Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation

Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation (Chapter 2 Part 19)

I have been slammed with work lately, then my body decided it was a good time to get the flu… So I apologise for not posting lately, but without further ado, here is the latest part!


The Beginning of Eleanor’s Strengthening

Earth History, February 2619 –

A week has passed since I started travelling with Eleanor.

While we continued our journey to the next town, I got Eleanor to attack weak monsters to temper her.

Thanks to her efforts, it has been effective, I thought that Eleanor was getting stronger although it is a little bit at a time.

My newly acquired skills are,


Experience Value Sharing

One can share the experience value you acquired with each party member.

One shares the experience value that is obtained when giving the killing blow with the rest of one’s party members.

The amount that can be shared is skill level × 10 minutes


Skill Stock

One can stock the skills one has made with creation.

There is only a single skill level.


Skill Transfer

One can transfer skills to others.

There is only a single skill level.

In order to successfully attach a skill to a soul, one can only use it on the same person once every 10 days.


Status Growth speed up: Assigned to Eleanor.

After that, within my skill stock, there is status enhancement and skill growth speed up.

Using creation, I tried to make skills to deprive skill and status of demons and people but could not make it.

This is because skills and status are tied to people and demons who possess those skills.

When I use creation and when I can not make the skill I want to make, I can instinctively understand why I can not make it.

That’s how I understand my failure.

The reason why I can transfer my skills to stock skills is that I made those skills with creation before connecting to them to my soul and because skills that do not have soul ties can be created.

When I do not stock the skills I made with creation, there is a connection of my soul from the beginning, so even if I acquire a new skill every day it does not matter.

However, in the case of skill transfer, in order to adapt skills that are not tied to the soul, it can not be used by the same person more than once in 10 days.


Name: Eleanor

Gender: Female

Race: Beastman

Age: 15

Level: 18

Title: Louis’ slave



Strength: 335

Defence: 245

Agility: 288

Dexterity: 153

Magical Power: 90

Spirit: 90




Special Skills

Status growth speed up (1)


Weapons Physical Skills

Dagger (4)

Archery (2)


Other Skills

Crisis detection (1)

Intuition (2)

Detection (1)

Dismantling (2)

Service (2)

Life magic


At first, I wanted to transfer status enhancement, but as it was Eleanor’s MP was not enough yet, so I made the status growing speed up earlier instead.

As soon as she hits 500MP capacity, I’d do the transfer.

As we continued travelling in that pace and manner, finally the last town of Ustenia came into sight.

The name of the town is Sumeria.

This is a city near the border with Midogal, I think that the population is bigger than Dallas.

It is definitely bigger than Dallas.

I got close to the gate and queued up in the line.

The line was pretty long, and if we progressed at the current speed, it will take about thirty minutes.

Whilst queuing up, I was thinking about registering as an adventurer in this town.

Welcome to the town of Sumeria.

Do you have an identity card? May I take it that the young lady there is your slave being that she has a slave collar?

The macho ikemen gatekeeper whose age looks to be around 20 years old, asked for the presentation of an identification card, but I told him I do not have it because I do not have one.

As Eleanor is a slave, she does not have one either.

Though even a slave can obtain ID card by registering as an adventurer, I heard that Eleanor was not registered as one.

Also, with a slave’s identity card, it certifies the slave’s ownership to its master.

Otherwise, may I check your criminal record with this magic tool, can you please place your hand here? This magic tool glow red when there is a record of crimes such as murder, robbery, theft, rape, etc. It glows blue if there is nothing. Shall we?

Of course, killing by legitimate defence is no problem. Since we read the information from one’s soul, one can not hide it.

Shall we do this together with your slave?

When we heard the explanation Eleanor and I nodded respectively.

Then, I touched the magic tool with my hand.

As a matter of course the magic tool glows blue.

It was my first experience so secretly I was a bit nervous.

Okay, no problem. Then due to having no identification card, there will be an entrance tax. The entrance tax is five silver coins.

I gave one of the gold coins taken from the thieves to the gatekeeper and entered with Eleanor into the city of Sumeria.

Since it is before noon, I will find an inn first and eat, then I will go to the clothing store and finally the adventurer guild.


Various inns have touts announcing their availability, but I decided on an inn with a bath so I listened out for a tout announcing a good inn with a bath.

The price is high, but there is an inn with a proper bath.

I got the tout to take me to that inn.

Looking at the exterior of the inn, it seems like a pretty impressive inn, it was a brick three-story building.


When entering the inn, a rotund middle-aged lady was at the counter.

Furthermore, looking at the inn, it was quiet and the atmosphere was good.

I decided to stay here.

So, there are 2 guests. We have 2 options. there are two single rooms for four silver coin per room per night and a double room for 6 silver coins per room per night. In the double room, you can choose between twin and double beds. Breakfast and dinner are not included in the price. The meal times are from 6:00 to 10:00 in the morning and from 18:00 to 23:00 in the evening. You will get charged extra if you are late. A meal costs a single silver coin. Since the bath is attached to the room, please use it freely. I will charge the hot water magic tool when requested, there will be no cost to you.

As Eleanor is a slave, I guess it OK for her to share a room with me.

However, as for the bed, for the sake of my rationality, we will have to go for the twin option.

For the charging of magical power, there is no problem.

It will be fine, I’ll charge the tool with magical power myself. I would like a double room with twin beds for 10 days. I also would like a meal for now, so can I have 2 meals please? Is in total 62 silver coins? Here are, six gold coins and two silver coins please confirm it. After our meal, I would like to go to the adventurer guild and a clothes shop, I would appreciate it if you would direct me there.


I took out the money taken from the thieves from the item box and handed it to the lady.

Your calculations are fast, the amount is exactly right. The room upstairs and it is Room 202. The meals will be right over, please sit there at that table. For now, it is the same menu as breakfast, white bread, sauteed orc and stew.

When you leave here, turn right at the crossroads, go straight for a little, turn left and the adventurer guild would be on your left. Because the big signboard with the mark of a sword and shield stand out, I think that it is easy to understand. The clothes shop is 5 shops down on the same side.

I thanked the lady for the directions to the clothes shop and the location of the adventurer guild, I decided not to go to the room because we had no baggage in particular, then I went to the table that the lady pointed to.

When I got to the table and sat down, Eleanor sat on the floor, so I rushed up and got her to sit on a chair.

I explained that I would be happy if Eleanor does not sit on the floor when having meals with me in the future.

I don’t want anyone sitting on the floor whilst I was eating at a table ……

As the meal is being brought, we eat white bread with the stew.

And because the orc meat was a little light on the flavour, I used my trump card, yakiniku sauce (Japanese BBQ sauce).

Eleanor wanted some sauce as well, so I put it on for her.

With that, the meal was delicious.

This was definitely a luxury inn here because the average inn that I looked up at the library was five copper coins for a night.

A bath was necessary and it would be unpleasant if the meal was not delicious either, so even though it was expensive, it was good here.

We finished eating, so I decided to head to the clothing store and the adventurer guild.


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