Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 2 Part 26)

Disappointing reunion and farewell


When I was trying to get information on Lisa and Airi, someone yelled at me suddenly, I then turned around.


He yelled out about me asking about Lisa and Airi.

Is he acquainted with those two?

I looked at the man with dubious eyes.

And almost at the same time, the door at the entrance to the guild opened, so I moved my line of sight for a moment.


The next moment, two familiar figures came into my sight.


I was surprised at the sudden reunion, but Airi and Lisa seemed not to notice me.

The two of them were talking to a man named Cross.


When I looked at the man called Cross again, next to him — some girls that resembled people I know.



「Cross-san, why did you yell out so loudly?」



Airi said worriedly to Cross.

Those 2 seem to have a fairly intimate relationship.


Cross who was questioned by Airi slacked his jaw while distorting his face.



「Ah no, this guy is pretending to know Lisa and Airi from some time ago and was enquiring about you. Both of you are really beautiful women so isn’t it ok to worry about you? That’s why I yelled at him」



I see a blush rushing onto the cheeks of the 2 people that were declared by Cross as beautiful.

However, Airi and Lisa immediately stiffened their face and spoke to me.



「Have you met us somewhere before? There is a nostalgic atmosphere around you… … I feel there is something about you that is familiar… … but I wonder, it feels kind of strange and mysterious ……」


「Lisa-san too? I got a similar impression. 」



I was surprised to be reunited with the two of them, but I recovered my composure when I looked at the 2 of them again.


Lisa’s blonde hair is beautiful as ever.

In addition to that, he has maintained her stunning figure from the past.

To match that, what’s worthy of special mention is her well-ordered elf face and expression, a beauty that would cause one to be enraptured.

Perhaps it is because I’ve gotten older but it seems that I recognise an attractive woman when I see one.


I move my line of sight a little and spotted Airi next.


The impression that I get from Airi is that her blue hair has gotten slightly darker.

Her hair has grown and now is tied up into a ponytail.

She seems to have grown a little taller, is she up to my shoulder now?

Though she was cute in the past, it seems that her cuteness has been polished.


I finished scrutinising the appearances of the 2 that I have not met for a long while, this time I focus on Cross and the woman next to him.


After looking at them for a few seconds, my intuition skill came into play.

My intuition skill was telling me that the 2 are good-for-nothing.


I rushed to appraise Cross.

What came up was Cross having an 【Acting】skill at level 7.

He give out a dangerous feeling.

I then appraised the woman next to him.



I returned my gaze to Airi and Lisa again but the 2 of them still have not noticed who I am.

I decided to tell them that I was Louis as I thought there we would not progress anywhere otherwise.



「It has been a long time both of you… …. I am the son of Dan and Sarah, Louis. I am now 16 years old. I have successfully completed the request from Chronos, so I can to meet you as I promised at that time. 」



The 2 of them that heard what I said stiffed with surprise.

Those faces then changed to ones that looked like they were about to cry.

Though there were about to cry, it seems that they were delighted to be reunited with me.



「Louis-Sama, I’m so glad you are safe. There is not one day that I have not thought about Louis-sama. You have grown up looking really cool and attractive. 」


「Louis, you…… grew a lot stronger…… to be able to finish the request…… you really gotten strong, didn’t you? You also became really cool and attractive, didn’t you? 」



The 2 of them seem really pleased with my growth.

I thanked the 2 of them.



「Aaa, thank you. Both of you have not changed much」



I wanted to talk more about the past with the 2 of them since we have finally met again but Airi originally came here to take the B rank exam.

So, she had to go to the examination room.

As I told Airi and Lisa 「We’ll speak later」, Cross simultaneously butted into the conversation.







— Going back a few minutes.




Aisha and I came to the Midogal Kingdom upon receiving a request from Toran-sama half a year ago.


We have already completed the request to some degree.

We got 4 beastmen girls, 2 dwarf girls secured with subordination slave collars.

The person that handed us the collars was Toran-sama via an envoy.

We decided to look for elves and demons that we have not caught yet.


As expected, demons are not around here, so because of that I gave up on them first.


Though it was possible to find a few elves.

There are only weak people and elves that are slaves of Midogal Kingdom’s nobles.

As one would expect, we cannot act against the slaves of Midogal Kingdom’s nobles and no matter how much beauty elves have, we have no need for weak people.


I asked Aisha about what we should do but she couldn’t come up with a good idea either.

As I’ve not been to the bar for a while, I decided to take a change of pace and head there with Aisha.


At that time, I found Lisa, an Elf that had both beauty as well as strength at the bar.

In the eyes of Aisha who was with me, I could see the look in her eyes saying that our prey is found.


Since Aisha had acting skills as I did, it would be easy to build trust.

To add to the level of trust, our s ranked adventurer status makes it easier for everyone to accept.

In that way, it was excessively easy to get into Lisa and her friends’ group.


However, the prey, Lisa is an A ranked adventurer.

And she is considerably famous in this town.

Lisa only took requests that are located near the guild.


The risk of suddenly attacking an A ranked adventurer in the vicinity of Midoria would risk excessive attention from people.


Aisha and I have to refine our strategy in capturing Lisa as a slave.


The synopsis of the strategy is that fictional elves are going to be attacked by fictional thieves, we decided that Aisha and I would lead the party from the front and we will ask for help from that elf.

We decided that we would enslave the 2 on the way while pretending to travel to our destination.


Airi is also the trump card to be used when fitting the slavery collar on Lisa.

After that, we can easily sell her to a slave merchant somewhere.


We spent more or less a month on this so far, although you can say that we obtained more confidence that this would work.

After this journey, I’ll make Lisa and Airi slaves……


While we were in the adventurer guild, there was a guy sniffing around Lisa and Airi. Did our strategy get discovered? That’s what I thought.

Then I unintentionally yelled at him.


— With that, there was bad timing as Lisa and Airi entered into the guild just as that happened.


At the point the 2 people saw me yell at him, when I was thinking about what to do, Airi spoke.



「Cross-san, why did you yell out so loudly?」


「Ah no, this guy is pretending to know Lisa and Airi from some time ago and was enquiring about you.  Both of you are really beautiful women so isn’t it ok to worry about you? That’s why I yelled at him」



I said while panicking and in a hurry, I tried to make an appropriate excuse.

Well, it is true that the 2 of them are beautiful girls.

That’s why making them into slaves make sense.


I could not think of any good idea how to make this guy look suspicious.

While no one knows what my inner thoughts are, I was thinking about what to do, then the three of them started to open up to each other, this is bad.


First of all, it is imperative for me to find out who this guy is.

So, I concentrated on eavesdropping on the threes’ conversation.



Then I start understanding from what they were talking about……

From what I understand from what they are saying, he was from Dallas and from the same area that Lisa and Airi came from.



I looked at the man again after collecting myself.

At that moment, I felt a chill go down my spine–.


Aisha and I are strong being S ranked……

I felt by instinct that this man is stronger than that.


My instincts are sounding an alarm…

This guy is dangerous.

I was in a rush so I didn’t really take notice of it……

I thought it was useless to get too deeply involved with this guy and sent Aisha a signal with my eyes.

As I turned my head, I took that moment to refine my strategy.



「Lisa, Airi, we are scheduled to leave tomorrow. However, I think we should leave as soon as Airi’s exam is over. If we wait any longer, Lara……in addition to that, our preparations have finished earlier than I thought. So, we will wait for Lisa and Airi here. 」



Well, actually preparations are not really completed yet though.


Just as we were about to leave together, in order for there not be suspicions that Lisa has gone missing, I made a request to the guild to make an impression on the guild receptionist, I interacted with the other adventurers to foster a good impression.

Being that it is a long trip, it takes time to prepare.

Since I can’t see any other way to do this, I cancelled the request, then…… I’ll have to get supplies somehow now that I have to bring my plans forward.







The consequences of Cross butting in–

It seems that as soon as Airi’s exams are completed, they are going to be leaving somewhere immediately.


It appears that my intuition skill is telling me that that is absolutely no good…

It is problematic for the 2 to go together with Cross.

As I had run out of time, I decided to get to the point when talking to Airi and Lisa.



「Airi, Lisa, because time does not permit it, I don’t think you have the time to gradually comprehend it. That’s why I’ll get straight to the point. You should not go. That man and woman cannot be trusted. It is obviously suspicious. This warning pertains to the safety of you 2. The reason I say this is my intuition skill is telling me that they are dangerous and they are using their acting skills. 」



It seemed that the 2 of them were at a loss for words for an instant due to the suddenness of my proclamation and were trying to comprehend what I said.

The two people who listened to my words were stunned.

However, the content of my statement might have been understood instantly.

Their faces turned bitter.

So, their faces– Their faces say that they can’t completely believe it or accept it.



「Eee?! Louis, why are you saying such things, Cross and Aisha are good people? Both Airi and I are indebted to them and now we have formed a party, you know? We are about to leave in a while on a request, we will leave for the Steania Empire and will be back in about a month. Anyway, is possessing acting skills any cause for distrust? Besides, is Louis’ intuition skills really reliable? 」


「Louis-sama…… Louis-sama is not the type of person that says rude things on first meeting people. 」 In saying that, I remember the 5-year-old Louis-sama…… a skill is just a skill and does not represent the whole person. I want to believe in Louis-sama’s intuition skill but I believe in Criss-san too. I do not think that the action of the 2 of them who have been gentle up to now are lies. 」


「I’m thinking for the sake of the 2 of you. Will you not listen to me? 」



Cross and friend seemed to have not cast any dark magic on the girls, Airi and Lisa’s status are not showing any brainwashing, so I’ll try to persuade them a little bit more but–



「Did you misjudge? Or has becoming stronger made you arrogant? Louis…… I’m disappointed in you. 」


「The S-ranked Cross-san and Aisha-san…… There is still some way to go, I’ll train without pulling a reluctant face. Besides, in comparison with Louis-sama…… Are you criticising them on first meeting? Isn’t it a horrible thing for a person to do? I too am disappointed……」



The statements coming from Airi and Lisa are cruel.

When I hear their statements, I feel extremely sad…… and I received considerable shock……

I notice those feelings display on my face for an instant.


In that instant, in my mind, I was brought back to my previous life and recalled the betrayal of Tatsuya Arakawa and Utsugi Katsuya who was the bully that was good at getting along with people.

However, I shook my head and immediately moved that memory to the corner of my mind.


Even though…… Although it was supposed to be a long time ago……

What I’m trying to say here is, I feel that I’m gradually getting past the sorrow and shock.


Is it not like that? I have fulfiled my promises–

A year and 7 months have passed and we finally have been reunited, so whatever the treatment I’ve received……


Are you going to believe Cross over me?


It seems that Airi and Lisa met Cross after they arrived in Midoria–

Though I don’t know the actual length of time that they have known each other, I wonder 1 year and 7 months is all it takes to overcome a relationship?

You would believe him over me that has been with you for 5 years?


What is the extent of our bonds?

I understand Lisa with our short relationship.

In saying that, I wish the 5-year relationship I’ve had with Airi whom I’ve spent my childhood with together.

I didn’t think it needed to be said.


I absolutely don’t believe what I’ve heard.

However, I can’t kidnap and run off with Airi and Lisa here, in this situation where they don’t believe what I’m saying, I can’t beat up Cross and Aisha either.


In addition to that, this time with my intuition skill, I’m absolutely convinced that they are using their acting skills.

So how do I convey this to them? Right now, the 2 of them……

I believe that those guys have a stronger bond than I do and presently, jealousy is welling up.


After all, is that all the value that you place on our bond?

Was coming here to see you stupid?


The moment I thought that–

The value of Lisa and Airi, in my eyes……

From my precious parent’s companion and my housemaid, they became a presence that was not going to be part of my life from here on.

I feel that I was becoming indifferent to the 2 of them.


Then I raised a lowered voice devoid of feeling that even surprised myself.



「Disappointed, huh…… disappointed, hmm…… OK……OK……I understand. Mm, that’s fine…… To go so far as to say that, that’s fine. You all can go ahead and selfishly say that, that’s wonderful. In that case… I don’t want to see you 2 ever again. Just as I thought…… we will never meet again. You all and I are strangers as of today. Do you have anything else to say now, even sarcasm? 」



As a last act of kindness, I give them the last word.



「As a final kindness to you whom I have been acquainted, I’ll give you some advice.  Your life will be covered in darkness from here on out. Do not despair as much as you can and try to live with a strong mental disposition. Fuu…… It is a waste of time to talk about this anymore… Let’s go! Eleanor! 」



I have nothing to say to Airi and Lisa anymore.

Just to be sure, I’ll have a word with Cross.



「One last thing. As for you. Cross. Whatever you do to these 2 is fine. From now on, if you meddle with Eleanor and I, I’ll erase you, OK? 」



I glared at Cross as I declared that while I put out an aura of bloodlust.



I looked at the four people like they were garbage.


After that, I tool Eleanor with me and left the guild for the inn together.


However, it was still emotionally painful.

Even when I arrived at the inn, my feelings were still hazy.


Eleanor did not ask me anything.

All she gave me was a tender smile.


Eleanor embraced me gently and affectionately.

As I was enveloped in Eleanor’s warm embrace, I felt my feelings calm down.



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