Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Supplement)

Worldwide Map


Ustenia Kingdom

Zepero von Ustenia is the human king of Ustenia, a country of predominately humans. The capital of Ustenia is Ulgastan. Though the country is populated mainly by humans, beastmen, elves and dwarfs also live there.

Midogal Kingdom

Euro von Midogal is the human king of Midogal. The capital of Midogal is Midoria. Though the country is populated mainly by humans, beastmen, elves and dwarfs also live there.

Steania Empire

Leon von Steania is the human emperor there. The Imperial capital is Tarabaya . Human beings are the most common race, but there are other various other races, most non humans are slaves. According to the policy of Leon von Steania, the supremacy of the human race is pushed.

Episcopal State of Elen Garde

Elen Garde is ruled by a pope, a human. The state capital is Elentres. According to Ellen Garde, other races are excluded and human beings are supreme, so other races do not live within the domain.

Fur Milan Kingdom

Garyon von Fur Milan is the beastman king there. The capital of the kingdom is Milarion. While the beastmen are the most abundant, humans, elves, dwarfs also live there.

Faure Kingdom

Randolph von Faure of the elves of the king rules over it. The capital is Folin. Because elves are a xenophobic race, the only a small number of other races live in the kingdom.

Getmey Kingdom

The Dwarf king, Iridos von Getmey is rules there. The capital is Gedbeck. Dwarfs are the predominant race, the second largest are the human race, and although it is a very small number, elves and demons also live there.

Iblis Kingdom

Debian von libris is the Demon King there. Leish is the capital of the demon kingdom. The demon race is supreme, while beastmen, Elves, Dwarfs also live there, humans however, do not.




  1. Iblis!
    -Iblis The Primordial Demon, The Ruler and Father of Demon, Devil and Djinn was one of God favorite creations, a glorious creature made of fire so pure that not even smoke could mar its beauty. When Iblis refused to bow to Adam, a mere man made of clay, God banished him from heaven.

    -Iblis The Origin of all evil, that scammed Adam and Eve, he tricked them using the secret Becoming Sngels, Becoming Immortal and then They Both Being shown the tree of eternity to eat The Forbidden Fruit, They also Being shown that they can become the Ruler[Emperor and Empress] of everlasting Empire in the Empyrean Heaven.

    It’s Interesting that The Author using Iblis name as Demon Kingdom Name 😀


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