Thinking about translating a new WN

As we are heading towards translating latter half of chapter 1 for “Chronicles of a Creative Different World Reincarnation”, I was thinking of adding an additional WN to the library.

Even though this is going to possibly slow the release of chapters for the aforementioned WN, it would give me a little more variety. I don’t want to do this before the conclusion of chapter 1 though.

I propose that releases will be staggered between the WNs rather than a block of translations. I won’t be translating chapters or volumes at a go but will go with a section at a time.

Let me know what you think in the comments, I’d certainly take your opinions to heart when making my decision.


  1. Patrick Huisken

    I feel like staggering the releases of different WN’s might work, like switch every 2-3 days. The only problem i would have is cliffhangers. Also it kind of depends on the genres of WNs you will translate beside each other if it will work. Then again that is just my opinion.

  2. Patrick Huisken

    Although i think that since you just started tl’ing it’s probably most important that you find novels that you like to translate so you don’t burn out. Maybe look into novels that have been dropped and seeing if you like the material that has been translated so far, or novels similar to novels of which you liked the TL.


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