Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 2 Part 21)


I got an understanding of the explanation that the receptionist gave.

So, I think I should accept requests so as to raise my rank for now.

When I went to the front of the request board and was searching for a request, I head a threatening voice from behind.

「You’re a rookie, right?  As a rookie shouldn’t you do a medicinal herb collection request or some form of non-dangerous work? Is work without danger suitable for you? Therefore, shouldn’t you join our party so that we can use the beastman beside you to be our porter? 」

Hey, why are you telling me this? This is such a template for a guy.

Is it OK to dual in this situation?

I don’t understand as to how far I can go.

I know that I can respond if it is legitimate self-defense, but what should I do here?

Furthermore, when I’m deciding as to what to do, you yell out whatever pleases you.

When I looked behind him, there were 2 women and 2 men in their 20s standing around.

「Haha, Zuan, this guy is too scared to answer you, please speak more gently to him.」

「Hey, hey, just leave these guys alone, let’s just go quickly choose a request.」

「It’s fine, it’s fine. It would be easier with more baggage handlers. 」

So, went the condescending conversation between the brown-haired man, the redhead woman and the brunette woman.

By the way, the man called Zuan was blonde.

「I wonder, should I refuse that sort of thing? I have decided to pretend not to have heard your suggestion and I suggest that you do what Onee-san here has said.

I’m busy checking out requests right now. 」

「I do not want to go with the likes of you.」

Eleanor looked with cold eyes as if looking at human refuse.

The inside of the guild suddenly got noisy.

People were looking around, some were looking with sympathetic eyes and there were guys jeering.

I mean, there seems to be a lot of people clamouring for an event.

I heard various voices around me whispering.

「It would be miserable for the newbie to be involved with Zuan.」

「Anyway, it is improbable that the silver-haired kid would duel, it’s just a quarrel and I think it is over now.」

「Even though Zuan is cocky, he is pretty strong.」

Even though I can hear everything, I refuse to listen and decided to continue perusing the requests.

As a result, I judged whilst talking that there was no problem ignoring them as they were too weak.

「Ooi! Stoop ignoring me! Ooi! I’m talking to you! 」

As I turned around to look back, Zuan was turning red and trembling with anger.

Due to his appearance being too funny, I almost leaked a laugh.

I’m not trying to be detestable! However, holding a poker face is difficult.

「You finally turned around! I will not forgive you!! It’s a duel!!」

「Oh? You seem to be a little weak but you want to duel? 」

「Are you trying to make a fool out of me?! If you have so much self-confidence, you are obviously happy to have a duel? 」

Well, because there seemed to be no harm, I ignored him.

From what I head from the whispers around the guild, his reputation does not seem to be very good.

Should I do it?

「I understand, I accept your challenge. What should we wager? 」

「You will place that beastman as a bet! I want you to dogeza if you lose. 」

「Well then, you all will but down 3 platinum coins as a bet.」

「Well, have you not got that amount of money?」

「If you have an insufficient amount, you’d be a debt slave after it’s over. I’ve just bet Eleanor, but the value is still not equal is it? Thus, I will bet a further 2 platinum coins. 」

Since I won’t lose, I added an additional 2 platinum coins to the bet.

It would seem that he was freaked out by the amount of his bet because he made the decision alone and was doing it selfishly.

However, he was fascinated with the addition to the bet after.

Zuan consulted the other 4 in private.

After waiting for a while, he finally seemed to have decided on the bet.

I decided to borrow the guild’s arena for the duel.

Eleanor, Zuan, his party and I moved as a group to the arena.

It seems that a large number of onlookers moved in droves to the spectator seats.

Guild officials also arrived.

It seemed that the guild staff members would signal the start of the battle.

「Goshujin-sama, please do your best, good luck!」

I responded with a wave to Eleanor’s support.

「So, before we commence the duel between Zuan and Louis-sama, we will verify the wagers.

If Zuan wins the dual, Louis-sama will pay with Eleanor and two white gold coins.

If Louis-sama wins, Zuan’s party will pay three white gold coins.

If they do not have enough to pay the wager, they will become debt slaves after the battle ends.

The adventurer guild would enter the mediation process.

Conditions of victory would be death or surrender. 」

「Then, let the duel begin!」

Each party was located 10 meters away from each other and positioned at the starting line.

Zuan held a big axe in his hand and I took my mythril sword out of my item box.

I felt the audience stir when I took out my mythril sword.

As soon as the duel began, Zuan came swinging with the axe.

But the move was too late.

It was so slow that I let a yawn out.

Well, the yawn was a joke but I decided then, how to advance with the duel.

Although I thought for a moment that I won’t feel bad if I instantly kill him, I thought I should stretch it out.

After this, I decided to close in with a swift attack.

I moved beside Zuan in a moment and flashed my sword.

Zuan’s arms danced in the air and fell to the ground with his axe.

The arena went quiet.

I think no one in the arena could understand what just happened then.

When Zuan came towards me while wielding his axe, the next moment, both his arms and axe fell from Zuan’s shoulders onto the ground.

Zuan’s mind seemed not to have caught up with what had happened to his arms.

My voice carried in the quiet arena.

「Do you still want to fight? If you still do, the next slash would take off both legs, you know? 」

As soon as I voiced this, Zuan was suddenly aware of the pain.

「Owwwww, ooowwwwwwaaahh my arms are, aaaaaaaa aaaa!」

However, it seems Zuan did not hear my question as he burst into tears and collapsed to his knees.

Zuan’s shoulders were spurting out blood with tremendous momentum.

I healed Zuan’s shoulders with heal.

I only closed his wounds and did not reattach his arms.

I will have to use level 8 light magic if I want to reattach his arms instead of just closing the wound.

It seems that most of the people with level 8 and up light magic are in the Episcopal State of Elen Garde, moreover, it seems that there are only a few that are EX and S rank adventurers.

If the wounds were blocked and arms not reattached, they could be cured at level 6 light magic instead.

Zuan still had pain, but the wounds have been closed over and the confusion has eased a little.

「I surrender! Please leave my legs, okay? 」

「Victor, Louis-sama!」

The guild officials, who had come to their senses like everyone, declared my victory.

At the same time as the declaration of the referee, the arena burst into cheers.

In this way, my first duel ended easily.

Eleanor then gave me appreciative words.

The 4 people in Zuan’s party yelled and resisted but safely became debt slaves.

I received 3 platinum coins from the guild and left the arena behind.

It is unclear whether Zuan can survive as a slave without both arms.

I suddenly thought about it as the battle ended.

When I think about it, I wonder what would happen if I lost Eleanor.

Imagining it brought about pretty bad feelings.

Given such a feeling, it was apparent to me that even though I have only met Eleanor a short time ago, I like Eleanor.

Though I thought I could finally get a request, it took a long time to complete the procedures after the duel, I decided against taking a request today, went shopping for groceries at the grocery store then returned to the inn.




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