Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 2 Part 23)

To the Midogal Kingdom


About 10 days have passed since the first request was completed.

In the meanwhile, I have achieved a fair daily pace in completing requests.

Therefore. even though I only took requests that were nearby, I somehow managed to raise my adventurer rank to D.

「Eleanor has been strengthened for a while now, so I think we should be heading to Midoria the capital of the Midogal Kingdom soon. I want to raise my rank further but that would have to wait till I get to Midoria. 」

「I’m going to Midoria! I’m sure I can meet Airi-san and Lisa-san again! 」

「Un. It would be nice to be able to meet safely, but there is not much information on Airi and Lisa, they might be in Midoria, they might not recognise and understand my grown-up body. We will have to figure it out when the time comes. When we meet safely, I’ll introduce Eleanor. 」

When you look at her custom-made weapons, including armour, I think Eleanor would rival a lower level B rank.

Though her skill level is low, it will go up as her skill growth rate increases.

Since I was able to transfer the status enhancement, I think that she will become stronger from now on.

When my skill level of Crafting Master goes up, we can make better weapons, armour, accessories.

The accommodation we have paid in advance runs out today, so today I decided to leave Sumeria without taking a request.

After leaving the inn, I bought supplies that we were low on, meat skewers for a light meal on the way and headed out of town.


Name: Eleanor

Sex: Female

Race: Beastman

Age: 15

Level: 26

Title: Gluttonous Dog Girl

HP: 1865/1865

MP: 450/1320

Strength: 495

Resistance: 373

Agility: 424

Dexterity: 225

Magical Power: 122

Spirit: 132



【Unique Skills】

Status Enhancement (1)

Status Growth Speed Up (1)


【Weapons · Physical Skills】

Dagger (5)

Archery (3)


【Other Skills】

Crisis Detection (2)

Intuition (3)

Detection (3)

Dismantling (4)

Service (3)

Life Magic



Mythril dagger (muscle +50, agility + 30)

Torrent Long Bow (Dexterity + 30, Agility + 30)

Manticore Armour (Resistance + 50, Dexterity + 30)

Manticore Breastplate (Resistance + 70)

Manticore Shin Guard (Resistance + 50, Agility + 30)



Since we have resumed our journey, we have already entered the Midogal Kingdom and passed through several small villages and towns.

There has been no particular trouble during that time.

And on the way, I progressed while training Eleanor.

I went to buy a carriage before leaving Sumeria, but it seems that there was a large order a while ago and it was out of stock.

There was no chance of buying it if it was out of stock, so we had no choice but to give up.

Today, I was walking along the highway with the forest to my left.

While walking and viewing the idyllic landscape, I heard voices and sounds that people are fighting from afar.

As we walked a little quicker and a little further and we see Orc General, Orc Leader, Orc, Ogre General, Ogre Leader and an ogre group and a knight like group were fighting.

If you look closely at that group, the Order is taking formation to protect a carriage.

Because the knights are fighting while defending, their extermination speed is slow.

In addition to that, moderate damage was taken by the Knight Order. others are exhausted by the attacks from the Orc General and its group.

Since I do not like aristocrats after Alfred’s case, I have not gone to help.

I think that all aristocrats are disgusting guys, but by no means can you wipe out the bad impression of nobility from my mind.

Although we could pass by as it is, there was a place to rest and contemplate a little, so I was watching from that place about 20 meters away.

「Goshujin-sama, are you going to help? Are you just going to leave it? 」

「Well, we will wait and see, aren’t the monsters acting strange? I won’t go there. 」

「The way it looks, I feel that they are aiming for the carriage.」

「Though, I just appraised the Ogre then, it seems to be in a tamed state. That means there is a tamer. So, I guess the tamer is attacking. 」

Sitting with Eleanor and talking about that, a big guy from the knight group ran over here.

And he called out loudly but politely.

「Sorry to suddenly call out to you there. My name is Mayer Captain of the Midogal Kingdom’s private knight chivalric order of Duke Campbell. I shamefully ask of you. Could you please help us? Of course, we will reward you! Even if you can drive away as it is, the damage will be quite large. You exude the aura of a strong man. If you were on our side, I think we can defeat them easily. I suppose. 」

A strong soldier, and from a duke’s family huh.

What should I do?

I opened my mouth with feelings that lacked enthusiasm.

「Well, that monster is in a tamed state, so is this a power struggle? An enemy due to some internal disagreement? I don’t know this area and the situation of either camp and I need to think carefully about taking sides. 」

「Certainly, I agree with what you say…… Here, for those who are attacking, you could say there are grievances from the attackers. I can’t go into the details but I think there is nothing here that I can’t say. As for the details, it has to come from the Duke, it is a pity that more can’t come from me. 」

Nnnn, I wonder what should I do?

It is the monster that is attacking and there are no individuals seem there, but the Ogre General’s tamer has a grudge, should I do it?

This Captain is pretty polite.

「OK, I understand, I’ll clean up from here, have the other knights fall back and leave it all to me. Eleanor can’t yet handle an Ogre General, so please watch closely with the Captain near the carriage. 」

「I understand! I want to be able to fight them as soon as possible! 」

「Is that the truth? It is much appreciated! My best regards, thank you. 」

Since this enemy poses no problem at all, I will tidy this up quickly.

First of all, in order to beat Ogre General and Orc General who are leading, I have to get the other monsters consolidated together in a downburst and slow down the movement.

Then, I threw an air thrust towards the Orc General, instantly destroying it.

At the same time, with a combination of instant steps and sky step, I released triangular jumping kicks using the air and broke the Ogre Generals’ necks.

Since the monsters have surfaced by defeating the Ogre and Orc generals, I decided to take the rest at once.

I felt that the leadership of monsters had collapsed, so I looked to see if there were any damage rearwards.

What entered my sight was Eleanor’s satisfied face and astonished knights.

Because there was no problem rearwards, I push through further at a higher speed.

In that way, I finished off the rest of the monsters.

Even after eliminating the monsters, I cautiously watch the area but there was no sign of the tamer that brought the monsters.

I felt that the battle here was over, I quickly stored the defeated monsters in my item box.

After that, I turned to the Eleanor and the Captain.




  1. Syoryuken

    ty for the chap!!

    BTW “「I’m going to Midoria! I’m sure I can meet Airi-san and Lisa-san {again!} 」” what! again?? is eleanor-san already meet airi and lisa in the past? even though its should be their first time to meet!!

    and btw sory about my grammar.. im bad at english!!


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