Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

The day Dallas disappeared

That moment – I felt that time in the world stopped. –

As it most certainly would have been the same for Garwin.

Garwin stopped moving when he entered my sight.

As Dan’s head that flew in the air fell to the ground, the ogre general’s axe entered my field of view, it was a sight where the axe penetrated through several centimetres of Garwin’s face.

My darling’s head in the air earlier, this time, my friend’s face ½ torn up and flying through the air.


I could not comprehend what was in front of me, I screamed with all my might.

I can’t understand why this happening!

Hey, can someone tell me?

What’s just happened?

What’s going on?

Dan was positioned to cut off the ogre general’s head, wasn’t he?

Why was Dan’s head separated from his body and flying through the air?

Hey, Dan, can you please get up quickly?

Why is Garwin lying on the ground?

Garwin, please get up too?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

The 2 of them lying flat on the ground, is it a dream?

Or is it a reality?

I …… What am I supposed to do?

And then, my awareness was interrupted momentarily –

My thoughts were a total mess.

Was my awareness interrupted because I am too confused?

I seem to be seeing myself from above …… it is such a strange feeling.

However, thinking back to it, I started to clear my confusion.

And my thoughts became clearer, so I think.

If I struggle with this in the midst of battle, I will not win, I do not allow my awareness to cloud further.

I was prepared for various things being an A rank adventurer.

However, before I knew it, instead of the ogre general’s head, my beloved Dan’s head danced in the air before me and shortly afterwards my old friend Garwin’s face split in half then …… half his face streaked through the air and hit the ground.

My spirit is strong enough to fight through this confusion.

I love Dan more than anything in the world.

I love Louis most in this world.

There is no first or second.

I’m disordered, but even in the current situation, I clearly understand that I have to escape safely and reach where Louis is. Can I do it? Did Louis escape from Dallas safely? I can not think otherwise.

I think, rationally both are possible and the best outcome for me, I am so confused though.

Because I love Louis so deeply that way.

That is why in this situation I think that it is impossible to escape by thinking only about Louis.

I noticed my thoughts started clearing, thinking about such things.

A man in a black robe killed Dan, the ogre general kill Garwin. A stampede monster invited and used in this situation, the man smiled with a contemptuous smile in the distance, that fellow surely is Alfred!

I…… I…… I …… What do I have to do?

I have to kill them! Kill! Kill! KILL! KILL!! KILL!!

I will not leave it like this!

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!

No matter how I think about it, I do not have the will to stop myself.

The enormous magical energy converges on my body.

I was acquiring it with the skill of magic absorption at this time.

I surely have mastered it, I understand the strange feeling within myself……

My body is forcibly collecting magical power from the surroundings using magical absorption.

Beyond the limit, the enormous magical power has gone beyond the limit in which my body can bear…….

The adventurers are surrounded by the huge waves of magical energy, the feudal lord’s army, Alfred whom have seen Dan’s death with eyes of delight, the assassin that killed Dan, the monsters stampeding, all eyes were on me.

Then a roar resounded.

Perhaps everyone was hit with the sense that time ceased for the moment.

I noticed that my body was able to move just before the explosion, I regained normal thoughts but it is already late …

And all the people and things in my sight including me were swallowed by a tremendous explosion.

「I love you, Louis…… I’m sorry……. Dan…… I love you…….」

– On that day the town of Dallas disappeared from the surface of this world.







We who escaped Dallas were in a carriage.

The carriage seemed to have belonged to Dan’s party, I was taught how to use it by Garwin and Lisa at that time when I was out on a request outing.

It seems that it would take 1 month by carriage to the Midogal Kingdom.

Lisa was acting a coachman and Airi and I were riding in the hooded cargo tray.

Airi seemed uneasy and hugged me from behind.

After having left for around 2 hours, Lisa shouted suddenly.


「What’s wrong?」

I thought something had happened and asked Lisa, but since there was no reply, I saw Lisa’s stunned look when I approached the coachman’s seat.

It felt like her sense of awareness left her.

As I was attempting to ask Lisa again – a large roar resounded.

Looking back, everything behind us was engulfed in an emerging white mushroom cloud.

Everyone went silent, as Lisa concluded her thoughts, she opened her mouth.

「Louis, Airi…… Please listen to me calmly, Sarah, Dan and Garwin are dead……」

I was still watching the mushroom white smoke dancing in the sky, and I could not swallow Lisa’s words.

Airi seemed to understand as her body started trembling and her teeth chattered.

Lisa, what are you doing? You said that the 3 will surely come for me right?

「Lisa, you are joking right?」

「Louis! I would never joke about something like that…… no matter how much I want it to be a joke…….」

I understood that it was not a joke from her statement, her expression and the white mushroom cloud behind us.

I just did not understand why Lisa could conclude that with such confidence so I asked.

「We four people in the party have magic tools that register a signal to each other, when one dies, the signal disappears. All 4 party members have them registered to each other, when one of us dies, all of us know. And 3 peoples’ registration has gone ……. Everyone……」

The always dignified Lisa was crying, as her mutters vanish.

I noticed that Airi was trying to suppress her crying.

Suddenly, before I knew it, I noticed my cheeks were wet.

Then the horse-drawn carriage stopped and everyone started sobbing.

The roaring was heard in the evening, it was time to eat dinner soon, but everyone did not feel like it and I decided to go to bed now without eating anything.

When I woke up in the morning, they seem to have already gotten up.

Lisa picked out the ingredients from the item pouch and handed it to Airi.

Airi accepted the ingredients and made soup, so everyone ate the soup with black bread.

As a result of discussing with each other after the meal, even though I was afraid to go, nevertheless I decided to go to see the state of Dallas.

After a while, the carriage seemed to have arrived at a place that was supposed to be Dallas.

There was nothing around where I thought Dallas should be……

The only thing that was visible was the newly made cracked ground and the surrounding wilderness.

– – While looking at the change in Dallas, Lisa, Airi and I stood in stunned silence.



Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Table of Contents



Volume 1

  1. Prologue
  2. Reincarnation
  3. Appraisal
  4. Status Verification
  5. One Year Old
  6. Appraisal at the church
  7. Three Years Old
  8. To the library
  9. Five Years Old
  10. Collapse of daily peace ~Part1~
  11. Collapse of daily peace ~Part 2~
  12. Monster Banquet
  13. The day Dallas disappeared 
  14. Separation
  15. Black Dragon Subjugation
  16. Each New Journey
  17. Chapter 1 Character List
  18. Chapter 1 Skills List


Volume 2

  1.  Eleanor
  2. Eleanor and Camping
  3. The Beginning of Eleanor’s Strengthening
  4. Adventurer Registration
  5. Duel
  6. First Request Achievement
  7. To the Midogal Kingdom
  8. Duke Campbell
  9. Airi and Lisa
  10. Disappointing reunion and farewell




Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Monster banquet ~ Stampede ~

– – The 120-year history of silence has been broken, the threat of stampede comes to Dallas on this day.

Dallas Adventure Guild –

Dan, Sarah, Garwin and Lisa have arrived at the adventurer guild which seems to be crowded with adventurers reading the emergency request posted on the board.

Emergency Request

· An adventurer over adventurer rank C should respond to stampede as an emergency request.

· Participation by adventurers below rank D shall be permitted at their own risk.

· An adventurer who wants to avoid the emergency requests shall pay 10 platinum coins.

· The scale of the stampede coming from the time of mourning labyrinth is about 5,000 demons.

· Adventurers that qualify for the emergency request are to assemble at Dallas north gate and are encouraged to subjugate monsters coming from the northeast direction as they see fit.

The northwest direction will be handled by the lords’ private soldiers and security guards.

· Remuneration is determined by the number and type of subjugated monsters of each adventurer has recorded on their guild card.

When the four finished reading the request, after saying her farewells to the other three, Lisa spoke to the guild receptionist about avoiding the emergency request handed the 10 platinum coins and rushed out the guild.

The remaining three looked at each other then ran to the north gate with a purpose.

The three did not notice someone observing them leave the guild.

It might have been a different future if they noticed.

Airi and I waited for Lisa’s return in the garden.

I had a bad feeling but because I thought that I could not do anything about it, I decided to talk to Airi in order to distract myself.

When while I moved my line of sight to Airi, I felt restless and uneasy.

When I tightly gripped my hand, Airi displayed a forced smile.

Whilst I was doing that, I see Lisa running over here.

When we joined Lisa, we hurried off to the south gate.

I was able to escape Dallas without problems.

Dallas north gate –

The three people, Dan, Sarah, and Garwin, got to the north gate without problems and headed northeast.

Many adventurers are preparing for battle in the vicinity.

There were 500 adventurers gathered due to the emergency request.

Monsters were in the line of sight of the adventurers.

Goblins were the largest species of monsters spotted.

Goblin leader, goblin mage, goblin general, goblin knight, goblin lord and other high-rank species are expected to be attacking soon.

There are orcs, ogres and various other monsters too.

Dan, Sarah and Garwin saw the lord’s soldiers to the west.

In order to protect the city of Dallas, like the adventurers who received the urgent request, the soldiers of the lords are gathered. There are 2000 of them are at the ready.

There are 2000 soldiers are there not?Dan spoke with a little delight in his voice.

Oh, no.

With this, the stampede should be able to be quelled with little problems.

Although damage may be considerable……

Garwin agreed with Dan’s opinion.

That’s right.

After that, it would be figuring out how to escape……

Sarah thinks it is possible to escape safely.

Losing the monster material is a shame but there are more important things than that.

When a person defeats a monster, the level rises by absorbing the magic that flows out from the nucleus, but a small amount of that magic is also absorbed by the guild card.

For that reason, guild cards of those who have killed monsters have defeated monsters listed on their guild cards.

Due to those recorded specifications, the monsters you kill get marked as yours.

For parties, after gathering everyone’s share, loot is shared among members according to common sense.

Dan called out to Sarah and Garwin to rouse them up.

Of course, Sarah and Garwin respond.

Yoshi! Everyone absolutely must not die!

Yes! Of course!

Un, un, I will not get done in by such monsters – –

Dan beckons to the two and speaks to them in a whisper.

Sarah and Garwin nodded.

Feudal lord’s army camp –

At the back of the feudal lord’s army, Alfred watching the adventurers to the east of them.

Alfred is currently 20 years old, he got a good look at Sarah in the city a month ago, he has had a thing for the older woman for years! He told everyone that he was determined to make her his.

There are 2 more days until the deadline that he set for Dan.

However now that the stampede is happening, he was wondering if he could take Sarah away now by killing Dan. Alfred consulted his subordinates and they told him Leave it to us!

Adventurers’ staging area –

As various confused and disordered thoughts were going through the heads of the adventurers, the battle began.

OK, Garwin, Sarah go get ‘em!



The adventurer group not only consisting of the 3 but all 500 as well as the feudal lord’s troops headed for the monsters in the west.

Arrows flew inbound from the goblin archers but Garwin used his shield to fend them off.

Diagonally behind Garwin, Dan was at the ready and Sarah was firing off magic as the rear guard.

Horaaa!!! That kind of attack will not work!

Not yet!!

Great flames pierce thy enemies!

Dan swings his one-handed axe, tearing up the goblins rapidly.

Garwin finished off goblins that slipped by Dan’s axe with his one-handed sword.

Sarah concentrates on attacking ranged monsters like goblin archer and goblin mage with her long ranged attacks.

I will use wide-area magic! Dan! Garwin! Please get back!


I’ll not even let one get through!

Sarah, who left the defence to Dan and Garwin, concentrated her consciousness on manipulating her magic powers.

Sarah had gathered magical powers for a while was now ready to activate wide-area magic.

Come, oh, hellfire of antiquity, burning hell, manifest! Hell burning!

Sarah caught up 100 goblins at once, causing mass screaming.


The adventurers have been fighting for over 2 hours, a large number of monsters have been decreased, but the adventurers have also sustained some damage on their side.

However, since the three people, Garwin, Dan and Sarah, used potions immediately, there is still no noticeable damage to the three people.

Well, I guess it is time to slow down the pace and think about the timing of our withdrawal.

When Dan suggests this to the other two, Garwin makes fun of Dan and makes a tired face.

Dan is already tired and sloppy, haahahawa

From Garwin’s tone, you can tell he is trying to distract from fatigue by joking.

Dan said to Garwin Aaaa, that’s right. We will leave everything to Garwin then?

Both of you are joking around! I wanted to take a break but I guess I can’t say that. The ogre general has arrived!

The ogre general is an A ranked monster, it is a monster that is hard to defeat without an A ranked party.

However, two hours have already passed since the battle started, and all adventurers including Garwin, Dan and Sarah are tired. In addition, it is the first time in a while that Sarah has been in a battle. The three had a hard fight clearly for those reasons.

However, as expected from A ranked adventurers, they gradually began to push the ogre general back.

Garwin defended the ogre general’s attack whilst Dan used body strengthening and aimed for the gap which happened to be the neck of the ogre general.

The three thought that the ogre general’s head flew into the air – – In that moment, it happened.

– – They were waiting for it to drop out of the air.

It was Dan’s head ……


Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Collapse of daily peace ~Part 2~



Yesterday, Sarah shut herself in her room.

I heard both of them argue again yesterday, when I asked Dan, he told me this was because Sarah got angry, and she locked herself in her room.

Is the air still so tense today?

When I went to the garden to train, I noticed the streets suddenly becoming noisy.

As Dan has been home for the past few days, I stopped training and went back into the house.

I then told Dan and Sarah about what I observed and told them I wanted to go downtown to see what was going on.


「Papa, Mama, it has gotten noisy out in the streets, can we go see what is going on?」

「Louis it is dangerous, I’ll go see. Obviously, it is no good for Sarah too. It may be bad but please stay home today. 」


Sarah did not say a word but had an annoyed look on her face.

Airi looked at Sarah with a troubled look.


「Anyway, I’m going to go out now 」

「Dan and Sarah are in, Kaaa!!」


I heard a loud voice over Dan’s words.

When I looked towards the voice, the front door of the house flew open as Garuwin and Lisa entered the house.

Dan and Lisa seemed to be in a rush, she was sweating visibly, Garuwin was talking rapidly and breathing hard.


「Haaa, Haaaaa, there is a stampede coming!!!!」


With Garuwin’s proclamation, the house fell silent.

After that, shattering the silence I heard for the first time, something that sounded like an alarm reverberate.




– This goes back to the day that Sarah locked herself in her room.

– – The Time of mourning Labyrinth – –

There is a labyrinth called 【Time of mourning Labyrinth】 about 2 days walk from Dallas.

The 【Time of mourning Labyrinth】 is a dungeon that has not been cleared yet, but there are many other dungeons not yet cleared all over the world.

In this dungeon, the possibility of stampede was supposed to be infinitesimally low, because many users are thinning out monsters properly by adventurers.

In the 【Time of mourning Labyrinth】, 45 floors have been traversed and cleared.

The lower levels of this dungeon have low-level monsters such as goblins, hobgoblins, slimes, etc. appear, making it relatively welcoming to beginner adventurers.

As we advance through the levels, orcs and ogres appear and enemies get stronger and stronger but by slowly conquering the dungeon, adventurers can slowly increase their skills and levels.

There is a boss room every 10th floor, the boss of the 10th floor is the goblin leader, the boss of the 20th floor is the orc leader, the 30th floor is the ogre leader and the 40th floor is a chimera.

Monsters from the 【Time of mourning Labyrinth】 are currently pouring out of the dungeon.

It has been 120 years since the last stampede.

Nothing of the kind has happened since the last stampede, everyone that has seen it can’t believe what they are seeing, the spectacle that can’t be comprehended was spreading.

On that day, four members of the B ranked party 【Sasaraka】 who mainly operated out of Dallas, were headed to the 【Time of mourning Labyrinth】. When they were a day out from the dungeon, while they were stopped for a break, overlooking the plains, all the members were speechless with the sight that beheld them.

Then they somehow managed to restart their brain and they understood that the stampede had happened, they ran to the Dallas adventurer guild, making full use of every ounce of their physical strength.




– The present

– Dallas Adventure Guild –

On that day, the guild was packed with adventurers, travelers trying to obtain information, merchants, aristocrats and many others.

The cause of the madness was the information that 【Sasaraka】 reported to the guild the day before.

Currently, the guild is organizing the information, as well as sending a letter pertaining to this to the feudal lord and arranging an emergency request.

For emergency requests, all C rank and up adventurers are almost forcibly obligated to participate.

A 5 platinum coin fine is required if one is to pass on the request.

Adventurers D rank and under can participate at one’s own risk.

The guild master, who has finished all preparations, sounds the alarm twice using an exclusive alarm magic tool that is installed in this world’s adventure guilds.

The exclusive alarm magic tool has special allowances that allow it to deliver a warning at a range of 100 kilometers.

When this warning sounds, the citizens evacuate and the adventurers gather in the adventurer guild.

At the same time as the warning from the adventurer guild is over, a similar alarm sounds once.

This is an alarm from the feudal lord, and with this alarm, the evacuation of the citizens is repeated, but security guards and soldiers of lords will gather at the square near the feudal lord’s castle.




I heard an incomprehensible report that I did not understand from Garuwin.

Meanwhile, when I looked over Dan, Sarah, Airi, I was observing the reaction of each person.

Dan had a frightening, frustrated and Sarah’s face was pale with shock.

I could not work out Airi’s complicated expression.

Dan was in disbelief with anger and hatred in his heart.


「It can’t really be a stampede?!」


Sarah asked without concealing her uneasy face.


「What does everyone intend to do? I think unless you have received an emergency request from the guild based on rank …… I have not retired so it is necessary for me to go to the guild too.」

「Everyone, listen to me.」


Dan had authority in his eyes and a serious expression on his face spoke to everyone.

Due to the attitude that everyone, including myself, judged coming from Dan, we paid full attention. We then listened to Dan’s speech.

The content of the speech was about the trouble Dan had with Alfred and Alfred asking for the impossible, hearing the story made me extremely angry and sick to my stomach.

And with Dan’s head plagued with the issues with Alfred, I think this stampede is a turning point in a sense.

As I heard the explanation, I then understood Dan’s strange behavior, it seems that thinking about his family has created a lot of pain. Sarah then apologized to Dan crying and cuddled him.

Dan embraced Sarah then said 「I have a proposal.」 the discussion was truncated.


「Until I go to the adventurer guild… I wouldn’t know the scale of the problem is. However, it is necessary to solve Alfred’s matter at any cost, it is probably possible to leave town without a problem now.

Citizens are now evacuating and the gatekeepers would not be on guard. As expected, an adventurer that has received an emergency request would have absolutely no problem leaving town.

And when the stampede is over, we and our families will leave this tomorrow and head towards the kingdom of neighbouring Midogal Kingdom.

Airi would be left with Louis so we will not go to the adventurer guild together with everyone…… Lisa I have a request to ask of you」


Lisa seemed surprised to be asked in this current situation but when she calmed down she urged the continuation of the discussion.



「I want Lisa to take Louis and Airi to the Midogal Kingdom ahead of us. Of course, we will pay the fine for avoiding the urgent request! 」


Dan said as he lowered his head to Lisa.

Lisa thought about the request with her finger on her chin.

After a while, with a steeled look on her face.


「I understand, you guys are definitely coming to Midogal! If you don’t come, I won’t forgive you!」


When he heard her reply, Dan raised his head.


「I really appreciate it, here is a bag with 18 platinum coins in it.

Use 10 of it to pay the fine for avoiding the emergency request. Use the remaining 8 for travel expenses after leaving the guild.

Take whatever else you need for your travels from this house put it in the item pouch and take it with you. I will catch up later!

Garuwin what are you going to do?」


Dan took out the money bag from his item pouch, verified the amount in the money bag then handed it to Lisa.


「Haaa! Why are you asking me something with the answer being so obvious? I will also be leaving Dallas, I will go to Midogal with both of you. Let’s take requests again when we arrive! There are dungeons that we have not done yet!」


Rather than worrying about the stampede, I was angry at Alfred. As there is nothing I can do about it myself, I forcibly drove the Alfred issue out of my mind, the discussion has come to a resolution.

I am getting stronger, but … I can not do anything I was irritated at myself.



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Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Collapse of daily peace ~Part 1~


◆  Dan’s POV


「Sarah should not leave the house for a while! I’m asking you to entrust shopping to Airi and me!」

「I’ve said many times. I won’t be convinced unless you tell me the reason……」


Sarah is absolutely not convinced!

I was glared at suspiciously.


「I can’t say the reason now, I don’t know when I will be able to tell you …….」


I thought I could not say the reason, but I murmured the end without any strength or emphasis.


「It has been happening for a long time, I know this because I and Louis have secretly tagged along!」


Sarah has taken that attitude and refused to speak to me any further.

I went to my room with a sullen look on my face.

I looked back at Sarah with a sad face while walking to my room.

Sarah and I have been together for a long time now, in that time I understood Sarah’s personality very well, so I know why it has become like this.

Sarah basically has a gentle and gracious personality, but when she gets angry, she gets really stubborn and does not listen to anything. It is foolhardy to go against her in this situation.

It would be bad for me to go against her.

I have yet to find a solution for this problem. Other than spending every day arguing with Sarah, I have no other solution.



――― It all began three days back.

Both Garuwin and Lisa have requested that I go with them on a trip outside of Dallas.

I received a solo request, otherwise, it was rare for Sarah to request my help.

And today I went to the Adventurer’s Guild to accept a new request as per usual.

Should I look for a nearby solo request?

While thinking to myself I decided to take a closer look at a request stuck on the request board.

Then the receptionist who I never saw spoke to me.

I guess it’s a newbie receptionist.

When going to the guild, it is easy to spot the newcomers.

When you watch a receptionist closely you can tell who has just received a transfer from another city due to the way that they operate.

I remember seeing this receptionist for the first time a couple of days ago, but at that time I was bust doing other business.


「Are you Dan-sama the A ranked adventurer?」


The receptionist looked at me with a questioning look on her face, I nodded and said


「Oh, yes」


I was then urged into the guild consultation room, I wonder if it is a special request?

I was thinking that while I followed the receptionist to the consultation room.


「Sorry for the sudden invitation, my name is Carla and I am a guild receptionist. First of all, please have a seat.」


After entering the counseling room and greeted by a receptionist whose name is Carla, I was surprised that Carla’s greeting was polite and refined, so I decided to sit on the sofa and put on a neutral expression.

However, Carla’s expression was not very apologetic.

「Let me get straight to the point and get down to business because I have something from Alfred von Windsor-sama, the eldest son of Earl of Pierre von Windsor-sama, the feudal lord of this town I really need to see Dan-sama.」

Pierre von Windsor, the feudal lord of this city, is an Earl of the Ustenia Kingdom.

Though I have never met him, the rumors in the city are that he is not a tyrannical lord. I guess there is the possibility of him being a benevolent lord of this area?

Conversely, Alfred, the eldest son, is famous for being ruthless and arrogant. I could not hide a bad feeling due to Alfred’s reputation. However I didn’t know what his request was, so I kept calm and urged the receptionist to continue.


「I want you to contact Dan-san and let him know if the meeting time and location because I do not know the nature of the business, that is all I have for you.」

「Is this a guild nomination request from Alfred-sama?」

「No, it is not a guild nomination request, therefore, it is not compulsory.」


With respect to my question, Carla answered as if to say the answer was determined from the beginning.

The guild is an independent institution from each country and basically is not affected by the state, but one can be influenced a little more because one lives in this Dallas.

There are a lot of people who are troubled by aristocratic lords and others and are driven out of towns and cities by the orders of their lords.

As this is a nomination request from a noble, one may be summoned.

However, in this case, it is concluded that it is not a nomination request, so it is not known at this stage whether it is a consultation or request.

I’ve got a nasty premonition but I reluctantly accept.


「Alfred-sama will be at the『Cafe Saidoira』 in front of the fountain near the guild, from between 12pm to 4pm in the next three days, I hope that the schedule is acceptable. After arriving at the cafe, speak to the staff and they will guide you to Alfred-sama’s seat.」


I left the consultation room after my business with Carla was concluded.

When I look at the clock in the guild, it is now around 14 o’clock, so I went to『Cafe Saidoira』.

On the way to 『Cafe Saidoira』, my gait was heavy and did not conceal my sense of foreboding.

I spoke to the staff at 『Cafe Saidoira』 when I got there and they guided me to Alfred’s table.

I greeted Alfred and was urged to sit down with him.

Behind Alfred, there was a knight wearing full plate armor as well as a butler.

Whilst sitting, Alfred opened his spoke dripping with arrogance.


「About a month ago a woman caught my eye, I found out her name is Sarah, she is your wife is she not? I will make her my concubine so be grateful.

I will pay you 5 platinum coins now.

There is no way for you to refuse now, right?

It will not be easy to live in this town if you refuse.」


At first, I didn’t understand what Alfred was saying.

When the meaning of Alfred’s statement slowly dawned on me, my inevitable anger started emerging.

I unconsciously became emotional and stood up from my seat and was about to strike Alfred, I regained my calm when I saw his knight put his hand on the hilt of his sword.

I returned my derriere to my seat, and even though a forced calm attitude returned to me, I had a stony look on my face.

The atmosphere in the cafe chilled and got a little noisy as the other patrons started to take notice of the commotion in our direction.

I immediately took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down as much as possible.

Due to this guy being from a noble family, I would be hard-pressed not to speak to him politely.


「Alfred-sama, Sarah has been together with me for a long time, it is impossible for me to accept money for my wife to become your concubine, my child needs Sarah, his mother.」


Alfred was indulged by his parents growing up, there were rumours that all he had to say was 「I want it」 and got whatever he wanted…… Isn’t he exactly like the boy in the rumour?

Not thinking that I’d refuse, Alfred made a mocking face dripping with condescension.

However, as soon as I pulled myself together and spoke, his jaw dropped.


「Would it not have been better for you to just obediently nod and accept? If you refuse, not only would it be difficult to live in this city but maybe your child might go missing too? It would be useless even if you tried to leave town, the city guards will detain Sarah, I have ordered them not to let your family leave town.」


This fellow threatened me this time!

However, is he going to make the Adventurer Guild his enemy?


「Even if you speak to the guild receptionist with such a story, don’t you think I can stop it there too?」

「There is no problem even if you complain there, Clara has been made a maid of the Earl household recently. The Adventurer Guild has been informed of her resignation before relaying the message to you. Even if you appeal to the guild at worst, Carla will get a harsh talking to.」


Alfred bellowed with triumphant laughter.

Looking at the situation, I could not stop being frustrated.

This scum! Shall I kill him?

No, I don’t know who Alfred has told his plans to, I would be caught immediately if the eldest son of the Earl gets killed with the situation standing the way it is.

The feudal lord will retaliate if Alfred gets killed.

If so, Sarah and Louis might be harmed.

Is there no better way?

Whilst I was pondering the situation, Alfred who was making me furious, spoke further.


「You can’t make an immediate decision, can you?

I will wait a week, so make your decision by then.

You do understand what happens after a week? Don’t you?」


Alfred declared so at the end as he left the cafe, defended by his guard.

I clenched my fist so hard in anger, blood started flowing from my palms before I knew it, but I did not feel pain as it was masked by my rage as I glared at Alfred’s back who was leaving the cafe.


◆ Louis’s POV

– Back to the current time.

Dan and Sarah’s quarreling has unusually increased lately.

I don’t understand the contents, but when I look towards them, their attitudes abruptly changed to one of kindness.

Therefore I don’t know what they are quarreling about, moreover, they would not tell me.

The atmosphere in the house has been tense lately.

Airi also does not know what is going on, no matter who talks to Dan and Sarah, they will not say anything.

Even though it was impossible for me to say it, I do regret not interrogating Dan.

I might have been able to do something about it.



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Even though this is going to possibly slow the release of chapters for the aforementioned WN, it would give me a little more variety. I don’t want to do this before the conclusion of chapter 1 though.

I propose that releases will be staggered between the WNs rather than a block of translations. I won’t be translating chapters or volumes at a go but will go with a section at a time.

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Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Five Years Old


– Earth (Āsuアース) History 26th July 2017 –

We have had a warm weather lately which has made it ideal for training.

However, there is no snow on Earth(Āsu アース), there are almost no changes in the four seasons, and it is a climate that is easy to spend all the year round.

Since I am planning to be an adventurer like Dan and Sarah when I grow up, I entered the training as well and was scolded by Sarah and Airi,「You’re trying too hard lately!」

On the contrary, Dan says 「If you become an adventurer you can do more!」, then Dan gets a serious scolding from Sarah. And now I have turned five years old.

There have been no big changes, for me, in between the ages of three and five.

Sarah treats me as per usual, she has almost completely retired from adventuring, it seems that we are doing the 『Adventurer Card Renewal Procedure』 that happens annually.

Dan agrees with me being an Adventurer, although it was not expensive, he presented me with a sword.

Garuin comes occasionally, his voice still as big as ever, Lisa is still an elven beauty that you can not miss.

Of course, Dan, Sarah, and Airi are also good looking, I would think that I would look the same in the future, wouldn’t I be good looking too? I wanted to think so.

I was troubled, from the start, Sarah and Airi have had excessive skinship with me and I feel like it is getting worse, year by year. Then, recently, Lisa join in …….

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it felt good at all.

As I was going to be an adventurer in the future, I went back to the library several times to find out about adventurers and skills.

First of all, the highest skill level is 10, however, there are not many adventurers that reach that level.


Let’s roughly divide the skill levels.

1 : Apprentice

2 : Novice

3 : Ordinary

4 : Junior

5 : Intermediate

6 : Senior

7 : Master

8 : Legendary

9 : Inhuman (TN: Woah!)

10 : Godly (TN: Direct translation was Kami 神, but it didn’t sound quite right)


And that is how it goes.

However, even if you reach level 10 it is natural that you will not become a god.

Is having the power equivalent of a god wrong? It seems like such a power exists.

It is possible to register at the 【Adventurer Guild】 at the age of 15.

Request are given commensurate with the rank of the Adventurer.

Some adventurers are making money by defeating monsters and selling their materials in the 【Dungeon】 without receiving requests.

There are nine ranks of adventurers ranging from, EX, S, A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

The EX rank is the highest, and G rank is the lowest.

It seems that only D rank and up are recognized as real adventurers.

Dungeon refers to a dark, demonic, naturally occurring labyrinth. There are opportunities to get various items and weapons there.

In the dungeon, there are infinite monsters but as long as a 【Stampede】 does not occur, no monsters will come out of the dungeon.

As long as one captures the【Dungeon Core】, the dungeon would be considered captured.

Because the stampede does not occur in the captured dungeon, some towns close to the dungeon offer dungeon clearing rewards.

There is a possibility of a stampede in a dungeon which has not been captured. However, the last time a stampede took place was over 120 years ago. Since the last stampede, most of the dungeons are always getting thinned out of monsters, so the stampedes have almost ceased occurring.

My status has increased considerably, but my level has not risen by any means.

When you defeat a monster magic leaks out its core, whoever has dealt the decisive blow on the monster absorbs this magic and that causes a rise in experience value at a fixed rate.

Sadly, because I am still five years old she naturally has not taken me to kill demon monsters.

That’s why I am still at level 1 .…..

My level has not gone up, but my skills have increased considerably.

As it was difficult to read the status plate before, I reorganized it and the changes were reflected at once.

I think it has become easier to read than before.

Moreover, previously I had only concealed three skills, but now my concealment level has also greatly increased and it may be unknowingly appraised by someone elsewhere, so I decided to conceal all skills all the time in my status.


Name : Louis

Gender : Male

Race : Human

Age : 5

Level : 1 (Status and skills are being hidden)

Title : God Sent Child of Creation

HP : 3150/3150

MP : 12225/12225

Strength : 450

Defence : 450

Agility : 552

Dexterity : 421

Magical Power : 660

Spirit : 1630



【Special Skills】

Creation (4)

Status Enhancement (5)

Skill Growth Speed Up (3)


【Martial Skills】

Swordsmanship (4)

Shield Art (3)

Axe Art (3)

Grappling (7)

Sky Step (2)


【Physical skills】

Body Strengthening (4)

Raise Maximum HP (4)

HP Recovery Speed Up (4)


【Magic Skills】

Light Magic (3)

Dark Magic (1)

Fire Magic (4)

Water Magic (4)

Wind Magic (3)

Earth Magic (4)

Lightning Magic (3)

Gravity Magic (3)

Space-Time Magic (2)

Raise Maximum MP (5)

MP Recovery Speed Up (4)

Magic Power Manipulation (2)

MP Pool (5)


【Other Skills】

Appraisal (4)

Concealment (8)

Service (2)

All Language Understanding

Life Magic


【Sky Step】

One can walk and run by making footholds in the air.

Effective time is skill level × one second.


【Dark Magic】

Allows one to use dark magic.


【Wind Magic】

Allows one to use wind magic. (TN: No pervert?)


【Lightning Magic】

Allows one to use lightning magic.


【Gravity Magic】

Allows one to use gravity magic.


【Space-Time Magic】

Allows one to use space-time magic.


Even though sky steps can only be used in air, because every time one makes use of this skill one has to actively think about each step, I realized that the higher the skill level the better.

When today’s training was over, Airi who was watching approached me.


「Louis-sama, thank you for your hard work」


I was appreciative of her words and thanked her with a smile.


「Airi, thank you, however, just as I thought no matter how many time I tell you Louis is fine …」

「No matter, there is still my pride as a maid after all.」


But because Airi is always with me since I was born, she feels much more like a sister though.

That’s why I’ve asked many times 「I want Airi to be my older sister and not put on airs.」. Though I keep asking, apparently she won’t give up being a maid.

And, I’ve noticed, Airi showed a happy but embarrassed face when I said that.

– Sarah’s gentle voice was carried by the wind.


「Louis-chan, Airi, let’s eat!」


Sarah seems to have made the meal today.

I said that the meal Airi made with service is better.

Sarah was tearing up when I told her that……

I apologized a lot at the time.

Thus, enjoyable and peaceful days passed after for training. That’s why I did not notice, unlike the Earth, this world is full of danger, so peaceful days are a fragile existence.

It was only after a while that I understand it in a true sense.



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Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

To the library


I walked to the library with Airi. Airi seemed very happy to be with me, from my point of view, the tension seems higher than usual. I arrived at the library with Airi, but there were no events of note in particular through the journey.

As soon as I entered the library, Airi moved to the reception desk. The reception desk was manned by an elderly man, Airi organized the formalities with the elderly man. While waiting for the formalities to be completed, I got a little bored and without delay, decided to roam around surveying for books that I’d like to read.

As soon as I looked inside the hall, I found an information board that described where the books were located, so I approached the board and memorized the places of the books that I am interested in.

Airi finished the formalities and trotted over to me. I asked Airi 「Let’s go over there?」 and we went there together.

I went to the area where the bookshelf that contained the book I wanted to read was at. Unfortunately, the book was on the top shelf and by no means reachable by the short me, so I asked Airi to get the book for me quickly. A 3-year-old is still a 3-year-old no matter how you look at it I can’t reach books much higher than my height. It is miserable to think about it but I just have to grow taller! I tried to give myself a pep-talk.

After reading several books and gaining more knowledge, I found out that this world is called 【Earth】. I’m certain that Earth was also called Earth. (TN: Confusing as hell, 【Earth】 is āsu (アース), so basically Japanese pronunciation if the English name, Earth is Chikyū (地球) the proper Japanese word for planet Earth. The last sentence is basically “ āsu was also called Chikyū.” If that makes sense.)

Perhaps, there is some relation between Earth (地球) and 【Earth】 ( アース), which may have led to me reincarnating in this world. I don’t know the truth.

There are no books about things related to the Earth (地球), but somehow or another I could guess.

There might be other valuable books that are not in the Library if I can find them, but is there a chance to get into such a place? I wonder. I’d have to consider it when the opportunity arises.

First of all, I should read what’s written about the different races, nations, and money in this world. I have to piece everything together to see the big picture.

Money as from the lowest value 【Copper Coin】,【Silver cCin】,【Gold Coin】,【Platinum Coin】, and【Mythril Platinum Coin】 10 pieces of the lower value equates to the next denomination respectively.

For your average inn with a single room for two nights is about five copper coins. And with around 10 gold coins one could cover the living expenses for an average family of four people to live?

I can’t imagine it, all of a sudden, at any rate, I understand that money is necessary to live so I should consider how to make money from now on.

Next are races and countries.

In this world there are the main races: 【Humans】 · 【Beastmen】 · 【Elves】 · 【Dwarfs】 · 【Demons】 ·【Spirits】 ·.

Beastmen · Elves · Dwarfs · Demons are grouped as 【Demi-humans】 it seems to be declared, I have to be careful as there seems to be extreme prejudice towards them.

The Spirit race is unique, they are an evolved race that is sought after throughout the world 【Small Spirits】, they evolved with a sense of self and migrated to the 【Spirit World】 and are ruled by the 【Spirit King】.

Spirits can be contracted on rare occasions when a spiritual contract is made.

Also, the 【Spirit World】 is in a space that is not this continent.

I do not know the location of the 【Spirit World】 but this information is from people that can contact spirits. (TN: I’m not confident on my translations about the Spirit race, it took me over an hour to research each individual word and its various definitions and context, I will revise any mistakes as the WN goes on and the picture gets clearer)


The following are the characteristics of the races.



The most populous race as well as the race that covers most of the Earth.

Depending on the country they may have strong prejudices against Demi-Humans.

Ability values are average.



Strictly speaking, even if they are called 【Beastmen】, they consist of a few varieties like 【Wolfmen】, 【Dogmen】,【Catmen】 and so on, they are a diverse race but they are all called 【Beastmen】.

They have a strong sense of camaraderie.

When comparing all the races, the 【Beastmen】 have the highest physical ability.

Their disadvantage is in the fact that they can’t use any magic other than body strengthening. This seems to be due to the poor development of organs that emit magic outside the body.

A long time ago, 【Beastmen】 were able to use magic, nevertheless, this still sometimes occurs. The phenomenon is called【Throwback】 it seems.



When you look at magic capability, they have the highest average value for all the races.

Elves love the forest and many are good at archery.

Elves are a very beautiful race.



They are highly dexterous and excel in smithing and manufacturing magic tools.

They are extremely fond of alcohol.

Dwarfs are short and their men are bearded and hairy.

The women don’t have beards and have thinner hair.



Strictly speaking, the Demon race consists not only of 【Demons】 but 【Succubus】,【Vampires】, and others.

They are a diverse race that is collectively called Demons.

Though the characteristics of each group are different from each other, they generally have high physical strength as well as magical ability. When compared to all the groups, the Demon group has the strongest abilities.



【Small Spirits】 is an evolved race they are not spirits of the dead.

【Spirits】 live in the 【Spirit World】, if they are contracted by one of the other races, they can then appear on this continent.

As there is very little eyewitness information, it seems that uncontracted 【Spirits】 very rarely appear on the continent.


There is only one large continent on Earth, and there are eight countries in the continent.


【Ustenia Kingdom】

A Human king rule here. Humans are the majority of the population while there is a minority of Beastmen, Elves, and Dwarfs.


【Midogal Kingdom】
A Human king rule here. Humans are the majority of the population while there is a minority of Beastmen, Elves, and Dwarfs.


【Stania Empire】
A Human king rules here. Humans consist of the majority of the population, the other races are represented here but most of which are slaves.


【Episcopal State of Elen Garde】
A Human pope governs here. It is exclusively a Human state and the other races do not live close by.


【Fur Milan Kingdom】
A Beastman king rules here. Beastmen are the majority of the population, the other races make up the rest.


【Faure Kingdom】
An Elf king rules here. It is mainly an exclusive Elf kingdom, an extremely small number of the other races live there.


【Getmey Kingdom】
The Dwarf king rules here. The Dwarfs are the majority here, the second largest population consists of humans as well as a smattering of Elves and Demons.


【Iblis Kingdom】
The Demon king rules here. Demons are the majority of the population, the rest consists of a small number of Beastmen, Elves, and Dwarfs. Humans do not live here.


Should I read a Magic book next?

However, I feel a little tired.

As I was feeling a little tired, I looked around and stretched.

I was wondering what Airi was up to so I looked around for her, it seemed that Airi was also reading a book.

Only the sound of visitors coming in and the sound of Airi gently flipping through her book can be heard.

Even though I learned a few things about magic from Sarah, let me do a review as well and fill in a few blanks.

There are nine attributes of Magic, 【Light Magic】,【Dark Magic】,【Fire Magic】, 【Water Magic】, 【Wind Magic】, 【Earth Magic】, 【Lightning Magic】,【Gravity Magic】 and 【Space-Time Magic】.

There is also a highly effective special magic 【Compound Magic】.

There are various kinds of compound magic, but they are collectively called compound magic.


【Light Magic】

As a feature, HP can be restored as a defensive mechanism, and various states of abnormality can be recovered.

It is also possible to protect from an attack by setting up a barrier.

When one’s light magic becomes super high ranked, one could also regenerate severed limbs, however, one can’t revive the dead.

As an offensive system, it is most powerful against the undead, though there are very few people that can use it offensively.


【Dark Magic】

As a feature, there is magic that manipulates shadows and interferes with the mind. It is the branch of magic that creates slave crests 【Slave Magic】. This is how slave collars are made but slave magic is a closely guarded secret of slave traders. Dark magic users are generally despised.


【Fire Magic】

A magic that manipulates fire and flames. One of its characteristics is its high offensive capability.


【Water Magic】

A magic that manipulates water and ice. The attack power is also high, but water can also be conjured up magically which can be used for drinking water, and since ice can cool various things, it is quite useful for living and traveling.


【Wind Magic】

A magic that manipulates the wind. Wind can be manipulated and used to cut various things, it also has high attack power. It also has high defensive capabilities due to the ability to create a wind barrier. Due to the fact that wind magic is invisible, it is pretty difficult to avoid.

It is also possible to fly by using 【Compound Magic】, combining 【Wind Magic】 and 【Gravity Magic】.


【Earth Magic】

A magic that manipulates earth and rocks. Both offensive, as well as defensive power, are excellent. In addition to this, it is also excellent for farming as well as construction.


【Lightning Magic】

A magic that manipulates thunder and lightning. Due to its ultra-high speed, it is difficult to defend against when invoked. Lightning magic also has the capabilities of stunning subjects. As there are now only a few practitioners, it has become quite valuable.


【Gravity Magic】

A magic that manipulates gravity. Weight can be manipulated on objects as well as people. Again gravity magic is hard to avoid due to it being invisible. As mentioned before gravity magic is a component of flight magic. Currently, there are few users and this makes it valuable magic.


【Space-Time Magic】

A magic that manipulates time and space. 【Item Box】 which makes private space stopping the flow of time of individual practitioners, 【Item Box】, and 【Magic Bag】 are expensive magic tools imbued with 【Item Box】 magic, it is well known that Magic Bag has the larger capacity of the two.

After becoming a high-level 【Space-Time Magic】 user, you will be able to teleport to the place you visited once. Use of a magic array is the most common way of teleportation. There has been no one that is capable of using teleportation magic in the public arena right now.

It seems that teleportation magic users want to stay out of the limelight.

Item box has a small opening but both it and magic bag can stop time within it, however, it is impossible to stop time on a global level. Going back in time is impossible too.


There is more magic than I thought.

Let’s create a magic still that is within my capabilities.

As expected, I really got tired today …

I think that I got a grasp of basic knowledge, so I will gain more in the future.

I called Airi over to help me tidy up the books. On the way home, I was talking to Airi and she mentioned 「Louis is amazing, being able to read such a large variety of books at three years of age.」 she was impressed.

As for me, I’m not three years old on the inside, so I tried to casually laugh it off.



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Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Three years old


– Earth History 26th July 2015 – –


I turned 3 years of age and verified my status.


Name : Louis

Gender : Male

Race : Human

Age : 3

Level : 1

Title : God Sent Child of Creation

HP : 900/900

MP : 3575/3575

Strength : 150

Defence : 150

Agility : 152

Dexterity :141

Magical Power : 190

Spirit : 550



【Creation】 (3)

【Raise Maximum MP】 (3)

【Raise Maximum HP】 (2)

【Swordsmanship】 (2)

【Shield Art】 (1)

【Axe Art】 (1)

【Grappling】 (5)

【Light Magic】 (2)

【Fire Magic】 (2)

【Water Magic】 (3)

【Earth Magic】 (2)

【Magic Power Manipulation】 (2)

【Body Strengthening】 (3)

【HP Recovery Speed Up】 (2)

【MP Pool】 (2)

【Status Enhancement】 (3)

【MP Recovery Speed Up】 (2)

【Skill Growth Speed Up】 (2)

【Service】 (1)

【Life Magic】


Concealed Skills

【Appraisal】 (3)

【Concealment】 (6)

【All Language Understanding】


The newly created and acquired skills.



You will obtain the appropriate level of proficiency with the sword.


【Shield Art】

You will obtain the appropriate level of proficiency with the shield.


【Axe Art】

You will obtain the appropriate level of proficiency with the axe.



You will obtain the appropriate level of proficiency with hand to hand combat.


【Light Magic】

You can use light magic.


【Fire Magic】

You can use fire magic.


【Water Magic】

You can use water magic.


【Earth Magic】

You can use earth magic.


【Magic Power Manipulation】

You will be able to skilfully manipulate Magic Power.

When Magic Power Manipulation activation goes smoothly, MP increases and MP consumption decreases.


【Body Strengthening】

Strengthen your body by consuming MP.


【Raise Maximum HP】

Increase maximum HP.

The amount of the increase will be skill level X 10%.


【HP Recovery Speed Up】

The natural recovery of HP speeds up.


【MP Pool】

By pooling an arbitrary amount of MP, pooled MP can be drawn out and used at an arbitrary timing. (TN : MP battery bank?)

The upper limit of MP which can be pooled is skill level × 100.



Provides skills in cooking, cleaning and tidying up. (superior ranking for composite skills)


【Life Magic】

You can use ignition magic, clean magic, hot air magic.


I picked up these skills from my parents and Airi in case of emergency. I acquired 【MP Pool】 myself via 【Creation】.

MP pool can be used like pseudo maximum MP up, so I think it’s a pretty good skill.

I learned a little 【Swordsmanship】 from Dan by lightly sword fighting with him using a wooden sword.

Recently Dan has often not been here, so it is painful not being able to practice.

As I did Karate when I was younger, 【Grappling】’s level was raised up early. Regardless of my previous life experience, I think the growth would have been quick due to 【Skill Growth Speed Up】.

Well, I can not compare skills with or without 【Skill Growth Speed Up】 cases, so I do not know the actual impact ……

Sarah taught me the long desired magic after which I acquired each magic skill.

In the beginning, every time I used magic, my magic power varied wildly, after imagining and creating 【Magic Power Manipulation】, It has become possible to use magic with stable power. Because the garden is not too big, I can not use dangerous magic.

Because books are quite expensive in this world, I can’t read books as much as I want. Dan and Sarah would sometimes buy me picture books, though. The contents of the picture books are not for three-year-olds. Even so, it was good beause I learnt the letters of the language from those books.

And finally, the eagerly awaited three years old!

Why you ask have I looked forward to being three years old so eagerly? I have only been able to walk to the near by field accompanied by Sarah, basically, they would not let me out unaccompanied……

There was a promise made a long time ago, what’s the promise you might ask? I will be allowed to visit the library when I turn three.

Of course I won’t be going alone, I will be going with Airi.

I can get various information about this world like this, and I can investigate various things!

In my previous life, I only read Light Novels and Manga occasionally, but I need to acquire knowledge now, my desire for knowledge has become amazing.

The factor spurring my desire for knowledge is that I am now no longer on Earth as I have known it but in a different unknown world.

With the library in mind, I was extremely cheerful when Airi and Sarah entered the room.

I have already changed clothes today, so I do not have to feel embarrassed!


「Louis, hold my hand when we go the the Library because it is dangerous」

「Louis-chan, please be careful when you go out. 」



I went to Airi, we held hands and walked towards the library.

Sarah casually looked back towards me and sent me off with a smile, so I waved my hands vigorously.



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Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Appraisal at the church



「Airi, please change Louis’ clothes.」

Sarah smiled at Airi while asking for me to get changed.

「Yes, certainly Sarah-sama.」

Airi replied with a smile beaming on her face, she had my change of clothes in her hands. As she replied to Sarah, she comes towards me preparing to change my clothes. As she was doing so, I tried to get the clothes out of Airi’s hands and change myself.

「Louis-sama, please sit still and let me change you.」

Airi gently brushed my hand away.


I shook my head grudgingly but was calmly ignored. Despite being one, isn’t it embarrassing to be changed and getting looked at? Besides, though Airi still has an air of innocence, she is still a beautiful girl with the bright features.

Even though you are 10 years old, I’d honestly like you to stop. As I think that everyone seems quite adult, even if I say that I hate it, I do not understand why I expressed that I really disliked the idea of Airi changing me by saying 「Yaaa….」. Thus she changed my clothes by force while ignoring my will.

As soon as I was changed, it was time to leave for the church. As we were strolling, I wanted to walk but ……. I am being carried by Sarah, regrettably, I am unable to walk due to this.

「So then, I am off to the church, see you later Airi」

「Yes, I understand, please take care while you are out」

「Have a safe trip. (Itterasshamase)」

Airi said, does Airi not want to come with us? She had a look of [I wanted to go] written all over her face. Even so, as a maid, Airi needs to take care of the house, so Sarah and I leave on our own.

There is a rather wide garden outside the house, past the garden is a quiet road that continues on for a while.

「Louis, what do you think of Dallas? Being this your first time out, are you surprised by the crowd?」

Sarah speaks proudly for some reason.

「Mama, Otoo, people, a lot!」

Though it is embarrassing to say Mama out loud, it has gotten to the point I can speak with a little difficulty, calling out 「Oka ….san」 as one of my first words is a little bit unnatural and distant,「Mama da yo! Mama! Why do you not call me Mama?」 after being compelled to call Sarah Mama that is how it has become……

While looking out at the cityscape, that shameful play was portrayed. Unlike Earth when I was still alive there, science here does not seem to be very advanced, it looks like the streets of medieval Europe.

Naturally I have yet to experience such a feeling so far, still I felt that everything seemed to be fun and it was good to be reincarnated.

However, unlike Earth, people who pass by carry weapons. Though I do not know the whole city well, it would appear that security in this world is not good. Otherwise people would not need to carry weapons around the city and Sarah would not need to carry her cane on her back.

What about bringing weapons to church? I did not expect that to be allowed.

After a short while, whilst being carried by Sarah, a white building came in view.

「Louis, there is the church. Hopefully you’d get a good skill. However, even if Louis does not get a good skill, you do not have to worry.」

Even though I already know my skills, Sarah does not and because she does not know that I know, I just kept it to myself and nodded.

The first time I learnt about the appraisal skill was when I was just born, I did not say anything about it because it was at a time that I did not understand words yet.

It would be too suspicious if I said that I remembered back to that time right?

Sarah finally put me down when we got to the church and a person that looked like a sister immediately appeared.

Sarah said to the sister

「I’ve come here for this child’s one year appraisal」

While saying that she handed a small sack to the sister which made a jingling sound. The sister received the small sack and after confirming the contents she walked off and said

「Please follow me」

Was there money in the sack, perhaps?

I followed behind Sarah who was led by the sister to a room that looks like a confession booth on Earth.

I was then urged by the sister

「Please enter the appraisal room and wait.」

When I was contemplating as what to do, Sarah took my hand and led me into the appraisal room. The sister said 「Please wait a moment」 and left. While waiting in the room with Sarah, I heard footsteps approach and stop in front of the room.

And I heard the voice of a middle aged man.

「I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting. I will do the appraisal now. This appraisal will be a type of appraisal that will be displayed only in that appraisal room. Since I will have to leave after the appraisal, it is fine for you to leave the appraisal room and return home as soon as you have confirmed the results of the appraisal.」

At the same time as the male voice was interrupted, my status contents appeared in the form of a plate being displayed in the air.

Although Sarah looked like it was astonished for a moment after seeing it, she immediately return to her original smile, after confirming my status for a while, Sarah asked

「Is Louis finished looking at it already?」

Sarah asked, so I nodded.

「Well, let’s go home Louis. Let’s talk to Dan when we reach home about your skills.」

Since Sarah said it with a smile from ear to ear, I nodded while mirroring her smile.

When I got home, Dan seemed to have already gotten home. Dan and Airi greeted me at the entrance.

When Sarah saw Dan, she ran to him and embraced him.

「Dan! Louis has amazing skills!」

She said while smiling. Dan gladly embraced Sarah tightly. After a few seconds passed, everyone entered the dining room. After arriving at the dining room, I was hugged by Sarah and placed on her lap. While Sarah is ecstatic, she talks to Dan and Airi about the contents of skills and status seen at the church.

「I have never heard of 【creation】, but it is an awesome skill! 【status enhancement】 is also an amazing skill, but did Louis think about it himself and create other skills?」

「Un, I saw it, and I made it!」 I said.

「Ooo! My child Louis is a god sent genius! I was a terrible one year old in comparison!!」

「Louis-sama, that is amazing!」

「Louis is definitely a genius!」

So, for a while, I truly felt embarrassed from all the praises. However, I am pleased and very happy.

Dan comes home often, but still I am thankful for both of my parents now and I thank him very much for taking care of me.

「Louis’ status and skills are for Louis. I think it is good for Louis to use his skills as he wishes. Just do not do things that are dangerous, OK? If you have any questions just consult me, OK?」

As I was talking about various things boisterously as it was and since it went into the evening, I got sleepy after eating dinner.

So I decided to go and sleep.


Editor: Blaze