Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 2 Part 20)

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Adventurer Registration

Eleanor and I left the inn and made our way to the clothes shop without getting lost.
After entering the clothing store, I told Eleanor to buy six sets of clothes and underwear.
I decided that I should also buy some clothes, while properly choosing at my own discretion, a sales assistant came up to me and recommended a variety of things.
Due to the shop assistant being long winded, I sent her away.
As I chose my clothes and underwear, I thought to myself that it was not good to be stuck with a sales assistant from the previous generation.
I also decided to buy a scarf for Eleanor.
I finalised our account, put my clothes in the item box then looked to Eleanor to see how she was doing.
Eleanor was looking at a variety of clothes with a smile on her face, but it seemed that she was still lost.
It seems that the longer one was living the slave life the harder it was to choose clothes for oneself, so I guess it can’t be helped? I also thought.
So I decided to wait for Eleanor to finish choosing.
After waiting for about 30 minutes, Eleanor apologised for keeping me waiting.
(TN: What only ½ hr, I’ve been on a marathon 6hr clothes and shoe shopping trip with my wife and daughter before ….)
After working out the price of the clothes Eleanor chose, I handed the money to the shop assistant.
Eleanor put the purchased items in her item bag that I gave to her as a present after settling the bill.
However, I’ve spent a splendid amount of money.
There is little left of the money that I took from the bandits……
Should I sell the materials collected from the monsters that I hunted in the dungeon?
But I use them for production and meals, so I can not sell them all.
As the two of us left the clothing store, the scarf was wrapped around Eleanor’s neck.
And because the slave collar was hidden, Eleanor got teary with happiness.
After waiting for Eleanor to stop crying, we moved to the adventurer guild that was in the immediate neighbourhood.
When I entered the adventurer guild, I felt eyes on me.
When I looked around, I noticed a bar out back.
At the bar, people who look like adventurers were drinking in the middle of the day.
To the left, there was a group of adventurers discussing something.
There is a board on which the requests were affixed when moving my line of sight a little to the right.
Several adventurers were looking at the board, going through the request papers.
As I moved my line of sight further to the left, there was a receptionist for the adventurer guild sitting there.
There were five counters, and adventurers were line up in rows at all counters.
And when paying attention to the gaze from the surroundings, I’m not sure what it is really due to, but I feel that there are many male eyes on a woman, Eleanor.
I tried to line up in the shortest line and as it would have it the receptionist there was a real beauty.
However, because I got caught by Eleanor and got lightly pinched, I stroked Eleanor’s head.
Eleanor gave a lazy smile whilst being stroked by me.
I was stroking for a while but I could not keep doing so incessantly so I stopped stroking.
Although Eleanor was lingering reluctantly, I moved up in the line.
After that, I decided to wait my turn like an adult.
While listening to Eleanor while waiting, it seemed apparent that the receptionist who was at the reception counter with the shortest was the cutest.
After the procession of 10 people was done, it finally became my turn.
「Welcome to the adventurer guild, I’m here to help.」
As the guild receptionist had a big smile, I admired her a little.
However, I continued to get pinched by Eleanor, so I adjusted my attitude and started talking to the receptionist.
「I would like to register for the guild with this child.」
The receptionist who heard my statement replied with a full smile once again.
「I understand. Well then, I will explain the rules for new adventurers. It will be long but please do listen carefully.
In our guild, we issue guild cards to new adventurers.
The adventurer ranks consist of nine ranks, ranking from EX, S, A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
The EX rank is the highest, and the G rank is the lowest.
Registered adventurers will start with G rank first.
The colour of the guild card differs for each rank.
EX is black, S is platinum, A is gold, B is silver, C is red, D is blue, E is yellow, F is brown, and G is white.
Therefore, we can make a judgment of rank at a glance.
Additionally, due to the remarkably increased ability, EX and S ranks have a large influence.
Requests types available are urgent requests, nomination requests, escort requests, ordinary requests, and permanent requests.
The requests are set according to the rank.
One can receive requests up to one level higher than one’s rank.
Please let us know at the guild counter once you complete a successful request.
We will check the guild card here and determine the success or failure of the request.
Please note that depending on the request, there might also be a requirement for the signature of the client on the request form.
In addition, in the case of a failure of the request, you will pay 30% of the request fee to the guild as a fine.
For emergency requests, adventurers who are C ranked or higher it is always obliged to join almost forcibly.
If you refuse to take on the request, you will need to pay 10 platinum coins as a fine.
Although I do not recommend it much, adventurers under D rank are also able to participate but they are responsible for themselves.
Monsters that are subjugated by emergency requests will be registered in the guild card, so there are almost no disputes about remuneration etc.
The nomination request is sometimes applied directly to the adventurer who is B rank or higher, by the client and is called nomination request.
Since the nomination request also includes a nomination fee, it is likely to be higher than other requests. Although you can refuse, if you do that too many times, nomination requests can end up ceasing.
Although the degree of difficulty depends on the content of the request, starting from B rank, it is possible to receive A rank or S rank requests, so you need to check the request form carefully as is.
Normally the request is stuck on the request board in front, anyone can receive it if it is suitable for their rank.
Permanent requests are also affixed to the request board on the front, as a way to distinguish them from ordinary requests, it is written always on the request form.
Do you have any questions so far? 」

I knew about how the guild works by studying in the library, so I did not have any particular questions, so urged her to continue by saying 「There is no problem. 」
「Well, I will continue my explanation.
In order to raise your rank, it is necessary to accomplish the request, accomplishing a request with the same rank as the rank of the adventurer adds one point as the rank points, and accomplishing a request of one rank up gives double points.
In the case of failure to accomplish a request, it is minus 10 points.
If the cumulative point falls below 0 points, it will cause a drop in rank.
Rank points get reset every time the rank goes up and goes back to 0.
Though points reset to 0, excess points still carry over.
Also, even if you accomplish a request below your rank, the ranking point that you can get is 0 points.
From B rank and above, there is an exam to rank up.
The purpose of this is to prevent people that have no ability to organise parties from raising above B rank.
G rank to F rank is 20 points.
F rank to E rank is 40 points.
From E rank to D rank is 60 points.
From the D rank to the C rank is 80 points.
From the C rank to the B rank it is 100 points.
From B rank to A rank it is 150 points.
There are 200 points from A rank to S rank, or obtaining an achievement.
From the S rank to the EX rank is not a point system, but this is decided by a conference when obtaining an achievement.
Requests beyond the B ranking will be more difficult, and range of the difficulty level increases, so the achievement points will be different for each request.
Achievement points can range from 5 to 10 points.
Please note that the number of people that can accept a quest differs.
The limitations for the number of people is listed on the request.
Many adventurers work together in parties, in addition to parties, there are mutually beneficial organisations of high ranks called clans.
When setting up a party, notifying the guild is recommended but it is not mandatory, but contacting the guild is essential when establishing a clan.
Among the benefits of the clan is, information is easy to get, adventurers are flexible with each other, help is easily available when trouble occurs, etc.
The adventurer guild is an organization independent of the country, and the country does not have any authority on it.
Even though countries do not have authority on the guild, the adventurer guild can’t protect against trouble caused by nobles.
As a reaction to that, as a deterrent, many adventurers move between towns so as to avoid accepting nomination requests from cruel nobles.
As for adventurers, there are also a lot of people who are rough and adventurers are all responsible for themselves and have to solve their own problems between each other and the adventurer guild basically does not mediate.
The guild can offer facilities for duels between adventurers.
Concerning the duel between adventurers, we will decide on the acknowledgment of the dual and the wager value.
Regarding injury or life and death that occurred at that time, neither attention nor attention from the guild will be done.
In regards to injury or death occurring during the duel, there won’t be any guild penalty or criminal offence.
In addition to that, the guild would act as a proxy for bets and collection of betted items.
If you bring the monster material to the guild counter, you will receive a small amount in the counter as it is, in case of large amounts you will have to go to the dismantling place, convert the material and cash it in there.
The dismantling place is at the end of the door to the left of me.
Thank you very much for your kind attention, if you have any questions please let me know. 」
「Thank you very much, I have no particular questions.」
「Then I will start creating your guild cards. You will have to put your hand on this magic tool to create your card. 」
「The information that this magic tool reads is your name, race, age, so please be assured that you can apply your hand with no problems, would you please do so?」
I was told this by the receptionist and looked at it a square magic tool and placed my hand on it.
Then when I thought I heard a “bu” sound, a card came out the back.
The receptionist took it and confirmed the card was valid.
As I finished, Eleanor put her hand on it and the card came out the same way.
The receptionist confirmed both of them.
「Since the card was not defective and it was able to be registered without problems, I will hand it over. From now on Louis and Eleanor are adventurers. Thank you. 」
I received the 2 white guild cards from the receptionist and left the counter.
In this way, a new life as adventurers of Eleanor and I began.


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