Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

One Year Old

Earth history 26th July 2013

It has been a year since I died on Earth, I’ve turned one and am now finally able to walk but I’m still not allowed out of the house.

When I try to sneak out, Sarah and Airi get really mad at me.

The house that we live in has 5 rooms including the dining room. It does not give the impression of a large house.

My father, Dan, still continues adventuring as per normal. Well, it is his proper profession, because of that, Dan goes out nearly everyday. Depending on the content of the quest, there are sometimes where he does not come back for days.

I don’t know if my mother Sarah has retired from adventuring but when she leaves the house, she comes home latest by the evening.

There is a calendar made wood in the house. Having understood the calendar, this world has 360 days, one month is 30 days, one week has six days, and one day consists of 24 hours. One week consists of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Though guests basically don’t visit the house, Still, Sarah’s adventurer friends come to play about once a month with Dan.

A man named Garwin, a friend of Dan’s and Sarah’s, an adventurer whose face and body look rough and to the right of his right eye is a scar of about five centimeters. He has an intimidating presence and the first time I saw him, I thought he was a burglar. Even though Garwin thinks he is speaking quietly his voice still booms.

Another one is a woman named Lisa a very attractive woman, an elf with pointy ears and a doll-like face, beautiful blond hair, slender body and overflowing with charm. However she has a harsh personality, she is always getting angry at Dan and Garwin due to Dan being too lively and Garwin being too rough but it seems her scolding does not have much effect.

My mother, Sarah, has a really calm personality. She always seems to settle the argument between Dan, Garwin, and Lisa.

The only thing I know about Airi is her father was a senior adventurer that took my father, Dan, under his wing when he was a novice. However, that senior adventurer and his wife died two years ago, leaving Airi behind. Due to this Airi was orphaned but due to the characteristics of her skill and by her own wish, she has come to work in this household. This is what I’ve come to understand from the bits I’ve heard from Sarah, Dan, and Airi.

The name of the city I live in is Dallas, the name of the country is Ustenia. Dallas is between a medium and a large sized city. As you would expect the capital city of Ustenia is considerably large.

Finally, I became one year old, and my mouth and tongue started to work well to some extent, but I still can not speak fluently. My awkward tone is embarrassing …… Still, I endured it, I began to speak a little, so I think I would accumulate more and more knowledge from now on. Due to me only crying when I’m hungry or need a diaper change, everyone’s impression of me is being an obedient and docile child.

I verified my status today.


Name : Louis

Gender : Male

Race : Human

Age : 1

Level : 1

Title : God Sent Child of Creation

HP : 80/80

MP : 1100/1100

Strength : 9

Defence : 10

Agility : 8

Dexterity :12

Magical Power : 120

Spirit : 185



Creation】 (1)

Raise Maximum MP(2)

Status Enhancement(1)

MP Recovery Speed Up(1)

Skill Growth Speed Up(1)

Concealed Skills

Appraisal】 (1)

Concealment】 (3)

All Language Understanding


Well, there are the newly created skills.


Status Enhancement

I can use this skill once a day. By consuming 500 MP, one can increase the ability value of either strength, defence, agility, dexterity, magical power, or spirit.


MP Recovery Speed Up

The natural recovery speed of MP increases.


Skill Growth Speed Up

When in use, skill proficiency increases. The amount of an increase is the skill level ×10%.



I can hide the status and skills I have specified. I can invalidate Appraisalup to the level of Concealment.

Due to me fainting often or becoming unwell when using Creation, I’ve limited my use to once a week at most. This is because I’ve noticed the worried looks of my parents and Airi.

Because I have increased my spirit and my maximum MP, the maximum MP has increased considerably so it seems like a good time to raise the frequency Status Enhancementsoon.

Having acquired Concealment, I decided to hide Appraisaland All Language Understandingdue to me having a hunch that revealing it would be unpalatable. Due to the state of Concealmentbeing always on, the skill level has obviously risen.

As it seems I will be appraised at one year of age, shouldn’t I at least hide Appraisal? I think it is at least prudent to do so. Moreover, I want to learn the skills that my parents and Airi have, I have to put that on hold as I have no opportunity to use them yet.

I am tempted by the desire to try and use magic, but when I think about using magic in the house, it seems scary ……

I thought that there would be a one-year-old birthday celebration, but in this world, it seemed like there was no custom to celebrate my birthday and I felt sorry for myself. To gain knowledge on my first birthday, I would have pleaded for books. And when I was thinking about various things, Sarah and Airi came in while I was smiling.


Louis, today is the day that we go to church and get your appraisal. Let’s walk to the church because it is nearby.



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Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Status Verification


Earth history 28th July 2012

When I acquired Appraisal, I lost my consciousness, but it slowly came back to. How much time has passed? When I looked out the window, I could vaguely see that it was bright outside. Before I acquired Appraisal】, considering it was bright outside, did I lose my consciousness for a whole day?

If so, it seems like I have been unconscious for a fairly long time. No way, it couldn’t have only been a few minutes …… I’m judging this based on my empty stomach though.

Since my consciousness has cleared up, I decided to survey my surroundings. Someone was in the room as I heard a voice. It seems Sarah and a strange man were having a conversation. Since I was able to acquireAppraisalskill before my consciousness faded, while I am conscious I should use Appraisalon myself, a translucent plate appeared before my eyes.

As I look at the words written,


Name : Louis

Gender : Male

Race : Human

Age : 0

Level : 1

Title: None

HP: 50/50

MP : 650/650

Strength : 9

Defence : 10

Agility : 8

Dexterity :12

Magical Power : 120

Spirit : 130




All Language Understanding


Magic power and Spirit are high, do you want to examine each item?

HP : Displays vitality or life force

You die when it drops to 0.

MP : It is required to use magic if it drops to 0 you will faint.

Moreover, when your MP residual quantity decreases, fatigue becomes severe.

Strength : Represents physical attack power.

Defence: Represents physical defence power.

It has an influence on maximum HP.

Agility: It represents the speed at which your body moves.

Dexterity: Represents the ability to move the body accurately and skilfully.

Magical Power : Shows your magical attack strength.

Spirit : Shows your magical defence strength.

It has an influence on maximum MP as well as recovery.




By strongly imagining the skills that you want to create, you can create new skills and acquire them.

You can improve acquired skills.

The consumption of MP varies depending on the skill being created.

The value of MP consumption is an indicator of the acquired skills strength.

The higher the skill level of Creation, the lower the consumption of MP when creating skills.

It is only possible to use this skill once a day.

You can’t create this skill itself.


I noticed something when I looked at MP.

Because I was consuming MP when creating skills and consumption is intense, as a result, I fainted.

For the time being, I understand my status and skills to a certain extent, so I pointed my consciousness towards the stranger and the woman named Sarah.

And I decided to use Appraisalon the two.


Name : Dan

Gender: Male

Race : Human

Age : 23

Level : 45

Title: A ranked adventurer

HP : 2250/2250

MP : 1540/1540

Strength : 572

Defence : 450

Agility : 572

Dexterity :396

Magical Power : 308

Spirit : 308




Shield Art(6)

Axe Art(5)


Body Strengthening(6)

Life Magic


Name : Sarah

Gender : Female

Race : Human

Age : 22

Level : 42

Title : A ranked adventurer

HP : 1640/1640

MP : 3280/3280

Strength : 164

Defence : 328

Agility : 165

Dexterity : 492

Magical Power : 652

Spirit : 656



Fire Magic(7)

Water Magic(6)

Earth Magic(5)

Light Magic(7)

Cane Arts(6)

Body Strengthening( 3)

Life Magic


Both of them are pretty strong in comparison to me……

Though I shouldn’t really compare them with me, a baby…… Anyways, ahhhh, adventurers.

Isn’t it an occupation that was in mangas and light novels that I borrowed from friends in the old days?

If you look at the quality of the house and furnishings, it appears to be of really high quality, so it seems like you can make quite a bit of money if you are ranked A? I think perhaps, rank A is pretty high.

When I was thinking about the Appraisalresults, the man named Dan spoke to me.

Dan has a muscular body that gives the feeling of him being macho.

He has red, short hair, and an enviable handsome ikemen1 face.


Aaa, what’s going on Louis? It’s papa!

Have you slept for a long time? Did mama tell you? You have mama Sarah’s cute face. However, do you think you will inherit my huge strength too?

Louis-chan, good morning. You finally got up? I was a little worried? However I thought it best to let you sleep, you had a relaxed look on your face and gentle steady breaths. However, Dan, I hope he inherits my strengths instead.

Aaah, I was sleeping all day because I was unconscious, I worried them. I can only say sorry in my head.

Even so, I know now that these two are my parents, but who is that Airi girl who is about ten years old? I guess from the way she talks that she is not my sister because she is wearing a maid uniform, does that mean she has been hired here as a maid?

Even after that, my parents spoke to me a lot and even though I was listening intently I did not get any information I wanted to know.

After a while Dan left the room.

I heard a knock on the door then Airi entered the room, I decided to use Appraisalon her.



Name : Airi

Gender : Female

Race : Human

Age : 9

Level : 6

Title : Maid

HP : 255/255

MP : 275/275

Strength : 53

Defence : 51

Agility : 52

Dexterity : 68

Magical Power : 50

Spirit : 55




Life Magic


Her service level is quite high.

I wonder if that’s why she is working as a maid? Or is it because she has been working as a maid that her service level got that high? They all have life magic, perhaps Airi was born with the service skill?

Unn, I wonder what skill should I make next with Creation.

Because a lot of MP seems to be used to create a strong skill, should I build a strong MP foundation first and then make more skills?

If it is related to MP…… What is the maximum MP level and MP recovery speed?

I want to increase the skill growth speed in order to strengthen acquired skills after.

While thinking about it, I need breast milk and my diaper took care of, I’ll leave them to it.

First of all, let me make a plan for the future.

Because my parents are adventurers and this is a world with magic ……

I expect that this world is not peaceful like Japan. That means there is a high possibility that this world is more dangerous than Japan.

If so, should I create skills as early as possible to protect myself?

I wonder what skills are good. Although I am not good at thinking about such things.

Well, aside from that, I do not have enough information about this world yet, but I want to know various things, yet I cannot read books or get them to tell me about it.

However, this boy is that of a baby, no matter how you look at it, this body gets tired easily.

In relation to that, I get sleepy quickly. I will fall asleep as it stands! Let’s create skills before that happens.

Yoshi! It is time to make skills!


Do you wish to acquire Raise Maximum MP?

SkillRaise Maximum MPhas been acquired

Raise Maximum MP

Maximum MP will increase.

The amount of an increase is skill level ×10%.

And my consciousness fades to black again.



TN Notes :

1. Ikemen – [イケメン] – Japanese term for pretty boy.


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Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation



Earth history 27th July 2012

I regained consciousness in a daze, thinking that I heard the chirping of birds. Suddenly when I looked inside the room, I noticed the woman with silver hair from yesterday, sitting in a rocking chair while napping with a blanket over her. When I looked away from the woman with silver hair and looked at myself …… yesterday I definitely heard a voice in my brain – at the same time, I lost my consciousness.

What should I do now? Although I’m not sure of my current situation, I finally conclude that it is impossible to do anything about this situation no matter how I think about it.

As I was still drowsy, I felt that something was going on, so I moved my line of sight towards the source of the sound. The woman with silver hair spoke while approaching me.

「 Louis woke up, good morning – 」

Eeehhh?! — I understood what she said?! …… Aaaa, is it the 【All Language Understanding】 skill the mechanical voice bestowed upon me yesterday? The silver-haired woman’s hand reached forward and caressed me. And, as it is, the silver-haired woman smiled as she cuddled me.

Perhaps, I am now able to speak? However, if I was to speak all of a sudden it would be, to say the least, troublesome …. after a little deliberation, I opened my mouth and uttered

「Ahhhh, Uuuuu」1.

「Ahhhh, Uuuuuuu, Ahhhhhhhhh」

My mouth or rather my tongue does not move. What’s this? — I don’t understand why I can’t speak as of yet, I guess it is necessary for me to practice.

Alright, it looks like I will have to gradually practice speaking, other than that, I noticed that I was very hungry. Though it is embarrassing ….. can I do anything but cry? I made my mind up and cried

「ogya, ogya」2.

Then the silver-haired woman opened her mouth to speak,

「 Are you hungry?」

As she said that she exposed her breasts. Th.. this is embarrassing, really embarrassing! However, I put up with it and drank her milk. I wasn’t able to drink properly at first, but I think I gradually got to the point of drinking effortlessly.

When I started feeling full, I ceased drinking and the silver-haired lady put her clothes back on. The silver-haired woman rapped my back with a *ton, ton* 3 and I let out a burp, I attempted to express my thanks to the silver-haired woman with a smile.

The silver-haired woman returned my smile and moved back to the rocking chair while cuddling me. As the silver-haired woman talked a fair bit to me yesterday, I can now understand what is being said, more words for information gathering! With conscious determination, I will never miss a single word from the silver-haired woman.

「Louis, will you grow up healthy drinking your mother’s breast milk? What kind of skills and what status will Louis acquire? I would like to appraise Louis as soon as possible, but I can only get you appraised after you become a 1-year-old.」

Will you understand your skills after appraisal?

「Ahhhh, Uuuuu」

「What’s wrong, Louis? Can you hear my words now? But, you still can’t understand the words, can you? Nnn4, though you might not understand it, I will tell you anyway.」

「Though status does not matter very much, skills are bestowed at birth, or at latest when a child turns 1 year old. Everyone has at least one skill, you receive skills from god, this makes it necessary to do an appraisal, it is common sense to appraise a child when he reaches 1-year-old.」

While listening to such a story, I heard a *kon, kon*5 from the door. When I glanced at the door, it was opened quietly. The 10-year-old girl from yesterday appeared, she was wearing a maid uniform.

I was not aware of it yesterday, was it the same clothes as yesterday? Nnn, I really don’t remember.

「Sarah-sama, good morning, breakfast will be ready soon.」

「Thank you, Airi. I understand, I will go there now. 」

「I will watch Louis, so please relax and enjoy your meal 」

As I was laid down in the cot, the woman with the silver hair named Sarah left the room. As for the 10-year-old girl named Airi, while looking at me with a friendly grin, she spoke to me with baby talk. The child named Airi has blue hair and a well-balanced face that would indicate that she would be beautiful in future.

While I was listening to Airi, I remembered the important points the woman Sarah was talking to me about. Though the skill of 【All Language Understanding】 was acquired yesterday, to begin with, the skill acquisition it was very evident that this was not Earth. And there are status and skills in this world ….. this is definitely not Earth. You have to accept the reality that this is a different world, I had to forcibly accept it. However, this is indeed a different world.

Well, I died on Earth, I think I managed to protect Ayaka …… So I will start here again from the beginning with my consciousness intact? Is it OK for me to start over? For the moment, let me leave Earth in the back of my mind …… Yesterday I got the skill 【All Language Understanding】, it was said that I will gain an understanding of skills and statuses after 【Appraisal】, I need to figure out the thing called status.

First of all, in order to take care of yesterday’s acquired skill, somehow or another I wonder if I can get 【Appraisal】

《Do you wish to acquire 【Apprasial】? 》

And the same voice from yesterday resonated in my brain, I was inwardly very pleased and excited.

《Skill【Apprasial】 has been acquired 》

【Apprasial】 – Gives the power to obtain detailed information about people and objects.

YES!6【Apprasial】 get7! And my consciousness went dark, again.

TN Notes :

1. Ahh, Uuuu – [あー、うー] – an onomatopoeic word for the sound Baby babbling.

2. Ogya, Ogya – [おぎゃー, おぎゃー] – an onomatopoeic word for the sound Baby crying.

3. Ton, Ton – [トントン] – usually refers to an onomatopoeic word for the sound that a Japanese drum makes or tapping on a hollow surface.

4. Nnn – [んー] – Japanese version of mmmmm

5. Kon, Kon – [コンコン] – usually refers to an onomatopoeic word for knocking.

6. Yoshi – [よし] – an expression of positive excitement, this was the closest word I could think of.

7. Getto – [ゲット] – Japanese Gairaigo (外来語) (foreign loan word) for get, commonly used with Japanese grammar.


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Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation


Earth history – 26thJuly 2012

Suddenly, I felt as if I had woken up from a long sleep.

And I heard a voice I never heard before.

I try to move my body, but my body’s sensation feels funny and I cannot move very well …… am I injured somewhere? As a matter of fact, I attempted to confirm the situation, I tried opening my closed eyes in order to check the situation.

Then I noticed that an unknown face was looking at me. Hmm? Who is this person? A woman with a dazzling smile she looked at me with affection. That face has silver hair with drooping eyes and was very well-balanced. She is quite beautiful. A beautiful woman rivaling Ayaka. Actually, Ayaka would be considered cute rather than beautiful.

I hear an audible voice, but I do not understand what is being said. – What is this situation! What? I decided to recall the situation before I got up anyway. Surely, I ran to help Ayaka, pushed her away – and was I hit by the car? By that – is this a hospital? Although it does not look like a hospital as far as I can see.

Have I been saved from that state? I must be pretty lucky. Then …… first of all, should I confirm my level of injury? The woman with the silver hair gazed upon me whilst I tried to figure out my injuries – what I found astonished me.

Eeeeh! What? What … this is … becoming a baby … No, I don’t understand it, seriously, but maybe it is reincarnation or something like that? Furthermore, looking over the room – there is an atmosphere of furniture there, there seems to be a thing like a crib.

I heard a *KonKon* knock coming from the door when I glanced over, someone entered. When I looked towards the door to see who it was, it appeared to be a girl of about 10 years old. That girl was talking to the woman in front of her.

After her errands were done, she left the room. The woman with silver hair smiled whilst speaking in a language I did not understand. I do not understand the words but because I’m in a state of not understanding anything, I was desperately listening to every word and trying to decipher them somehow – suddenly in my brain, an inorganic mechanical voice sounded out

《【All Language UnderstandingDo you want to acquire it?

Replying to the voice in my brain, I prayed to acquire it.

SkillAll Language Understandinghas been acquired

All Language Understandingyou will be able to understand any language. (Reading and writing is now possible) there is no skill level.

I heard the mechanical voice in my head again, simultaneously my consciousness faded to black.


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Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation



– Earth (地球) History  July 2020 —

Today’s weather is cloudy just like the recent state of my mind.

While it was still a bit chilly, I walked toward the convenience store along the avenue where the street lights were lit, and I could see a familiar figure about 50 meters ahead.

When briskly walking for a better look, I, Kashiwagi spotted my childhood friend, Tendo Ayaka, walking while looking up at the sky.

What’s up with that girl? It is dangerous to walk the night road alone I muttered to myself.

She was a childhood friend, we got along well as children, but recently she became estranged from me.

Even though I said to myself, it was me who started taking a distance from her, and not the other way around … … Tendo Ayaka has no idea why.

It just got that way before I was aware.

Around first grade in elementary school, I started going to a neighborhood Karate Dojo. I did not know until I started going, but the daughter of my karate sensei was Ayaka. I don’t go to the Karate Dojo anymore either.

The bullying started in class after entering high school, I helped Tatsuya Arakawa who was being bullied, I appealed to the other classmates to stop the bullying, and consulted the teacher … … Utsugi Katsuya was the one who initiated the bullying, a guy with a veneer of being a good guy.

Classmates also became more and more inspired by Utsugi Katsuya, my persuasion had no effect at all, on the contrary, I started getting bullied.

Furthermore, Tatsuya Arakawa whom I protected, to suck up to Utsugi Katsuya, turned around and started bullying me, I was disgusted.

From that point onwards, I began to dislike, in particular, unreasonably cruel treatments and acts of betrayal.

Because I did Karate when I was younger, only when I am first attacked, only then do I reciprocate with a [BokoBoko]¹ . After that, the ignoring and backbiting, and more insidious harassment began.

After the [BokoBoko], the matter was strangely relayed to my karate sensei which led to me getting expelled from the dojo. Ayaka strenuously defended me to my karate sensei, but it all fell on deaf ears.

When I did the [BokoBoko] my parents were summoned to the school and, at that time, even my parents heaped the blame on me for the incident.

The teacher was already on the side of Utsugi Katsuya, and my karate sensei drove me out. Due to this case, I have lost my trust in adults. I wonder if there are some adults who can be trusted, but I have not met any yet. I have the same feelings towards classmates, so I can’t just limit it to adults.

Since Ayaka is a different class, I do not know if the bullying or harassment would spread to her if she was with the current me, there is a risk of harassment spreading over to her, so I decided to take some distance.

Ayaka is the most popular girl in the school year, she is cute enough to compete for fist or second place but … I have known her for a long time. I am at a mentally weak place, ah, from the standpoint of a popular person, if you get the bullied you will not have spirit.

When I turned back my diverted thinking and saw Ayaka again, Ayaka crossed the crosswalk while the signal flashed. Suddenly when I glanced to the right, a car that was clearly going to run the red light was accelerating. I started running in haste. When I was about to catch up to Ayaka, I yelled out.

Hey! Ayaka! There is a car is coming !!

Ayaka looked back at me, and after noticing me she smiled for a moment, then caught sight of the car. Her cute face instantly turned pale.

Damn! Make it in time!

I increased my running speed further, reached the side of Ayaka, and pushed her back. Although Ayaka raises a small scream with a Kya!, she managed to get out of the way of the car’s path.

In that moment of relief, I bounced off the car and was dancing in the sky, in that instance, I heard Ayaka’s voice scream out Nooo, Ahhhhh!!! Ruiiiiii!!!

[Kashiwagi’s flashback] (TN: Added due to reader feedback, this should remove any further confusion.)

In my final moments, I heard Ayaka’s voice From an early age, I have always loved Kashiwagi.But recently you have been taking a long distance. Even if I call out to you, you would leave immediately.

Even on the phone or via e-mail, you are curt.

I wonder what I did something to be avoided so much?

It is painful… Today, I don’t know if you are aware of it, I was only thinking about Rui.

In such a case, I heard a voice I love, I thought I was hallucinated for a moment.Hey! Ayaka! The car is coming!

When I turned around, Rui was running towards me. As I saw the appearance of Rui, I was smiling all over, but I felt something entered my sight for a moment.

Suddenly I saw a side of the car, it was right before my eyes. And I was pushed on my back and I gave a brief little scream.Kya!After being pushed to the ground and rolling back, I turned around at once, Rui was hit by a car and was dancing in the sky ……Nooo, Ahhhhh!!! Ruiiiiii!!!

Whilst receiving the cold, hard, and cruel reality, I lose my consciousness–

TN Notes :

1. BokoBoko [ボコボコ] usually refers to an onomatopoeic word for the sound that a severe beating makes.


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Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Worldwide Map


Ustenia Kingdom

Zepero von Ustenia is the human king of Ustenia, a country of predominately humans. The capital of Ustenia is Ulgastan. Though the country is populated mainly by humans, beastmen, elves and dwarfs also live there.

Midogal Kingdom

Euro von Midogal is the human king of Midogal. The capital of Midogal is Midoria. Though the country is populated mainly by humans, beastmen, elves and dwarfs also live there.

Steania Empire

Leon von Steania is the human emperor there. The Imperial capital is Tarabaya . Human beings are the most common race, but there are other various other races, most non humans are slaves. According to the policy of Leon von Steania, the supremacy of the human race is pushed.

Episcopal State of Elen Garde

Elen Garde is ruled by a pope, a human. The state capital is Elentres. According to Ellen Garde, other races are excluded and human beings are supreme, so other races do not live within the domain.

Fur Milan Kingdom

Garyon von Fur Milan is the beastman king there. The capital of the kingdom is Milarion. While the beastmen are the most abundant, humans, elves, dwarfs also live there.

Faure Kingdom

Randolph von Faure of the elves of the king rules over it. The capital is Folin. Because elves are a xenophobic race, the only a small number of other races live in the kingdom.

Getmey Kingdom

The Dwarf king, Iridos von Getmey is rules there. The capital is Gedbeck. Dwarfs are the predominant race, the second largest are the human race, and although it is a very small number, elves and demons also live there.

Iblis Kingdom

Debian von libris is the Demon King there. Leish is the capital of the demon kingdom. The demon race is supreme, while beastmen, Elves, Dwarfs also live there, humans however, do not.



Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation



The protagonist, Kashiwagi, who has learnt Karate from childhood has been made a target of bullying due to helping another boy in senior high school.

Although Kashiwagi would not yield to bullying, he began to especially dislike unreasonably cruel treatments and acts of betrayal.

One night, as Kashiwagi headed to his neighbourhood convenience store, he coincidentally bumped into his childhood friend, Tendo Ayaka.

After saving Tendo Ayaka from danger, Kashiwagi reincarnated into another world.

Kashiwagi, now named Louis, was reincarnated as the child of an A-Ranked married couple will now live a new life with a powerful new skill Creation.


Author: Hihīrokane, ヒヒイロカネ


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Don’t expect too much, projects are random, with me translating what I want to read that has not been translated yet. Translations are machine translated and edited to read better and in no way is literal.

I am new to the translation scene and am absolutely clueless, so if I make any faux pas in etiquette, please forgive me in advance.

It is not true that we have only one life to live; if we can read, we can live as many more lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish. —S.I. Hayakawa