ahahahaha 😀

    and it will be cool if they want to use magic, they must Chant First before use it, so the MC can make a skill called No Chant! Instant Cast! and so on.


    Hupakoson ten diatheken, akouson me, aionia basilisa, tou skotous kai tes chionos.
    Anthismena leuka rhoda, tou pag kipos atermonos en hupnoi.
    Epigenetheto, taionion erebos, aionie krustalle.
    Meta tou psuchrou keraunou, sullamb ta apsukha upokheimena.
    Thaumaste galene, leuka rhoda anthismena aionion desmoterion.
    Aperantos Leukos Ouranos!!

    Obey the contract, answer me, darkness, ice and snow, the queen of eternity!
    The coursing white rose of ice, the sleeping eternal garden!
    Come, everlasting darkness, the eternal glacier!
    Imprison the soulless puppets with frozen lightning!
    The enchanting tranquility, the eternal prison of white roses blooming in profusion!
    Endless White Nine Heavens!!!

    if the Author use this kind of system for this novel, then it will be more interesting 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^


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