Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 2 Part 18)

Eleanor and Camping

The beastman girl’s name seems to be Eleanor.

While taking a break, I listened to Eleanor’s life story.

At first, I tried to release her slavery status via dark magic, I want to try it at any cost.

She said she wanted to repay me for saving her from becoming the bandit’s slave.

Even if she was freed from being a slave, she insisted I’m coming!

My intuition was telling me that she was not a bad person, so I decided to let her tag along because really, I had no choice.

It seems that she used to hunt monsters in the past and can handle weak monsters.

If I use creation, I should be able to assist in her strengthening.

My current objective is to reunite with Airi and Lisa in Midogal.

So, from now on I will travel around the world and see various things.

I decided to make new clothes for Eleanor because hers are all tattered.

Even if you say clothes, because the only material I have is monster skin, the dress will have to be made out of leather.

Even though it is stiff and hard to wear, she is going to have to endure it.

In addition to that, I have made her weapons.

In regards to armour, I think we will decide when we arrive in a new town and bought her proper clothes.

My clothes are all leather too as my last proper clothes where from when I was 5 years old.

So I think I want to buy some new clothes as soon as possible.

Eleanor’s status is, of course, beastman, not human.

I can make corrections for the status of weapons, I think.


Name: Eleanor

Gender: Female

Race: Beastman

Age: 15

Level: 14

Title: Louis’ slave



Strength: 275

Defence: 197

Agility: 237

Dexterity: 99

Magical Power: 44

Spirit: 46



WeaponsPhysical Skills

Dagger (4)

Archery (2)


Other Skills

Crisis detection (1)

Intuition (2)

Detection (1)

Dismantling (2)

Service (2)

Life magic


After listening to Eleanor himself, I also asked about slaves.

Since I was only five years old when I was in Dallas, I did not know the details of this world’s slavery system.

Because I was not interested, I did not look it up at the library either.

According to the story I heard from Eleanor, there seem to be other slave property rights other than what I heard about in the village.

It is said that if the owner dies for some reason, the slave belongs to the person that has found it, there are many such cases in dungeons.

If the owner dies due to old age, like any other property, it goes to the bereaved family.

If there are no bereaved families, the lord of the land where one lived seems to become the owner.

Also, it is not good to sit with one’s master when eating meals, violation of that order causes the slave collar to tighten.

From what I’ve heard, slaves were still treated as things, I thought that there was not any dignity as a person.

I dislike unjust things, I became disgusted when listening, but in this world slavery is legal.

Because I think there are various businesses that rely on slaves, I don’t think slavery will be abolished.

However, I will treat my slave with respect and with the dignity a person deserves.

I’m told the tone could be broken to some extent. (TN: sorry, can’t make heads or tails of this)

While we were making weapons, dresses and item pouches for Eleanor, we finished listening to her life story and the in and outs of slavery, so we decided to depart.

During the time I was manufacturing Eleanor’s items, she looked at me intently with sparkling eyes.

I wonder if she is interested in her clothes?

However, regarding girls’ clothes, I was ashamed of what I’ve made because I have no sense.

It was just processing the leather and arranging the appearance of the dress.

I was afraid to give it to her but since she received it with a wide grin, I think she is pretty happy.

As I’ve gotten together with Eleanor, the speed of my journey has fallen, but it has become much more comfortable than when I have been travelling alone for all this time.

I think that I was mentally and spiritually exhausted because I’ve lost three people.

We walked till the evening and decided to set up camp.

I’ll be setting up camp now, so please wait there, Eleanor.

Yes, I understand. I would like you to let me know what I can do to help though.


I nodded to Eleanor’s request.

First of all, light magic is used to create a barrier and the grill for grilling meat and a chair that has also been created is made with earth magic.

A partition was made with mud wall and two hot baths with fire, water, earth magic.

Eleanor watches me suspiciously.

I’ll just keep working to improve the mood.

Awawawawa…… So amazing! I don’t understand how you have done it but my master is amazing!

I took out shampoo, conditioner and body soap from the item box and handed it to Eleanor.

After that, after teaching her how to use each item, we entered separate baths then it was time for meal feeling refreshed.

Eleanor was confused and surprised.

Master! It has made me feel really refreshed because the shampoo, conditioner and body soap smell so good!

I took out some orc meat from the item box, set it up to grill then set up the tent in the meanwhile.

I thought about making a hut to sleep in, but I don’t have a bed to sleep in so I decided to buy myself one at the next town.

Since the meat was ready after being grilled, I took out various seasonings from the item box to season the meat.

Eleanor first held back from eating, but I insisted on her eating.

I explained that the seasonings, shampoo and body soap were ordered by my skill.

Eleanor ‘s reaction to my secret weapon and the grilled meat with sauce was amazing.

Mogumogu, such a thing, mogumogu, eating, mogumogu, this can’t be……!(TN: Chewing noises)

Mogumogu, I want, mogumogu, seconds please, mogumogu, can I not?!

Eleanor’s tail was wagging at an unknown mach number. (TN: broke the sound barrier there.)

Stop wagging that tail, dust will be stirred up so please stop it……

I grilled additional meat post haste and made her eat lots.

I watched the appearance of Eleanor eating.

Until a short while ago, she had tattered clothes, her hair and body were dirty and I could not flatter her and call her beautiful.

However, she looks beautiful now after her bath.

And I was surprised that her usual figure was pretty cute.

She has a bob cut hairstyle.

Her ears have chestnut coloured tips and a chestnut coloured tail.

She has slightly drooping eyes and a generous well-developed chest.

Her height is around 155cm.

Because I am also a man, travelling with cute girls as expected makes me happy, so I thought this was fine.

I did not really care that she was ruining her cute face by eating too quickly.

After eating, I intended on passing my time chatting to Eleanor.

I was getting tired as we chatted till midnight and Eleanor was dozing off.

Seeing that, I urged Eleanor to go to sleep in the tent.

After that, I thought about the direction I should take to strengthen Eleanor.

Considering we would be travelling together in the future, I think that it is necessary to power up the basics even if our weapons and armour were different.

After thinking a lot, I finally gathered my ideas, so I decided to sleep after using creation.

Due to the fact that I had a barrier up, there were no problems with sleeping.

The barrier would negate an intrusion.

Matching with my growth, the strength of the barrier was getting stronger and stronger.

Eleanor was already sleeping, I made the tent larger, so I saw no problems sleeping there too.

It goes without saying for the health of my sanity, there has to be some distance when we sleep in the same tent.



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