Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 2 Part 24)

Duke Campbell


When I got to the carriage, a middle-aged man came down with blond hair and a bald crown.

I felt some dignity from the middle-aged man before me.

It may have been due to his immaculately manicured blonde beard.

Meyer knelt to a middle-aged man who came down from the carriage and opened his mouth.

「Your Excellency, I got help from these people here. So, I was able to annihilate the monsters without taking much damage. 」

「So, that’s why I was saved. I would like to thank you. Mayer, hurry up and treat the wounded. Unfortunately, we will have to take home the bodies of those who have been killed by the monsters instruct those able to put the bodies in the magic bags. 」

「Ha! I respectfully obey. Though it is impertinent of me, Your Excellency, I promised a reward for this person’s help, so please take it into your consideration. So then, I will give instructions to those under my command. 」

The man called His Excellency nodded magnanimously to Mayer’s reply.

Moreover, after looking and his reply, Meyer ran towards the knight order.

The man, His Excellency, faced Eleanor and I and opened his mouth.

「Well, my name is Harvey Von Campbell. I’m a Duke of the Midogal Kingdom. 」

So, this old geezer is a duke, huh.

I guess I have to give my name to this geezer too.

「I’m Louis, the child behind me is Eleanor. I’m sorry but I will tell you this before. I am not settled in any country, much less a Midogal Kingdom subject. And because I’m an adventurer I don’t humble myself to nobles, so let me talk normally. If you don’t like it, I will only get my reward and leave. 」

「It is not a problem, I do not have the intention of harsh treatment of the benefactor that has helped me. I’m not such a petty man. I have too much gratitude to worry about putting on airs. 」

Harvey Von Campbell’s stock rose for me.

Well, although I tried to get a rise out of him.

It is an excuse from getting employed by a noble.

However, there are some knights staring at me.

I pay it no mind.

「What do you desire as a reward? Do you wish for money, weapons, armour, magic tools? 」

I do not need weapons and the like as I make good things myself.

I decided to keep it to money.

「Can you make it money?」

Old man Harvey who heard my words took out a sachet from his magic bag.

It seems that he was taking out platinum coins out of there.

Then he handed me platinum coins.

「This is a thank you. Will you accept it? 」

I got 5 platinum coins from Harvey old man-san and put it in the item box.

I don’t know what the market price is for a reward but with this, I can stay at a high-end inn for 80 days.

In addition to that, I treated an injured knight and wondered for a moment if I’d get a reward but it seems that the Duke seems to have healers too.

Although it is not complete, it seems that injured people are recovering without problems.

Regrettably, though I have already received my reward, as I moved my legs to leave, a voice came from Harvey old man-san.

「Where are you going?」

I was suddenly asked for a destination so I looked at Harvey’s face with suspicious eyes.

I watched for a while but I did not detect any trick in particular.

Well, suppose I can tell him my destination.

「We are going to Midoria to visit our acquaintances. I have not decided how long I’ll stay in Midoria but I’m planning to travel. 」

When he heard my words, old man Harvey-san seemed to ponder about something while stroking his beard with his fingers.

Having pondered for a moment, old man Harvey opened his mouth and flashed a smile.

「Fumu, I see. I am now heading back to Midoria after dealing with official affairs. Quite a few knights were sacrificed and escort guards have been reduced too. So why don’t I ask you guys to act as an escort? How about an escort fee of 3 platinum coins? I do not mind if you relax in the carriage until the case of an emergency.  We are planning on arriving in Midoria in roughly 6 days or so. 」

I thought for a moment, but is this a pretty delicious request, isn’t it? I decided to accept it.



Eleanor and I were in the same carriage as Harvey.

It has already been three days since I received an escort request.

You may say that there have been almost no attacks so far.

Weak monsters sometimes attack on their own.

The carriage is owned by a Duke’s house and it is a good carriage with good suspension.

The gentle rocking of the carriage seems to be pleasant to Eleanor.

It seems that way because Eleanor leaned on my shoulder and fell asleep breathing gently.

I gently stroked Eleanor’s head.

Old man Harvey-san looked on with kind eyes.

In such an atmosphere, I heard stories about the raid.

It is because the information was still unconfirmed, he did not speak immediately about it.

After the raid, old man Harvey’s spies investigated and as a result, he told me the confirmed information.

「The raid seems to have involved the Stania Empire. Recently I heard that the Stania Empire is getting suspicious, but I only heard it in rumours, maybe it has now gone into full swing. They are the biggest country on Earth and from the past, they have implemented policies that have been only preferential to the human race. And beastmen, elves, dwarves and demons are enslaved. I also heard that they have illegal slave hunting. 」

During the conversation about slaves, old man Harvey frowned. However, the chat continued as is.

「Since the current emperor began his reign 10 years ago, the Stania Empire has gradually become more extreme, but this time they are trying to extend the supremacy of humans throughout Earth. That monster raid was probably used to attempt to lower the national power of Midogal before a war. Well, I’m not sure but, I think, war is an almost absolute certainty. The reason why I said this is because you are Eleanor’s master, who is a beastman. Having being told that you are on a journey, I suggest going to the Stania Empire. I think there would be people that want to harass Eleanor at this time, so please be careful. 」

I only had casual information about Stania, so I was grateful and consider the reception of this advice favourably.

Because I was given this advice, I would like to thank old man Harvey.

「Because I didn’t know a lot of that information, it has been beneficial to me. Thank you. 」

Having heard what I said, old man Harvey nods while smiling.

Eleanor was already an inseparable existence to me already.

In order to absolutely defend Eleanor, I pledged in my heart that I must put my strength in my ability to resist unreasonable things more.

「So, why do I tell you about this story?  I fell in love with a beastman girl a long time ago, but due to me being a Duke and the different statuses……. When I look at you two, I remember back to that time. It is just nonsense from an old man and I want you to defend that smile. Gahahaha 」

Afterwards, I did not want to hear much more but old man Harvey selfishly raised his old love banner.

I don’t want to hear an old man’s old love banner……

I couldn’t tell him to stop talking, so I pretended to listen.

However, the Stania Empire huh.

Lisa is also of the Elf race and if we meet, all I can do is to convey the information on the Stania Empire to her.



— — Earth History March, 2619 — —

I greeted the morning of the 6th day that I got into the carriage.

Old man Harvey said that we would arrive n Midoria today.

The journey to Midoria is almost at the end.

This is the last breakfast I’d be eating with old man Harvey.

As we finished eating breakfast without incident, we got back into the carriage to continue our journey.

About three hours later, while being jostled around in the carriage, we arrived in Midoria, the capital city of Midogal Kingdom.

The size of the gate to the city is quite large, it is about 20 meters.

And the other wall encloses the whole city of Midoria.

Old man Harvey said that makes Midoria suitable for defence.

There are many small rooms emplaced in the large outer walls that have magic tools that amplify the power of magic there.

It seems that those small rooms are filled with small knights belonging to the Midogal Kingdom.

On occasion, they have launched magic with weakened power as an exercise which seems to be a specialty of the city.

Naturally, as it is dangerous at that time, they suspend traffic during the exercise.

While listening to such a story the horse-drawn carriage passed through the gate for aristocrats.

Then the carriage stopped after running through the city a little.

Old man Harvey wanted to invite us to his mansion but for now, it was necessary to go to the king to report the attack.

I received payment for the escort duties from old man Harvey and got off the carriage after saying our goodbyes.

I alighted the carriage and looked around at the city around me.

The city is quite crowded.

The traffic is heavy, as expected of the capital of a country.

「Well, let’s first decision is choosing an inn then go to the adventurer guild. I should get some information about Airi and Lisa. 」

「Of course! The inn must have delicious meals! 」

Recently, Eleanor ceased holding back on enthusiasm for such meals.

As I do not want to endure unpleasantness, this a pleasant change.

After that, I decided on an inn and ate lunch there.

I decided to have a meal then ask the lady innkeeper where the adventurer guild is, then go there.



We managed to get to the adventurer guild without getting lost.

After I had a look around at the noisy guild, I move towards the reception counter.

After waiting for a while, our turn came around. I then asked the receptionist for information on Airi and Lisa.

However, the information was not palatable, I understand what it is to be like to be an adventurer in this city.

I’ve decided to ask other adventurers in the guild to attempt to get more information.

I greeted the male adventurer who was nearby and I asked about Airi and Lisa, but the information I got was not that good.

I asked several people about Airi and Lisa, in turn afterwards.

Then I heard a man’s snarl from behind.

「What business do you have with Airi and Lisa?!」


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