Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 2 Part 17)

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My name is Eleanor.

I’m 15 years old and I’m part of the dog beastman race.

I was born is a regional city called Rusoburu in the Fur Milan Kingdom.

I am a slave.

When I was little, my mother died, as far back as I can remember, all I’ve had was my father.

Since father lost mother, he could not heal the wound in his heart and he drank all the time.

When I was younger, we seemed to have enough money but when I got to 10 years old, my father told me You need to start earning money because times are tough.So I hunted in the forest for a daily income.

That sort of life ended when I became 13.

The reason for that was my father died.

Father seemed to have borrowed money when he was alive, a slave merchant arrived at my home as soon as father died.

In place of my father’s debt, I became a slave.

When I became a slave, I was educated a lot and I was bought by Oran, a merchant, at the age of four when I could read and write to some extent.

Compared with before being a slave, the quality and amount of meals, the amount of sleep and place to sleep was terrible.

However, as long as I have performed my duties to the business properly, there was no violence, so I think that it was better than the horrible stories of other slaves I had heard about.

Such a life continued for a year, then a 100 bandits attacked the village where master was trading at.

Due to being the one with gold, the merchant was the one that stood out, master was killed.

That instant, I knew my future, despair struck.

Though I was not killed, my treatment was determined as I was a slave.

If the owner of a slave was killed, the ownership of said slave goes to the killer.

Even if the killer of the owner has been caught by the town guards, the ownership gets transferred to the lord of the town. As the village has been overrun, I think that option is now no longer possible.

Until now, my master had not laid his hands on my body as long as I did the books for the business but it already seems obvious what the bandits would be like.

If only my first person would have a decent personality.

I’m still a girl after all.

Just as I watched the village getting trampled in despair, I noticed the thieves were getting dispatched to the next life quickly by a silver-haired man.

And, with surprising swiftness, the person who was called the leader of the bandits who killed my master and became my owner newly also died.

Looking at that scene, at last, the remaining bandits ran away.

I think that the next owner has become the man with the silver hair and so I will go greet him. (TN: She has such a ruff life, bad pun, I know but it had to be made!)

I am nervous.

Even though I despaired a little while ago……

The silver-haired man is so strong and cool.

This is bad!

The beastman race is attracted strong people and my heart just skipped a beat. (TN: キュン Kyun)

Surely there must be hearts in my eyes!

I absolutely want to be this person’s slave!

I made up my mind to go talk to the man with silver hair!

M, mmmm, master, please take care of me in advance

Awawawawawa…… because I was nervous I stumbled……

Bb , bb , but because personality is also important, I’m looking forward to a good future with you!



It has been 10 days since I’ve conquered the time of mourning labyrinth.

Occasionally while on my journey, I crushed monsters that attacked.

I thought about various things along the way.

Well, it has been a year and a half since Dan and Sarah died, I realised that my feelings have finally calmed down.

Although, although sadness will not go away.

In addition, I’ve experienced bullying in my previous life, the stampede here and the tyranny of Alfred, I decided in my mind trying to thoroughly resist any unreasonable work in the future.

Speaking of which, I haven’t been seeing people for a long time… When I walked further up the road, a village came into sight.

As I only saw big cities on the map I looked through in the library, I do not have any information about this village.

I smelt the stench of blood coming from the village, I started sprinting and entered the village.

What entered my sight was bandits raiding and killing in the village.

I found quite a few bandits. and seemed to be around 100 people.

Then the bandits attacked me too.

I have never killed a person so far, so I decided to acquire metal fortitude via creation first.


Mental Fortitude

You can reduce mental burden by transferring the load to one’s spirit.

What content is chosen to be mitigated can be decided by oneself.

You can also repel mental attacks and enchantments created via dark magic.


After acquiring the skill, I slash and destroy the guy who attacked me ruthlessly and steadily.

I cut down around 40 bandits, then they started fleeing.

I think that the original target was this village and it is troublesome to chase them down.

I’m pretty sure the target wasn’t me.

I was watched the bandits flee while thinking about such things.

Then, I had attracted the attention of the villagers, various voices came up.

Follow me and kill them all!

You will help us by doing this! –

Defeat the bandits quickly!

Save the village!

If you are so strong, you should have come before we took damage!

To all of this, I furrowed my brows as expected.

There were too many people saying selfish things.

As expected, I ignored the villagers.

Then, a girl approached me.

Dressed in tattered clothes, wearing a collar and with dog ears growing out of her head.

Is that a beastman?

I’ve yet to see the real thing though.

The beastman girl came up to me, bowed then suddenly spoke to me.

M, mmmm, master, please take care of me in advance

At that moment, my thoughts froze.

Even though there should be high-speed parallel thinking ……

I managed to reboot my brain and heard her story.

Listening to the story, apparently, she was the slave of a merchant who unfortunately got killed by a bandit, then that bandit was sent to the great beyond by me.

So it seemed that her ownership went from the merchant to the bandit then to me.

So the collar that this child is wearing is a slavery collar?

For sure, when I appraised the collar, it showed up as a slavery collar.

The villagers got really noisy when I refused to take the beastman girl as my slave.

However, no matter how much I refused, the beastman girl said, It is slave law, so it is decided.

Even though I was persistent, it looks like I lost.

Even though it was unreasonable, when you live in this world I guess one would have to abide by the rules of the world? I thought it over.

In the end, when a villager walked towards us, we introduced ourselves to each other.

The villager shoved the beastman girl aside to talk to me Talk to the reasonable me.

I’m the village chief, Garro, It is still possible to chase down the bandits if you hurry! Please go annihilate the bandits!

The other villagers joined in chorus with the village chief, hurriedly urging Hurry, hurry.

I thought, what are they talking about? This guy named Garo-san and the villagers.

It seemed that a number of villagers seem to have died, and it seemed that looting had also been carried out and the village can not afford it.

But, meeting me for the first time, then ordering me around…… are they stupid?

I naturally declined, I reached out my hand to the beastman girl who was knocked down to the ground and helped her up.

An angry roar came from the villagers and they started to quarrel with me.

So I decided to leave with the beastman girl.

Before leaving the village, I noticed that I had no money on hand, so I only collected money from the bandits I killed.

I wanted to sleep in bed after a long time.

But I did not want to stay in such a village.

I guess it can’t be helped.

I left the village and found a calm place to settle in.

Then I decided to talk to the beastman girl to find out her story.




  1. “When I became a slave, I was educated a lot and I was bought by Oran, a merchant, at the age of four when I could read and write to some extent.”

    Isn’t four supposed to be fourteen since her father died and she became a slave when she was thirteen?

    Thanks for the chapter~


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